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MONDAY, MARCH 21, 2011


By Billie Rae Bates

CHICAGO - -- Eddie Berganza, executive editor of the DC Universe line, led Saturday's DC Universe panel at C2E2, accompanied by Bob Wayne, Gail Simone, Kevin Maguire, Chris Burnham, Scott Snyder, Mike Norton, Brian Azzarello and Franco. As with the DC Nation panel the evening before, the summer's Flashpoint event played big.

Here are panel highlights:

* Simone talked about the next issue of Birds of Prey, featuring the date of Huntress and Catman: "I know you've all been waiting for it, and I'm sorry, it doesn't go well. For anyone."

* Snyder, currently working on Detective Comics, said a big upcoming storyline is the return of James Gordon's son, James Jr. Readers will learn why Barbara and Jim are so nervous all the time around him, Snyder said.

* Young Justice will have a special edition for Free Comic Book Day, Norton said.

* Azzarello gave a boost to Flashpoint: "I don't get involved in these events, ever. I don't like them," he said. "But this one's different. That's why I'm involved. It's something I believe in. You don't have to buy it all. You're idiots not to," he quipped. "I think you're going to see a lot of things with these characters that will open your eyes. There's going to be a lot of revelation. It really is going to change things. I hate to tell you. You hate to hear it, don't you? The universe will never be the same."

* Is this the year of the Huntress? She does play a pretty big role in upcoming Birds of Prey issues. "Huntress fans, you will be very happy," Simone said.

* In last year's six-issue series Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne, it was revealed that his mother's maiden name is Cain. Is there any relation to Cassandra, former Batgirl? Yes. "We've been talking about some of that stuff at the Bat-offices," Snyder said. The connection between the Cains and the Waynes is being explored in the six-issue series Batman: Gates of Gotham, the first issue of which, in May, will feature Cassandra's return.

* Are there any plans to do a Tiny Titans TV series? The interest for that comes from the fans. ("Hint, hint," Franco teased.)

* Simone was asked about the Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode featuring the Birds of Prey: She said she doesn't know when it will be released in the States, as there was something a little controversial / touchy in one of the songs featured in the episode. "Hopefully soon," she said of the episode's release. "It's kinda amazing how long it takes to change a few seconds of that." She wouldn't say what the song was that has to be changed, but added, "It's got a lot of double, triple, quadruple entendres in it."

* What about Renee Montoya? "She's around the DCU. We like her a lot," Berganza said. Any possible Renee Montoya / Birds of Prey teamups? Simone said, "Not immediately."

* When will fans see the return of Billy Batson / Capt. Marvel? "Get Flashpoint. There's a lot of lightning bolts going on," Berganza said.

* Will we find out who Black Beetle is this year in Booster Gold? Maybe.

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