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Cartoon Network has announced that Young Justice will premiere as a weekly series on Friday, Jan. 7 at 7 p.m. (ET/PT).

The series premiere follows a one-hour preview that aired Nov. 26.

The first two episodes airing in December will be repeats of the two-part "independence Day."

Cartoon Network has released biographies of the main characters. To view the descriptions, CLICK HERE.

For a video promo for the series launch, CLICK HERE.

Here's how the network describes the eeries:

"In Young Justice, being a teenager means proving yourself over and over -- to peers, parents, teachers, mentors and, ultimately, to yourself. But what if you're not just a normal teenager? What if you're a teenage super hero? How much harder will it be to prove yourself in a world of super powers, super villains and super secrets? Are you ready to come of age in such a world? Are you ready for life or death rites of passage? Are you ready to join the ranks of the great heroes and prove you're worthy of the Justice League? That's exactly what the members of Young Justice -- Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Superboy, Miss Martian and Artemis -- will found out ... whether they have what it takes to be a proven hero."

Look for more on Young Justice on Wednesday here in The Continuum.

For a clip from the first Young Justice episode, CLICK HERE.


IDW Publishing has released its solicitations for March.

For a roundup, with images, CLICK HERE.

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Marvel Comics stage a half-hour press conference in New York on Tuesday to promote its 2011 publishing stunt, Fear Itself.

The main series will be written by Matt Fraction, with art by Stuart Immonen, and will, according to editor Axel Alonso, deal with an "extinction-level" threat.

For highlights from the press conference, CLICK HERE.


For covers and five- to nine-page previews of Image Comics titles arriving in stores on Dec. 22, CLICK HERE.

Titles include Age of Bronze #31, Bomb Queen Vi #3, Chew #16, Dynamo 5: Holiday Special 2010, Emitown, Invincible #76, Mice Templar, Vol. 3 #1, Morning Glories #5 and Skullkickers #4.


For covers and two- to five-page previews of DC Comics titles arriving in stores on Dec. 22, CLICK HERE.

Titles include Power Girl #19, Zatanna #8 and Batman Annual #28.


For covers and four- to six-page previews of Bluewater Productions titles arriving in stores in January, CLICK HERE.

Titles include Fame: Beyonce, 10th Muse: Manga, Power of the Valkyrie, VSS vs. Gearz, Political Power: Bill O'Reilly, Nanny & Hank #3, Female Force: Sarah Palin The Sequel, Mark Zuckerberg: Creator of Facebook, Vincent Price Presents #25, Styx & Stone #1 and The Deathsport Games #2.


* Warner Home Video has announced a March 22 Blu-ray and DVD release for Firebreather, the Cartoon Network animated movie based on the Image Comics series.

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* Sony Online Entertainment has announced that the DC Universe Online game will be available at retail outlets for the PlayStation3 computer entertainment system and PC on Jan. 11.

"Creating DC Universe Online has been a massive undertaking, and weĠre excited to be that much closer to launch," said Christopher Cao, Game Director of DCUO for Sony Online Entertainment. "We're grateful to our beta players for providing us invaluable feedback in these final stages that has enabled us to put the finishing touches on a fun and exciting experience when the game launches in January."

DC Universe Online will carry an anticipated retail price of $59.99 for PlayStation3 and $49.99 for PC in North America. The game includes one 30-day game membership, with monthly subscriptions available thereafter for $14.99.


For previously posted February solicitations, click on the publishers' names below:

* Antarctic Press.

* Ape Entertainment.

* Archaia Comics.

* Archie Comics.

* Aspen Comics.

* Avater Press.

* Bluewater Productions.

* Bongo Comics.

* BOOM! Studios.

* Dark Horse Comics.

* DC Comics.

* Dynamite Entertainment.

* IDW Publishing.

* Image Comics.

* Marvel Comics.

* Moonstone Books.

* Oni Press.

* Radical Publishing.

* Red 5 Comics.

* Top Cow Productions.

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