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Dark Horse Comics has released its solicitations for June.

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At its upfront presentation on Wednesday, Disney XD released a description of Marvel's upcoming Ultimate Spider-Man animated series that provided new details.

Disney XD announced the show as "the centerpiece of an upcoming Marvel programming block" on the network.

Here's how the show was described:

"This animated series from Marvel follows Peter Parker who, as the storyline begins, has been Spider-Man for just one year. He's fought villains, saved lives, but still has much to learn about being a super-hero. Now, Nick Fury gives Peter the chance to go to the next level -- to train to be a real super-hero and become The Ultimate Spider-Man. But before he can do that, Peter will have to learn how to work with a team of fellow teenage super-heroes."

The creators of Ultimate Spider-Man include Paul Dini, Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, Duncan Rouleau, Steven T. Seagle and Brian Michael Bendis.

The Avengers: Earth's Mightest Heroes was among the returning series announced. Fifty-two episodes of The Avengers are being produced.


Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has released in-game footage from Batman: Arkham City, the video-game sequel slated for release on Oct. 18.

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Marvel Comics has announced a July launch for 15 Love, a three-issue mini-series written by Andi Watson with art by Tommy Ohtsuka.

Here's how Marvel describes the book:

"Mill Collins is about to learn that life is anything but a piece of cake when the length of your high school career depends on the strength of your serve! But when Mill's slipping grades threaten to steal away her scholarship from the exclusive Wayde Tennis Academy, she'll have to look for help from the most unlikely coach to climb her way back up the bracket and into the record books!"

"The story Andi's put together is a terrific one -- the story of underdog Mill Collins and her quest to prove that she can make a name for herself doing the one thing she loves most of all -- playing tennis," said editor Jordan White. "The characters are real and really draw you in -- even if you know nothing about tennis, you know what itŐs like to fight for a dream."

The first issue will have a cover by Sho Murase, will be 56 pages and will cost $4.99.

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DC Comics has announced content updates for Adventures Comics #525 and #526. Both issues will now have two stories.

Adventure #525 is written by Paul Levitz, with art by Phil Jimenez, Geraldo Borges, Andy Lanning and Marlo Alquiza.

Here's how DC describes the issue:

"The cadets are on the ropes in this penultimate chapter in Paul Levitz and Phil Jimenez's 'Legion Academy' arc! Also: a short story starring the Black Witch and the extreme difficulties of containing the awesome power of Mordru."

Adventure #526 is written by Paul Levitz, with art by Phil Jimenez, Jeffrey Moy, Andy Lanning and Philip Moy.

Here's how DC describes the issue:

"The conclusion to Paul Levitz and Phil Jimenez's 'Legion Academy' arc! We hope the cadets survive it! Plus, longtime Legion artists Jeffrey and Philip Moy draw an all-new short story starring the speedster XS, and what she finds in this version of the 31st century is deadlier than she ever thought!"

In other DC news:

* The publisher has unveiled Aaron Lopresti's variant cover to Justice League: Generation Lost #23 and J.H. Williams III's Batman Incorporated #5.


* Marvel has released an image of the Thor standee that is currently in theaters.

Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

* The Friday, April 1 episode of The CW's Smallville will be a repeat of "Scion."


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