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Written by John Heffernan, with art and cover by Leonardo Manco.

Alabaster Graves is a driver for the dead. As a twenty-year veteran of funeral homes, mortuaries, and coroners' offices across the Deep South, he has chauffeured hundreds of bodies to their final resting places, although the trip isn't always so restful. Graves is a “specialty driver”, one who's called in for the more unusual assignments that come down the pike, and if unusual equals dangerous, well, that's just a job that pays more. Matter of fact, that's just what Alabaster is about to get when the assignment to transport the body of renowned voodoo priest, Mose Freeman, drops in his lap. With Freeman's sultry granddaughter riding shotgun, Alabaster must cover the distance from Shreveport to New Orleans to retrieve the remains. What he doesn't know is that he's being pursued by a resurrectionist named Fallow -- a necromancer who gets his power from stealing body parts... and for whom the corpse of Mose Freeman would be the ultimate prize.

This new deluxe trade paperback collects the full miniseries from John Heffernan and Leonardo Manco. Extras include an in-depth interview with writer Heffernan, never-before-seen production renderings and a gallery of artwork.

160 pages, $14.99.


Written by Rob Levin and Troy Peteri, art by Bing Cansino and Rodel Noora, cover by Tae Young Choi.

Wanted for muder and on the run from the police, Richard Ashwalt continues to look for answers by delving deeper into the background of Jebediah Crone — and the closer he gets to the truth, the more mystified he becomes. Crone is the only connection between a series of deaths tracing back centuries. And while Crone didn't seem directly responsible, relics of death and murder have gone missing from the houses where tragedy took place. Now, to get his life back, Richard must confront Crone with the truth. But will Richard's sanity survive the experience?

32 pages, $3.50.

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