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DC Comics editor-in-chief Bob Harras has been on the job about five months, but got his first taste of leading convention panels over the weekend at Emerald City Comicon.

Harras was joined at the DC Universe panel on Saturday by Matt Idelson, Dan Jurgens, Marv Wolfman, Jeff Lemire, Pete Woods, Ryan Benjamin, Kevin Maguire and Dustin Nguyen.

The floor was opened to questions, with Harras fielding most of them. Following are highlights:

* Harras on Flashpoint: "This will be, trust me, a pivotal moment in DC history."

* Harras said he believes All Star Wonder Woman is part of Adam Hughes' agenda. "It's something definitely we'd love to see," he said.

* Asked about Etrigan, Harras said he just saw some pages drawn by David Finch with the character.

* Harras said Paul Levitz has "major plans structured out" for the next two year of Legion of Super-Heroes.

* Harras said there will be changes with Bane "coming very soon" and the plans were made before the announcement of the character in The Dark Knight Rises movie.

* Asked about the overuse of killing characters as a story/marketing device, Harras said he and Jurgens had just talked about that at lunch. "If a death happens, it's got to be a major thing," Harras said. "It's got to be permanent. It just cheapens the whole event, it cheapens the characters, if they come back in six months."

* Harras expressed surprised at a question that the Ragman back-up story ended without a conclusion. He noted the character will appear in the previously mentioned David Finch story with Etrigan.

* Lemire said at least initially he will stay away from Lex Luthor in Superboy.

* Woods said that in Action Comics #900, "there will be someone who we have seen yet that will be revealed" and that the story arc ends with "a very classic Lex moment."

* Harras said the writer Geoff Johns will continue to expand the Green Lantern mythology after "The War of the Lanterns" story. "You are going to learn a lot that you like, you may not like, about these characters," he said.

* Lemire on the Atom: "There's nothing specifically planned at the moment, but I certainly would like to do more with that character."

* Harras said reaction to Damien Wayne has been positive.

* Harras said the DC Universe animated movies will continue to be a mix of adaptations and new stories.

* Jurgens said Flashpoint will impact Booster Gold beyond the event.

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