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Cartooon Network has released descriptions of the main character in Young Justice.


Robin is the team's tech genius who has no super powers but amazing acrobatic and fighting abilities, often enhanced by high-tech gadgets. At 13, Robin is the youngest team member but has the most training and experience from fighting alongside Batman for the last four years.


The clone of Superman, Superboy is seemingly the archetypal bad boy... but is actually shy and uncertain, questioning whether he even deserves to exist. Apparently 16-years-old (but really only 16 weeks), he has super-strength, limited invulnerability, super-hearing, telescopic, microscopic and infrared vision and can leap tall buildings in a single bound.


Kid Flash, the impulsive, 15-year-old sidekick of the Flash, can break the speed of sound and use his momentum as a "human cannonball." Unfortunately, he has yet to master the art of stopping on a dime. Due to his super-fast metabolism, Kid Flash constantly has food in his mouth -- that is, when his foot isn't in it. He's best friends with Robin, who is quick to call out Kid Flash's lame attempts at flirting with his female teammates.


As the protege of Aquaman, Aqualad is a trained warrior and a heroic dreamer who is calm, cool, collected and confident. He becomes the de facto leader of the team. He is fully amphibious, with increased strength and limited invulnerability. His mystic electric eel tattoos can generate contact shocks or power his hilt-like Atlantean Water-Bearers, allowing the 16-year-old Aqualad to bend water and create semi-solid weapons.


Though untrained, Miss Martian possesses natural super-abilities like telepathy and telekinesis, which allows her to fly. She can shape-shift, turn semi-invisible, and her higher body density gives her increased strength. Unlike Martian Manhunter, she cannot phase through solid objects. Her eager-to-please personality -- based on the Earth sitcoms she studied back on Mars -- allows her to fit in surprisingly well as a teenage girl -- despite being chronologically 48-years-old.


The 15-year-old Artemis comes off as the tough chick... but is actually insecure about her background and family connections. She has exceptional martial arts and archery skills, using both regular and trick arrows in battle. In addition to Robin, she is the Team's other non-super-powered human.

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