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Written by Kennedy Xu, art and cover by Scott Chou and Ken Chou.

Fresh from a sold-out run in China, Daomu follows young Sean and his initiation into a secret society of tomb robbers, where he learns about his family's legacy: protecting hidden underworlds that exist beneath our feet. Along with a ragtag band of marauders, Sean must survive the terrors of the deep, solve his father's brutal murder, and ultimately claim his birthright as leader of the Daomu. But forces are hell bent on stopping him.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Feb. 2.


Written by Tim Seeley, art by Dan Leister, covers by Seeley and Erik Larsen.

Hack/Slash returns in all-new ongoing series by the creative team behind the hit Hack/Slash: My First Maniac mini! Cassie Hack, killer of killers, and her partner Vlad hunt a slasher who haunts a small town's Make Out Point. Meanwhile, Cat Curio, Former Teen Detective, searches for the man who put her in a coma and the murderous cult that employed him. What she finds will set up the biggest Hack/Slash story yet. A great jumping on point for new readers!

32 pages, $3.50, in stores on Feb. 9.


Written by Jon Hoeber and Erich Hoeber, art and cover by Werther Dell'Edera and Arianna Florean.

Paul, an average working guy, finds his life upended when he's approached by a mysterious figure who tells him he's been chosen for a mission in the battle between good and evil -- the mission is murder. Is it real or is Paul losing his mind?

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Feb. 23.


Written by S. Steven Struble, art and cover by Sina Grace.

"(She's Got A) Brain Scrambling Device." The cult-favorite web-series comes to print! Presenting a romance with style points, told with the same lovelorn charm of (500) Days of Summer. In this issue: (Li'l Depressed) Boy meets girl.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Feb. 9.


Written, art and cover by Jimmie Robinson.

The demon dog, Pooch, leads Hack/Slash's Cassie and Vlad to the dimension of superheroes where they hunt Bomb Queen's cat, Ashe. Her demon cat has split a dimension between realities, allowing the Queen's twisted and perverted slashers into Cassie's world -- along with, worst of all, Bomb Queen herself!

32 pages, $3.50, in stores on Feb. 9.


Written, art and cover by Brian Haberlin and Philip Tan.

Captain Wonder is the superhero of this world -- he's saved millions during his twenty-four year career. But now everything is going to Hell in a hand basket. You see, Captain Wonder has been missing for the last two months, and things don't look so good. Now meet Billy Gordon, ten years old and it seems someone is stalking him. What's going on?

48 pages, 3D Glasses, $4.99, in stores on Feb. 16.


Written by Joseph Michael Linsner and Eva Hoplins, art and cover by Linsner.

From 2002-2005, Image Comics teamed up with Dawn creator Joseph Michael Linsner to produce a series of full-color comic book sized sketchbooks starring his redheaded Goddess character. Finally collected into one book, this delicious helping of cheesecake is a must-have for Dawn fans and Goddess worshippers. With commentary by Linsner.

128 pages, $14.99, in stores on Feb. 23.


Written by Robert Kirkman, art by Cory Walker, cover by Walker and Dave Stewart.

Collecting the never before reprinted Science Dog back-up story from Invincible #75, as well as the new full-length, never-before-seen conclusion of the story! This story has been years in the making -- don't miss its epic conclusion!

32 pages, $3.50, in stores on Feb. 23.


Written by Mark Kidwell and Jay Fotos, art and cover by Jeff Zornow and Fotos.

In the steaming jungles of a world too young for a name, man and dinosaur share the food chain. When a rogue Tyrannosaurus tramples the luckless village of Taka-Na one time too many, the delicate balance is destroyed, leaving one man to face the deadly god-lizard alone. For the preservation of his village, the safety of his tribe, and the love of a hot stone-age mama in a fur bikini, he will risk it all. What is this guy thinking? Tyrannosaurus Rex: These aren't your granddaddy's dinosaurs!

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Feb. 9.


Written by Robert Kirkman, art and cover by Tony Moore.

It was only a matter of time before their camp was attacked... That time has come. Rick Grimes and company find themselves surrounded by zombies. Who will die, who will survive... Will anyone survive? Nobody is safe. Who will be the next to become the walking dead?

32 pages, black and white, $2.99, in stores on Feb. 2.


Written by Robert Kirkman, art and cover by Tony Moore.

After the horrendous attack on the camp, the survivors are left to pick up the pieces. Tensions run high as the gravity of their situation starts to sink in for Rick and the others. What happens when they stop focusing on the zombie threat and turn their aggression toward each other?

32 pages, black and white, $2.99, in stores on Feb. 9.


Written by Robert Kirkman, art by Charlie Adlard, cover by Tony Moore.

The first issue by series artist Charlie Adlard! Winter has come, and it is decided that they must move the camp to a safer area. With such harsh weather conditions, Rick and company find that the zombies all around them are the least of their worries.

32 pages, black and white, $2.99, in stores on Feb. 16.


Written by Robert Kirkman, art by Charlie Adlard, cover by Tony Moore.

The search for suitable shelter continues. Rick and crew find themselves at the mercy of a harsh winter, making their arduous journey that much more difficult. For months they've looked for something to take their minds off the zombie threat at hand... And now that they've got it -- they're in more danger than ever before.

32 pages, black and white, $2.99, in stores on Feb. 23.


Written by Deborah Vankin, art by Rick Mays, cover by Mays and Laila Derakhshanian.

An original YA graphic novel, Poseurs follows three teenagers from distinctly different corners of Los Angeles who meet in the underworld of LA nightlife and Hollywood parties -- and get in over their heads. From the graffiti-tagged streets of LA's eastside to the bloated, billion dollar mansions of Bel Air, it's a full-blown party noir.

152 pages, black and white, $16.99, in stores on Feb. 16.


Written by Richard Starkings, art and cover by Ladronn, flip cover by Boo Cook.

In preparation for the return of artist Ladronn with Hip Flask #4, Image presents a collection of covers and cover sketches of Hip Flask and Elephantmen, flipped with covers and cover sketches by current Elephantmen cover artist, Boo Cook! Also features a five-page preview of Hip Flask #4 by Ladronn.

64 pages, $5.99, in stores on Feb. 16.


Written by Brett Lewis, art and cover by Sami Basri, Hendry Prasetyo and Imaginary Friends Studios.

A brilliant young toy maker risks his entire company for his factory's newly produced android named Tiffany, but when he falls in love with his own creation and she has already been sold to the most powerful man on Earth, getting her back becomes his greatest passion and threatens to lead to his own destruction. Inspired by the ideas and lyrics of Fall Out Boy, Fall Out Toy Works brings the magic of innocence to life as both a toy maker and his invention set about learning the true secrets of life.

Created by Fall Out Boy, Darren Romanelli (Dr Romanelli DRx) and Nathan Cabrera, this collection also includes interviews with Pete Wentz and Darren Romanelli, plus a sketchbook section revealing the origins of the designs for the project. Collects Fall Out Toy Works #1-5.

160 pages, $16.99, in stores on Feb. 2.


Written by Robert Kirkman, art by Ryan Ottley, Cory Walker and Fco Plascencia, cover by Ottley and Plascencia.

This is the volume you've been waiting for! The Invincible War, set in motion by Angstrom Levy! The epic battle with Conquest! The final build up to the Viltrumite War! The Sequid invasion of Earth! It's all inside, and it's almost too much for one superhero to handle. This is probably the most explosive, most action-packed volume of Invincible to date! Collects Invincible #60-70 and Invincible Returns #1.

336 pages, $34.99, in stores on Feb. 23.


Art by Ryan Ottley.

What all the Viltrumites will be wearing this season: an all-new t-shirt featuring Invincible!

S-XL, $24.99, XXL, $27.99, in stores on Feb. 16.


Written by Nick Spencer, art by Joe Eisma, cover by Rodin Esqueljo.

Collecting the first six issues of the series! Morning Glory Academy is one of the most prestigious prep schools in the country, but something sinister and deadly lurks behind its walls. When six gifted but troubled new students arrive, they find themselves trapped and fighting for their lives as the secrets of the academy reveal themselves! Collects Morning Glories #1-6.

192 pages, $9.99, in stores on Feb. 16.


Written by Todd McFarlane and Alan Moore, art by McFarlance and Greg Capullo, cover by Capullo.

Revisit epic battles against Jason Wynn and Violator and also relive the introduction of many new characters into the Spawn universe, such as the Curse, the Redeemer and the Freak. Extra features include a color and black and white cover gallery and behind-the-scenes art. All this and more in an oversized, hardcover format complete with a wraparound painted cover by Capullo. Grow your family of Spawn: Origins collection of books with this latest stellar addition! Collects Spawn #26-37

320 pages, $29.99, in stores on Feb. 16.

27 #4

Written by Charles Soule, art by Renzo Podsta, cover by W. Scott Forbes.

Will Garland met Jim Morrison in issue three and learned the truth about the 27 Club. Now, it's time for his final conflict with The Nine and Erebus, the very spirits of creation and decay, to see if he can somehow make it to his 28th birthday. There will be no encore, ladies and gentlemen. Time to Rock and Roll!

28 pages, $3.99, in stores on Feb. 2.

CHEW #18

Written by John Layman, art and cover by Rob Guillory.

"FLAMB…," Part Three -- USDA Suicide mission! Boobs! Germ warfare! And a very, very special guest star!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Feb. 23.


Written by Phil Hester, art and cover by Andy Kuhn and Bill Crabtree.

"Holmgang," Part Three -- Prom night lies in ruins at the hands of Duncan's long lost brother, Ragnar. But that isn't the only thing Ragnar wants destroyed. The battle for Belloc's throne goes into high gear as Duncan's extended family comes to Utah to eliminate the one thing between them and title "King of Kaiju": Duncan Rosenblatt himself.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Feb. 2.


Written by Marc Guggenheim and Tara Butters, art and cover by Ryan Bodenheim and Mark Englert.

What caused crime, war and violence in the world to vanish? Who or what is responsible? All is revealed in this groundbreaking issue.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Feb. 9.


Written by Robert Kirkman, art by Greg Capullo and Todd McFarlane, cover by Capullo.

The Apparition makes his move, and Haunt finds himself face-to-face with a foe unlike anything he's faced before. He's stronger, he's faster and he's got all the same powers as Haunt and more. Haunt will not come out of this unscathed. Believe us when we say: When the dust settles on this battle, things will never be the same again.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Feb. 9.


Written by Nick Spencer, art and cover by Christian Ward.

In a world where travel between alternate realities has become a massive commercial enterprise, Mark races to uncover the truth behind his many mysterious deaths. Meanwhile, the brains behind The Infinite Vacation suddenly take a keen interest in his struggle. And just who is that beautiful girl he keeps running into?

32 pages, $3.50, in stores on Feb. 23.


Written, art and cover by Ian Churchill.

"Chapter Three: Surface Tension." Steve "Marineman" Ocean returns to American soil and has to face the repercussions of last issue's dramatic revelation while also dealing with the anniversary of his mother's tragic death. Elsewhere, Lieutenant Greene takes 'Nemo' on her maiden voyage.

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Feb. 2.


Written by BEN McCOOL art & cover NIKKI COOK

ISSUE TWO: THE MEETING -- Trent MacGowan has but one agenda while reporting on the strange case of Lowesville: exploitation. An interview with Bob Rockman -- a resident claiming to remember everything about the town's enigmatic history -- is his first big break. Will it support Trent's cause, or help unleash an evil beyond his wildest dreams?

32 pages, black and white, $3.50, in stores on Feb. 16.


Written by Bryan J.L. Glass and Michael Avon Oeming, art by Victor Santos, covers by Oeming, Santos and Veronica Gandini.

"Royal Division" -- The Rat Druids bring even greater oppression upon the mouse citizens to quell all resistance to their rule. But Karic's audacious attack on the king has generated a legend that is not so easily crushed. Aquila makes a reckless choice to aid the young mouse she loves. Royal Consort Lorelie tests the alliance between rat and weasel. And Captain Tosk returns, bringing order as only his iron gauntlet and heartless will can achieve.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Feb. 23.


Written by Nick Spencer, art by Joe Eisma, cover by Rodin Esqueljo.

Zoe has everything -- looks, popularity, and a perfect GPA. But if you think you know all there is to know about her, think again. The secret she keeps sheds new light on the mysteries of Morning Glory Academy!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Feb. 16.


Written, art and cover by James Stokoe.

"The Road to Rekanda Tor," Part One -- Hoping to evade the bulk of the Orc Tzar's invading mob, One-Eye and his companions decide to make a break for the ancient mountainside stronghold of Rekanda Tor. Only, a vicious army of the enigmatic Beard's poison-throwing Shakatuu stand in their way.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Feb. 23.


Written by Alex Grecian, art and cover by Riley Rossmo.

"Endangered," Part Three -- The war on Proof escalates as one of Proof's closest friends betrays him and The Lodge is burned to the ground, setting free the monsters.

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Feb. 16.



When unidentified flying objects snatch a couple of teens doing some heavy petting up at Inspiration Point, will the jolly old elf be able to fly the Little St. Nick fast enough to make sure they get back home for the holidays?

32 pages, $3.50, in stores on Jan 5.


Written by Benito Cereno, art and cover by James Harren and Dylan McCrae.

After the Martians dare to invade Earth again after being driven off twice, Santa decides to use all the resources at his disposal to send them packing for good. What follows is an all-out battle across the skies for the fate of all humankind!

32 pages, $3.50, in stores on Feb. 2.


Written, art and cover by Erik Larsen.

"Emperor Dragon," Aftermath. His world has been destroyed. Malcolm Dragon must cope with the greatest personal loss he's faced in his life. Things will never be the same. It's a new beginning for the Savage Dragon title as 14-year-old Malcolm Dragon at last takes center stage.

32 pages, $3.50, in stores on Feb. 9.


Written by Brian Clevinger, Ray Fawkes, Chris Sims and Adam Warren, art by Jeffrey Cruz, Scott Hepburn, Joe Vriens and Jim Zubkavich, cover by Chris Stevens, Edwin Huang and Saejin Oh.

"Four Tavern Tales" -- The Skullkickers find some time to kick back and relax... and by "relax", we mean, "Mash more monsters." This issue is a Skullkicking short story smorgasbord by top-flight comic talent.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Feb. 23.

SPAWN #204

Written by Will Carlton, art by Szymon Kudranski and Todd McFarlane, cover by Kudranski.

A massive manhunt erupts in the pages of this month's Spawn! After a stint of silence and unwillingness to give his enemies answers, Spawn suddenly loses the only person that matters in his life. Sara's kidnapping sends Clown and Spawn on a wild chase through the city, but a surprise attack by Bludd throws them off course. Can they find Sara before she takes her last breath?

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Feb. 23.


Written by Robert Kirkman, art and cover by Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn.

"No Way Out" continues. When the walls come down... no one is safe.

32 pages, black and white, $2.99, in stores on Feb. 9.


Written by Nathan Edmondson, art and cover by Tonci Zonjic.

To every action, a reaction. The botched op in Barcelona has exposed Jon, and he is on the run -- but from whom, he can't exactly say. As the game of cat and mouse plays out, Jon discovers something about Jake that threatens all of Jon's assumptions about the only man who can protect him from what's coming.

32 pages, $3.50, in stores on Feb. 9.

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