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The Continuum has exclusively obtained the loglines for upcoming episodes of Cartoon Network's Young Justice animated series.

All episodes are scheduled to air at 7 p.m.; schedule is subject to change by Cartoon Network.

Friday, Feb. 4: "Schooled" -- Superboy's anger over his non-relationship with Superman is getting out of control. He refuses to train with Black Canary, and when The Team faces an opponent that even the Justice League had trouble defeating, the Boy of Steel goes rogue.

Friday, Feb. 11: "Infiltrator" -- Artemis faces an uphill battle winning over her new teammates, as she tries to fill Red Arrow's boots on a mission he initiated: saving a brilliant young scientist from the League of Shadows.

Friday, Feb. 18: "Denial" -- When The Team investigates the disappearance of Kent Nelson (formerly Doctor Fate), the scientific-minded Wally West is forced to confront his disbelief in magic while battling Abra Kadabra and Klarion the Witch Boy, for the ultra-powerful Helmet of Fate.

Young Justice will not air on Friday, Feb. 25. The Friday, March 4 episode is titled "Downtime."

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