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Legendary game designer American McGee created one of the most visually arresting games of all time in Alice. Eleven years later, McGee returns with a sequel just as groundbreaking as his critically acclaimed classic -- Alice: Madness Returns!

Just in time for Madness Returns, Dark Horse and Spicy Horse studio invite Alice fans to take a journey through the wonderland of American McGee's imagination for an unprecedented look at the creation of this magnificent and disturbing world. With an introduction by McGee, The Art of Alice offers an intimate look into the stunning and terrifying artwork behind this blockbuster reinterpretation of Lewis Carroll's enduring masterpiece!

184 pages, $34.99, in stores on May 11.


Writer by Malachai Nicolle, art by Ethan Nicolle.

The amazing and hilarious comic is making its debut as an all--new Dark Horse miniseries this spring! Comics fans and fancy news blogs aren't the only ones to take notice of Axe Cop; now the so--called "real" police know about him, too. And if there's one thing police don't like, it's a guy with an axe who's better than they are at catching and dispatching bad guys! Now Axe Cop and his partner Dinosaur Soldier are being treated like bad guys, not only by the police, but by the president and the army, too! But when a pair of nasty villains barge in from outer space and turn the army into actual bad guys, who gets the call to set things right? Axe Cop!

32 pages, $3.50, in stores on March 2.


Written and art by Mi-Kyung Yun.

Ambiguous loyalties, vengeful old flames, and the schemes of jealous gods fill Bride of the Water God Volume 8 with heartbreak and intrigue! After Soah is kidnapped from the magical land of Suguk, Habaek -- the cursed, lovelorn Water God -- is forced to reconcile long-suppressed feelings for Nakbin, his dead bride, with strong, new yearnings for Soah. While some gods sought to charm and win over the human Soah, the current emperor of the gods wants to charm Habaek in order to confuse and entrap the elemental deity. Using shape-shifting ploys and magical charms, the emperor convinces Habaek that Nakbin is still alive and deserving of his full devotion. Will Habaek be able to see through the emperor's cruel and creepy deceptions before Soah is lost to him forever?

184 pages, black and white, $9.99, in stores on May 18.


Written by Mike Mignola and John Arcudi, art by Guy Davis, colored by Dave Stewart, cover by Ryan Sook.

Giant bat-eared beasts wage war against the Bureau, Abe finally confronts the mysterious prophet, and Devon's suspicions are verified.

32 pages, $3.50, in stores on March 9.


Written by Roy Thomas, penciled by Mike Hawthorne, inked by John Lucas, colored by Dave Stewart, cover by Doug Wheatley.

Captured! On his way to deliver stolen state secrets, Conan is abducted by the King of Nemedia and asked to turn over the name of the accomplice who sent him on this errand. Conan's loyalty is strong, but will it be strong enough to overcome the Nemedian inquisitor who will stop at nothing to force Conan to reveal all he knows? Bound and tortured -- if Conan is able to escape, he may not be able to catch up to the beautiful Olivia, who has been kidnapped by the dastardly Fharos!

32 pages, $3.50, in stores on March 16.


Written by David Lapham, Benjamin Truman and others, art by Lapham, Timothy Truman and others.

The newest, gnarliest, and ickiest incarnation of the classic horror anthology Creepy is clawing its way onto your must-read list for 2011! Creepy #5 features strange and stunning offerings by David Lapham, Timothy Truman, classic Creepy cover artist Sanjulian, and much, much gore. Whether you prefer your horror tales bloody and bold, or supernatural and subtle, Uncle Creepy and his maleficent minions are sure to satisfy your lust for scary stories!

48 pages, $4.99, in stores on March 23.


Written by Jim Shooter, penciled and inked by Roger Robinson and Agustin Alessio, colored by Wes Dzioba, cover by Michael Komarck.

Doctor Solar's archenemy Nuro issues an all-or-nothing ultimatum. The Man of the Atom runs a gauntlet of transuranic heavy-metal men to stop Nuro from remaking the world and all eternity . . . his way. Plus, the continuing Solar origin saga: falling toward the event horizon of a black hole, scientist Dr. Phillip Solar exists only as a nimbus of data in a quantum domain. Though his eyes have been shredded to quarks, he sees everything. Though his fingers are gone, he touches the essence of existence . . . and suddenly all the power in the universe bends to his indomitable will.

32 pages, $3.50, in stores on March 23.


Written by Jim Shooter, art by Roger Robinson and Dennis Calero, colored by Dennis Calero and Wes Dzioba, cover by Michael Komarck.

Empowered by a thermonuclear catastrophe, Doctor Solar commands the awesome forces of the universe. But in the aftershock of the cataclysm that created the Man of the Atom, ripples throughout space-time imbue one Whitmore Pickerel with the power to create life -- which he uses to serve his selfish desires and reckless ambitions. But some of Pickerel's creations have power beyond his dreams and hungers beyond his control!

Collects issues #1-#4 of the new Doctor Solar series, plus the story from Free Comic Book Day.

104 pages, $15.99, in stores on May 25.


Written by Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon, art by Cliff Richards, colored by Michelle Madsen, covers by Phil Noto and Steve Morris.

Having penned the show's final, post--apocalyptic episode, show writers Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon continue the tale of three survivors in a world overcome by a devastating technological virus. The wealthy and powerful could buy any kind of companionship at the Dollhouses, where the Rossum Corporation paid young people to have their minds wiped clean and be imprinted with computer--enhanced personalities and skills -- all according to a buyer's request. Now the technology has gone viral, wiping the minds of everyone it reached, turning them into mindless butchers. Those who've avoided the call must try to survive their friends and families if they hope to destroy Rossum and save the world.

40 pages, $3.50, in stores on March 30.


Written and art by Hiroya Oku.

It seems like every new alien creature the Gantz gang fights is just practice for another, tougher, more demented future alien battle. Every new alien means another crew of newly dead citizens, reborn as alien hunters. Except for those who survive for the next battle. And Kei is the only one who's survived since volume 1. Our immature antihero keeps adding new dimensions to his character, and this volume doesn't spare him a learning experience.

Imagine aliens who can transform into anything, including giant flies, elephants, or spitting images of your compatriots. Suffice it to say, this volume begins a scary new chapter in the Gantz story line.

224 pages, black and white, $12.99, in stores on May 18.


Written by Saki Okuse, art by Sankichi Meguro.

Suicide never goes on vacation, and our heroine can't seem to get a break, either. After a short time away, Misaki gets thrown right back into her work, attempting to exorcise a particularly nasty, evil presence from an apartment building, before it kills all the tenants!

240 pages, black and white, $10.99, in stores on May 8.


The Goon is a hilarious blend of pulpy horror and slapstick comedy following the ongoing misadventures of the man they call the Goon and his spastic sidekick Franky as they battle the legions of the undead!

The Goon T-shirt: The Goon w/logo, Men's, M-XL, $17.99, XXL, $19.99, Women's, S-XL, $24.99, in stores on March 23.

The Goon vs. Mr. Wicker T-shirt, Men's, M-XL, $17.99, XXL, $19.99, Women's, S-XL, $24.99, in stores on March 23.


Written by Felicia Day, art by Wellinton Alves, Kristian Donaldson, Jeremy Bastian, Tim Seeley and Adam Warren, covers by Peter Bagge and Ron Chan.

Felicia Day returns to her Internet and comics sensation The Guild with a story spotlighting the Knights of Good's most mysterious member, Tinkerballa! While some of the other Guild members have gotten a little too involved in each other's offline lives, Tink has fiercely guarded her privacy, and the Knights of Good still know almost nothing about her. When they begin to pry, the Guild gets more than they bargained for--but is any of it true?

32 pages, $3.50, in stores on March 16.


Hellboy is gearing up for another big year, and Dark Horse is planning the release of a few carefully crafted new items in celebration. This selection of brand-new T-shirts helps kick things off. We asked creator/artist Mike Mignola to select some favorite design images, and he responded! Underworld wear that's fun to wear.

Hellboy T-shirt: Hellboy with Skeleton, Men's, M-XL, $17.99, XXL, $19.99, Women's, S-XL, $24.99, in stores on March 23.

Hellboy T-shirt: Hellboy Wild Hunt, Men's, M-XL, $17.99, XXL, $19.99, Women's, S-XL, $24.99, in stores on March 23.


Written by Tim Truman, art by Tomas Giorello, colred by Jose Villarrubia, cover by Darick Robertson.

Even though he's been beaten nearly to death, chained to a wall, and locked away deep within Tsotha's fortress, Conan is by no means out of commission. While the foes and betrayers who stripped him of his crown celebrate their acquisition of Aquilonia, Conan plans his escape. However, an additional, seemingly insignificant foe from Conan's past stalks Tsotha's horrific dungeons waiting for a chance to kill the legendary barbarian.

32 pages, $3.50, in stores on March 30.


Written by Marc Andreyko, art by Patric Reynolds, colored by Dave Stewart, covers by Sean Phillips and photo.

Abby and Thomas fight desperately to protect Abby's secret from someone who wants them dead, as their life in Wellsville, Indiana, goes up in flames! With plenty of blood on the ground already, and more innocent people threatened by the crossfire, one thing's for sure: tonight's a night this sleepy little town will never forget!

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on March 23.


Written by John Stanley, art by Stanley and Irving Tripp.

As if writing (and sometimes drawing) monthly issues of Little Lulu and Tubby weren't enough, the amazingly prolific John Stanley also created annual 100-page Little Lulu Giants, some of the most celebrated humor comics of all time. This volume of Dark Horse's comprehensive John Stanley Little Lulu reprints contains two complete Little Lulu Giants featuring more than two dozen original Lulu stories, many of them drawn by Stanley himself. These never-before-reprinted issues are among the greatest masterpieces of comics' golden age. Collects Marge's Little Lulu Giant #3–#4.

200 pages, $14.99, in stores on May 11.


Written by Jim Shooter, art by Bill Reinhold and Jesse Delperdang, colored by Wes Dzioba, cover by Raymond Swanland.

Vengeful Q-ROB rebel leader Jocko builds an army of sapient robots, each with its own millennium power cell. "The only way to kill us is one at a time," says Jocko, "and we are legion." He plans to wipe the Earth clean, kill all organisms. Organic extinction! Magnus does what he must to save humankind. Plus, continuing the origin of the first Robot Fighter! Robot 1-A earns his unique designation and secretly steals thermonukes!

32 pages, $3.50, in stores on March 16.


Written by Mac Walters and John Jackson Miller, art by Omar Francia, colored by Michael Atiyeh, covers by Massimo Carnevale and Joe Quinones.

The deepest journey yet into the Mass Effect universe continues, courtesy of Mass Effect 2 lead writer Mac Walters! With cowriter John Jackson Miller (Star Wars: Knight Errant), Walters tests the limits of human courage, ingenuity, and loyalty, as the Illusive Man finds himself far from home in an alien galaxy. As his eyes open to the secrets of the universe, the Illusive Man comes ever closer to his destiny as galactic power broker in this riveting science-fiction adventure!

32 pages, $3.50, in stores on March 23.


Written by Otto Binder, art by Jack Sparling and José Delbo.

After a worldwide nuclear apocalypse, Mighty Samson is the superhuman son of one of the last surviving tribes of peaceful humans. Facing mutated, reptilian terrors, man-eating plants, radioactive seamonsters, and cruel, desperate survivors, Samson dares to explore a damaged, irradiated future America while he looks for sustenance and supplies for his people.

The third volume in this archival hardcover series reprints the original 1960s and '70s Mighty Samson issues #15-#24, featuring all series covers, retouched interiors, fan pinup pages, and a new foreword by comic-book creator, publisher, and historian Dylan Williams!

208 pages, $49.99, in stores on May 26.


Written by Mike Baron, penciled by Hugh Haynes, colored by Les Dorscheid, cover by Steve Rude.

Praise be to Elvon, it's the final volume of Nexus issues from First Comics! This collection features game-changing story developments and issue #75, which brings readers the long-awaited showdown between Horatio and Stan. Only one of these two fusionkasters claiming the Nexus mantle will walk away from this slugfest in space, and the fate of neighboring planet Mars hangs in the balance!

Collects Nexus Vol. II #74-#80, originally published by First Comics.

208 pages, $49.99, in stores on May 4.


Written and art by Yoshitaka Amano.

Yoshitaka Amano is one of the world's foremost fantasy artists, and this tremendous boxed set of five books gathers his ethereal illustrations for all ten Final Fantasy games to date!

The Sky is divided into three softcover volumes, each printed on high-quality stock. Volume 1 (144 pages) contains Amano's work for Final Fantasy I-III, volume 2 (276 pages) contains his contributions for Final Fantasy IV-VI, and volume 3 (156 pages) features art for Final Fantasy VII-X.

The fourth book in the boxed set, All about Yoshitaka Amano, is a smaller softcover. Its 128 pages include an interview with Amano, information about his work, a bibliography, and a visual index of each illustration that appears in the three Sky art books.

Completing the set are an acetate print, two postcards, and a 96-page The Sky premium flipbook that lets you see two examples of Amano's art in motion. All fit snugly inside a hinged, decorated box.

800 pages, $129.99, in stores on May 18.


Written by Tom Taylor, art and cover by Chris Scalf.

Here begins a multigenerational tale of honor and redemption, starring two of the heaviest hitters in the Star Wars galaxy -- the father-and-clone team of Jango and Boba Fett! A mission that begins with Jango Fett -- before the Clone Wars -- will affect the course of Boba Fett's life some twenty years into the future. When an important assignment with a big payday from Count Dooku goes awry for Jango, Boba will be tasked with picking up the pieces . . .

This volume full of Mandalorian mayhem collects issues #1–#4 of the comics series Blood Ties!

96 pages, $14.99, in stores on May 16.


Written by Haden Blackman, penciled by Rick Leonardi, inked by Dan Green, colored by Wes Dzioba, cover by Tsuneo Sanda.

Haunted by recurring visions of what his life with Padmé might have been like if he had not succumbed to the dark side, and guided by the Ghost Nebula's mysterious priestess, Vader and his troops become embroiled in a disastrous battle on a tar-pit world.

Worse, the hard-fought battle brings Vader no closer to locating Moff Tarkin's missing son -- but it does put him in the deadly sights of a traitor!

40 pages, $3.50, in stores on March 30.


Written by John Ostrander, penciled by Jan Duursema, inked by Dan Parsons, colored by Brad Anderson, cover by Duursema.

The allies launch a series of maneuvers designed to lure Darth Krayt into a trap. Only who is trapping whom? As Jedi and Imperial Knights fight shoulder to shoulder against the Sith in defense of the Hidden Temple, Cade Skywalker can't help but think of his father and the horrible losses the Jedi suffered the last time the Sith attacked . . . The tide of battle turns, and the future of the Jedi hangs in the balance!

40 pages, $3.50, in stores on March 30.


Written by Rob Chestney, art by Alex Sanchez, colored by Michael Atiyeh, cover by Benjamin Carre.

A look at the era of Star Wars: The Old Republic, written by one of the writers behind LucasArts and BioWare's wildly anticipated massive multiplayer online game, Threat of Peace unveils a galaxy on the brink of destruction three hundred years after the events of Knights of the Old Republic!

For decades, the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire have been at war. The Sith have gained control of the Outer Rim, but their efforts to penetrate the Core Worlds have so far been thwarted. Now, representatives from both sides attempt to negotiate a peace treaty -- but deception by the Sith puts the Jedi in an unfortunate position.

Collects Star Wars: The Old Republic #1–#27, which appeared originally online at

96 pages, $15.99, in stores on May 4.


Dark Horse launches a new series of vintage-style statuettes featuring four of Toy Story's best-known characters. This new series maintains the packaging style and special features of the previous Dark Horse series, but affords collectors the opportunity to start with the first release. Each hand-numbered statuette comes carefully packaged in a custom-tooled, full-color, litho-printed tin box. Also included is a small booklet about each character and a vintage-style pinback button of the character.

5" tall, limited to 950 numbered pieces, packaged in its own tin box, with a pin-back button and character booklet, $49.95, in stores on April 20.


Written and art by John Stanley.

Bringing all the energy and wit of his signature series, Little Lulu, Stanley made the Tubby spinoff a classic in its own right, and the proof is in these pages. Whether courting Gloria, scrapping with the fellers, looking after his cousin Chubby, or having completely different kinds of adventures as a detective or with his tiny friends from Mars, Tubby's schemes may not always work, but they're always hilarious. A great companion to Little Lulu, The Frog Boy reprints six complete Tubby comics in full color!

Collects Marge's Tubby #13–#18.

210 pages, $15.99, in stores on May 4.


Written by Jim Shooter, art by Eduardo Francisco, colred by Jose Villarrubia, cover by Raymond Swanland.

Trapped in a timeless land rife with prehistoric monsters and inexplicable wonders, Native Americans Turok and Andar strive to survive--and find a way home. There is a way to go back, and others besides Turok and Andar pursue it, but the path is perilous. Turok faces the fight of his life against the sadistic, brutal Troll. Also introducing the minstrel Merry Alin; Phalanx, the one-woman army; and the girl of Andar's dreams, the bewitching, exquisite Echo.

32 pages, $3.50, in stores on March 30.


Art by Alberto Giolitti.

In a land and time no longer their own, Indian warriors Turok and Andar struggle to find a way out of the lost valley, fighting for survival against a never-ending assortment of prehistoric monsters and primitive men. Witness fierce battles with epic stakes as the two braves encounter fire-breathing dinosaurs, giant man-eating plants, and more!

This volume collects issues #44–#50 of Turok, Son of Stone from the Gold Key Comics run (1965–1966). These thrilling adventures are presented here for the first time anywhere since the 1960s!


Written, art and covers by Stan Sakai.

The honorable rabbit ronin Usagi is accused of being a member of the Red Scorpion Gang -- the same greedy, bloodthirsty miscreants that have been terrorizing the countryside!

24 pages, black and white, $3.50, in stores on March 30.


Written by Mike Mignola and John Arcudi, art by John Severin, colored by Dave Stewart, cover by Mignola.

Bitten by a werewolf and left for dead, Edward Grey survived only through the grace of God. But in the deadly plains of the Wild West, God is nowhere to be seen as Grey recounts his harrowing adventures facing creatures of the occult!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on March 2.

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