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Written by Jonathan Hickman, art and cover by Nick Pitarra and Rachelle Rosenberg.

"Learning to Fly." To stay alive in the future, the best fighter pilots in the world not only have to perfect their skills and master their aircraft, they also have to know how to travel through time. The Red Wing is the story of the greatest battle in the history of the history of three worlds.

32 pages, $3.50, in stores on July 6.


Written by Jason Rubin, art and cover by Tyler Kirkham.

This killer just saved your life... A dark, action-packed supernatural thriller that will have you questioning everything you believe. Sam, an alcoholic ex-cop, woke up with a mysterious piece of silver and soon finds himself the prime suspect in a serial murder case pursued by a relentless FBI agent.

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on July 6.


Written by Rob Liefeld and Mark Poulton, art by Owen Gieni, covers by Rob Liefeld, Owen Gieni and Joe Benitez.

"Devil in the Flesh," Part One The legendary fallen angel returns to comics. As New York City's sins are covered with a fresh blanket of snow, the psychotic serial killer, Torment, is hard at work creating new ones. Meanwhile, Avengelyne has her hands full with the Red Dragon who has taken a human vessel in search of a new apprentice. Who has the Dragon chosen as his vessel and does it have anything to do with Avengelyne's new look? All this plus the introduction of the stunning, Heaven Starr!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on July 20.


Written by David Baxter and Dave Elliott, art by Javier Aranda, Garry Leach and Jessica Kholine, cover by Tomm Coker.

Sixty years ago the oil ran out and debts were called in. Civil war followed that splintered America into warring fiefdoms. New San Diego is a technocratic utopia that offers the last bastion of peace and prosperity, provided you live within its walls. Drake McCoy is its best protector. McCoy, an expert marksman, defends the city from the numerous threats in the wasteland outside the walls. But when the oil rich Lone Star state sends a powerful army to steal New San Diego's energy technology, even Drake's leadership and skill may not be enough to fend off the siege.

32 pages, $1, in stores on July 20.


Written, art and cover by Cliff Rathburn.

Artist Cliff Rathburn returns to the series he created! 400 years have passed since Death failed to eradicate all life. Death has returned with a more insidious plan to retrieve a magical gem from the hands of Reaper, who has become a prominent warlord and has amassed a small army to protect his village and wealth. Unknown to Reaper, he is about to lose everything; for Death's new strategy can't be stopped.

48 pages, $4.99, in stores on July 21.


Written, art and cover by Szymon Kudranski.

Can a robot remember his past life... as a human? In the near future, when robotics and other high-tech solutions help solve the most awful crimes, a unit called After Crime allows detectives to taste, feel and see what murder victims experienced before death. Sam Hagen is an After Crime detective, a broken man with one chance for redemption catching a serial killer who preys on Hagen's fellow cops. Will the solution save Hagen, or doom him?

72 pages, black and white, $6.99, in stores on July 6.


Written, art and cover by Jimmie Robinson.

Finally, all the Bomb Queen one-shot specials in one package. Featuring the women of Shadowline as they battle the queen of mean from Las Vegas to London. A director's version of the Queen's best romps with BlackLight, Tempest, Fetish, Rebound and DeeRail.

128 pages, $14.99, in stores on July 27.


Written, art and cover by Jim Starlin.

"The Book of Ecclesiastes." Ray Stoner continues his journey of discovery, learning more about his demonic heritage and the "Fathers" dark designs for Earth. This section of the 'Breed saga starts off in a Shaolin temple in Tibet in the mid seventies, continues through the ‘80s with Ray fighting alongside Central American rebels and ends with his costly confrontation with a mystical 'Breed. Non-stop action and mayhem!

176 pages, $17.99 (signed and number, $49.99), in stores on July 27.


Written by John Layman, art and cover by Rob Guillory.

These are strange times for Tony Chu, the cibopathic federal agent with the ability to get psychic impressions from the things he eats. Strange writing in extraterrestrial script has appeared in the skies of Planet Earth--and stayed there. People don't know if the end days are upon them or not, but they don't seem terribly concerned about the laws of the FDA, and what was once the most powerful law enforcement agency is rapidly descending into irrelevancy. So where does that leave the FDA best agent, Tony Chu? Presenting the fourth story arc of the Eisner and Harvey Award-winner series, as the twisted and darkly funny comic about cops, crooks, cooks, cannibals and clairvoyants takes a curious cosmic turn. Collects Chew #16-20.

128 pages, $12.99, in stores on July 20.


Written by Paul Jenkins, Ron Marz, Phil Hester, Frank Tieri, David Lapham and Joshua Hale Fialkov, art by Dale Keown, Michael Broussard, Whilce Portacio, Jorge Lucas and Brian Denham, cover by Michael Broussard.

The twisted journey of Jackie Estacado, bearer of The Darkness, an elemental force that allows those who wield it access to an otherworldly dimension and control over the demons who dwell there, continues! Follow Jackie as he returns from Hell itself to seek revenge against the Franchetti mob family, rises to Don, becomes a Kingpin, and falls from grace in these stories by Top Cow's Finest. Collects The Darkness, Vol. 2 #1-24, The Darkness, Vol. 3 #1-10, The Darkness #75-89 & more!

1,280 pages, $99.99 (limited, signed and numbered, $149.99), in stores on July 27.


Written by Richard Starkings, Jeph Loeb, Kurt Busiek and Joe Kelly, art Moritat, Chris Burnham, Ian Churchill, Stuart Immonen, Peter Gross, Ryan Kelly, Phil Yeh, Rob Steen, Steve Buccellato, Boo Cook and Ladronn, cover by Boo Cook.

A meteor falls in Santa Monica Bay, and the lives of Hip Flask, Ebony Hide, Obadiah Horn, Sahara and her father, Joshua Serengheti converge once again with far reaching consequences for all. Over ten issues worth of Elephantmen in one big package! New introduction by Janet Zucker. Collects Elephantmen #8-15, plus the Pilot issue and loads of extras!

312 pages, $24.99, in stores on July 27.


Written by Robert Kirkman, art by Ryan Ottley, Greg Capullo, Todd McFarlane and Jonathan Glapion, cover by McFarlane.

Experience the intrigue, espionage, and high-flying supernatural awesomeness of this breakout hit from Image! This hardcover collection collects the first 12 issues of this best selling title, plus all the great bonus material you've come to expect from McFarlane and Kirkman. Behind the scenes material from the Haunt Comic Con Preview book, a cover gallery including all alternate covers, never-before-printed black and white cover gallery, the Image United Haunt backup story and more! Collects Haunt #1-12.

388 pages, $34.99, in stores on July 27.


Written, art and cover by Ian Churchill.

Follow the journey of Marineman from celebrated marine biologist and TV presenter to sea-breathing marine superhero! Packed with bonus material and a foreword by Watchmen co-creator, Dave Gibbons! Collects Marineman #1-6.

288 pages, $17.99, in stores on July 13.


Written, art and cover by Ted McKeever.

An astronaut awakens on Coney Island, lost and without memory and is befriended by a wall of a woman dressed as Santa Claus. Their quest to find the amnesiac's identity turns into a journey of the most bizarre as the pair travel across America on a road littered with redemption and nightmares. Collects META 4 #1-5, plus extras.

152 pages, black and white, $14.99, in stores on July 20.


Written by Rob Schrab, Dan Harmon and Mondy Carter, art and cover by Schrab.

"Beginning, Middle and End." Scud is programmed to destroy a basement monster but he will self destruct if he does, so the robotic assassin puts the wounded creature on life support and becomes a freelance assassin to pay for the hospital bills. Collects Scud #1-24, plus the one-shot Drywall: Unzipped.

720 pages, black and white, $29.99, in stores on July 6.


Written by Will Carlton, art by Szymon Kudranski and Todd McFarlane, cover Kudranski.

A bold new chapter in Spawn begins here! Jim Downing is the new Spawn, but he's also an internationally known faith healer and media darling. How long can these dual lives continue before the world finds out the truth? And watch out for the Clown and his alliance with Bludd, the vampire master -- they have plans of their own for Jim as well... Collects Spawn #201-206.

160 pages, $14.99, in stores on July 6.


Written by Rick Remender, art by Eric Nguyen, Jerome Opena, Nick Stakal and Peter Bergtin, cover by Nguyen.

Ten years after the Rapture, a beautiful occultist and her pet demon embark on a road trip to the last open gateway to heaven, in hopes of befriending God and escaping hell on earth. A bare-knuckle, action-driven series, peppered with social commentary and dark humor, Strange Girl is a story about the bewildering nature of religion, what would happen if the dark future predicted by many came true, and what a good person would endure for not having faith in advance of it. Collects Strange Girl #1-18.

450 pages, $59.99, in stores on June 29.


Written by Jonathan Ross, art and cover by Tommy Lee Edwards.

The critically acclaimed hardboiled noir crime thriller with guns, fangs and aliens is collected in its full glory! New York, 1925: the height of prohibition. Gangs fall like bloody dominos as the mysterious Dragonmir family fights to rule the city and begin to wake the Old One -- a gigantic sleeping vampire buried amongst the roots of their mansion. But an unlikely alliance formed between tough guy Eddie Falco and a stranded space-alien known as Squeed leads to an uneasy stalemate. Meanwhile, a strong-willed young reporter, dirty cops and ousted Harlem racketeers all try to survive in the middle of the maelstrom, and it's anyone's guess who's going to win the battle for this particular slice of turf. Collects TURF #1-5, plus a pin-up and cover gallery featuring Jim Steranko, William Stout, Michael Kaluta, Dave Gibbons, Duncan Fegredo and more!

180 pages, $39.99, in stores on July 20.


By Erik Larsen, Michel Fiffe, Brandon Graham, Jim Rugg, Jasen Lex, Ulises Farinas, Benjamin Marra, Rachel Friere, George O'connor, Tom Neely, Mike Cavallaro, Simon Fraser, Zack Soto, Dean Haspiel, Tom Scioli more, cover by Larsen.

In the tradition of Marvel's Strange Tales and DC's Bizzaro Comics comes Twisted Savage Dragon Funnies, a showcase of the hottest indie cartoonists bringing their unique flavor to the somewhat wacky world of Savage Dragon! This volume compiles every twisted story as well as many never-before-seen tales from some of alternative comics' best! The Twisted Savage Dragon Funnies collection amasses every beautiful and brutal Twisted Tale from the pages of Savage Dragon and then some! From the surreal to the hilarious, a heaping helping of alternative visionaries have their way with Erik Larsen's Dragonverse and the wide array of crazy characters that inhabit it.

128 pages, $18.99, in stores on July 6.


Written by Ron Marz, art by Stjepan Sejic and Matthew Dow Smith, cover by Sejic.

New York City Detective Sara Pezzini is once more in sole control of the powerful, mystical gauntlet known as the Witchblade. She is finally returning to normal, only Sara's version of "normal" includes investigating the city's strangest mystical crimes. Included in this volume is a mystery with "Paper Monsters," a solo adventure with Sara's partner and boyfriend Patrick Gleason, and a retelling of Sara's origin story. Featuring a complete cover gallery, a behind-the-scenes section and more! Collects Witchblade #140-143, plus the over-sized 15th anniversary issue #144.

160 pages, $19.99, in stores on July 13.

50 GIRLS 50 #2

Written by Frank Cho and Doug Murray, art by Axel Medellin, cover by Cho.

The crew of the ESS Savannah is forced to do battle on a savage war-world unlike any other! Captured and held prisoner by hostile aliens, the crew must out wit, out run and out fight their way back to the ship and, hopefully, the way back home.

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on July 6.

'68 #4

Written by Mark Kidwell, art and covers by Nat Jones and Jay Fotos.

Miniseries conclusion! Captain Joe "Dunk" Duncan, CIA agent Declan Rule, Doc Russo and a handful of hardened US troopers hold firebase Aries against hordes of Viet Cong, NVA regulars and the rotting risen dead. It's "Custer's Last Stand" Vietnam-style in the action/horror filled conclusion to the series' initial story arc.

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on July 20.


Written, art and cover by Eric Shanower.

"Betrayal," Part 13--After the hostage trade, Cressida ends up in the Achaean camp, far from Troilus, her lover in Troy. The Achaeans treat her little better than a whore, while her father, the Trojan traitor Kalchas, won't listen to her pleading. Only Diomedes gives her any respect -- but can Diomedes survive in battle against Troilus?

24 pages, black and white, $3.50, in stores on July 13.


Written, art and cover by David Hahn.

"Stealing Scenes," Part Two (of Five)--A strained relationship gets even more awkward when Donna awkwardly discovers that her new boyfriend, Jim, is an old flame of Kit's, and things get worse when Kit learns Jim is enrolled in the same art program at school. Also, a strange girl named Martha answers Kit's ad for a housemate.

32 black-and-white pages, $3.99, in stores on July 20.


Written by Ron Marz, art by Jeremy Haun and Sunny Gho, cover by John Tyler Christopher.

With allies captured and wounded, Sara Pezzini and Jackie Estacado must travel deep into the Survivor's complex to rescue their daughter Hope. With their forces decimated, what will the two Artifact bearers be able to accomplish against overwhelming odds? And with every other moment in the narrative anticipated by The Survivor, will the rest of the story play out according to his plans? Plus: Each issue will also feature an Artifacts: Origin story written by Marz and drawn by a guest artist.

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on July 27.


Written by Viktor Kalvachev and Andrew Osborne, art by Viktor Kalvachev, Toby Cypress, Nathan Fox and Robert Valley, cover by Viktor Kalvachev.

"Bad Business." Who's play-acting and who's getting played? Nothing's what it seems in part four of this fast, funny, 100% cool new series, where vicious criminals act like respectable businessmen, a Hollywood starlet feigns weakness to gain power and a has-been action hero plays the role of loving husband while plotting to murder his wife!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on July 6.


Written, art and cover by Jim Starlin.

"Bugged." A 'Breed from another world has gained access to Elsewhere and is after Ray Stoner. Running and fighting for his life, Ray stumbles upon another odd Elsewhere resident and discovers he might just not be alone in his battle to save Earth from the demons.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on July 13.


Written by Joe Casey, art and cover by Mike Huddleston.

All hell's breakin' loose in Times Square! Butcher Baker vs. three villainous m**therf**kers! Even the military gets in on the fun! Face it, this issue has all the hallmarks of a classic -- tons of s**t blows up real good! What more could anyone ask for in their supersexploitation comic book?

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on July 27.


Written by Kennedy Xu and Colin Johnson, art and cvoer by Ken Chou.

After barely surviving the disaster at the Seven Stars, Sean returns to his new, improved life as a key member of the Daomu. However, his past, and the pasts of those he trusts, are about to come crashing down around him. The truth is closer than he could possibly imagine...

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on July 6.


Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, art and cover by Lee Moder.

Visionary Comics and Pinnacle Entertainment present the second of four one-shots bringing the weird Western world of Deadlands to comics! "Massacre at Red Wing" tells the story of Clementime, a warrior woman who journeys south in search of her mother, swearing to kill anyone and anything that gets in the way.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on July 20.


Written by El Torres, art by Abe Hernando and Fran Gomboa, cover by Raul Allen.

"Sugar Cane." FBI Agent Irons and Michelle Sanchez are getting closer to learning the mystery behind the deaths plaguing Santa Rosa. But as they become lost in a haunting sugar cane plantation, filled with zombies, they have to wonder what they will find first: the answers to their questions, or their own deaths.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on July 20.


Written by Richard Starkings, art and cover by Boo Cook.

"Enemy Species, Part One: General Stone Tiger." The first of the two-part sequel to War Toys: Yvette is alive, and artist Boo Cook pits her against a new foe... with Hip Flask, Ebony Hide and Obadiah Horn caught in the middle!

40 pages, $3.99, in stores on July 6.


Written by Mark Andrew Smith, art and cover by Armand Villavert.

The Skull Brothers pay their mother a visit in a maximum-security prison where villains keep the worst of their own kind; those who have turned on other villains. But, whose side are the Skulls really on? The delicate armistice between superheroes and villains is threatened and nothing is as it seems.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on July 6.


Written by Mark Sable, art and cover by Paul Azaceta.

The new C.O. of a remote outpost in Afghanistan has his hands full. If the terror of the Taliban and the mutiny of a Marine sniper weren't bad enough, his squad is now under the attack of the undead. Graveyard of Empires doesn't just show the face of modern warfare -- it rips it right off.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on July 13.


Written by Kurtis J. Wiebe, art and cover by Riley Rossmo.

The revelation of Green Wake's next murder victim sends Morley on a frantic mission against time. All the events in Green Wake begin to converge, combining together to reveal the darkest of its mysteries. But for Morley, there is more than time working against him, and allies aren't always what they seem.

32 pages, $3.50, in stores on July 6.


Written by Tim Seeley, art by Dan Leister, covers by Leister, Rachelle Rosenberg and Nate Bellegarde.

"Fame Monster," Part One. Every time Cassie falls asleep, she dreams of another celebrity murder. And when she wake up, she finds it has actually happened! The cast of "Douche Beach," the Pouperheus Sisters, Lady Art Projekt, even teen heart throb Kendall Schipp and his millions of "Worschippers"... none are safe from the Fame Monster!

32 pages, $3.50, in stores on July 13.


Written by Kurtis J. Wiebe, art and cover by Scott Kowalchuk.

"Carbon Calamari." The face of the enemy is revealed in this high octane, plot twisting issue! The Intrepids come up against their most challenging adversary yet; a many armed mechanized monster from the mind of Dr. Koi!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on July 6.


Written by Robert Kirkman, art and cover by Ryan Ottley.

After all he's done, everything he's lived through... how does Invincible pick up the pieces and continue on as if nothing has changed? The answer is... he can't.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on July 20.


Written by John Mahoney and Filip Sablik, art and cover by Thomas Nachlik.

"Regicide," part three. What classic noir revenge tale would be complete without a femme fatale? When a mysterious woman saves Alec King and offers to get him out of his current predicament, will Alec's past collide violently with his present? Or will his need to avenge Brian's death overcome his normal need for self-preservation?

32 pages, black and white, $3.99, in stores on July 20.


Written by S. Steven Struble, art by Sina Grace, cover by Rob Guillory.

"HIstory of a Boring Town." Even when the sun doesn't shine on the Li'l Depressed Boy, he can count on his Drew Blood to cheer him up. Pack your bags! It's time for a road trip.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on July 13.


Written by Bryan J.L. Glass, art by Victor Santos, covers by Oeming, Santos and Veronica Gandini.

"The Dream of a Midwnter's Night." The stunning double-size finale of the penultimate arc! Karic has lain comatose for an entire season...yet the realm of dreams is a portal to the Outer Darkness where Donas rules. Cut off from the physical world, Karic wages a desperate battle for his very soul against overwhelming forces of ancient evil. Meanwhile, the druids confront the Readers of the Wheat, and the priesthood doesn't stand a chance against the dark powers of Black Anaius, the fearsome druid-witch of Kildre Hill!

44 pages, $3.99, in stores on July 27.


Written by Jon Hoeber and Erich Hoeber, art and cover by Werther Dell'Edera and Arianna Florean.

In a dramatic culmination, Paul hunts down his nemesis, Luke, forcing a violent confrontation in a last ditch effort to save his family. But a terrible revelation awaits...

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on July 27.


Written by Daniel Corey, art and cover by Anthony Diecidue.

"The Dark Chamber," Part Three. With time running out and his mission far from complete, Moriarty faces a dark night of the soul. With Dr. Watson hot on his trail, Moriarty must match wits with an old foe and hatch a scheme that could lead him to a final showdown with Tartarus.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on July 5.


Written by Nick Spencer, art by Joe Eisma, cover by Rodin Esquejo.

With a slew of unexpected deaths rocking the very foundations of the academy, the faculty are on high alert -- and suspicions arise among the Glories as they learn there may be a killer in their midst. The stage is set for the action-packed third arc right here!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on July 13.


Written by Bryan Edward Hill and Rob Levin, art and cover by Tony Shasteen and JD Mettler.

We ARE all lost! There will come a moment when Ray wishes he'd never met Alexis or the Men in White. Nor that he'd ever looked into the innocent eyes of Madeline. But most certainly, he'll wish that he'd never crossed Cyrus Kane. That moment is... now.

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on July 13.


Written by Jeff Cahn, art by Mark Texiera, Salvador Navarro and Ifansyah Noor, cover by Texeira.

Having lost all control when his new implant was fully activated, and nearly killing Matt, Greg has fled the base and made his way into the DC metro area. It's up to Matt to track down his brother-in-arms and bring him back before he causes any harm to himself, the city, or its civilians. But what is it about the "upgrade" that triggered Greg's mental break? Could there be a sinister secret hiding within the Project Red Spike files?

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on July 6.


Written by Shane Houghton, art and cover by Chris Houghton.

"Reed Gunther in a Stalac-Tight Spot!" Reed Gunther and his grizzly bear Sterling venture into a spooky abandoned mine in search of hidden gold, despite the warnings from the town loony that something dangerous lays hidden in the caves! But what does he know? He's crazy... right?

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on July 6.


Written by Owen Wiseman, art by Nam Kim, Matthew Dalton and Jessic Kholinne, cover by Jo Chen.

Revenge should never be left to the young. As our three teenage samurai leave their ravaged home behind they search for ways to sustain themselves and execute their vengeance. But as young blood boils, rash decisions are made and the consequences can only bring hardship. There are reasons for the laws of Bushido...and Katashi is about to learn more than one of them at the expense of the one he loves most.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on July 13.


Written, art and cover by Erik Larsen.

"Danger from Dimension-X." The mutated remains of Rex Dexter lead the Absorbanoids on a raid of the planet Earth! It's Malcolm and Angel Dragon's greatest challenge yet!

32 pages, $3.50, in stores on July 20.


Written by Harold Sipe and Christopher Sebela, art by Lee Leslie, cover by Hector Casanova.

"Death of the Party," part two. In the midst of FantasyScapeCon, Invisible Man has been murdered and the monster orgy film "Phantasmagorgya" is missing. Wolfman Carl and has-been Travis have to track down The Midnight Slasher and amorphous alien The Mass to stop this cinematic time bomb from blowing up in everyone's face.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on July 6.


Written by Ron Marz, art and cover by Lee Moder, Matthew Waite and Michael Atiyeh.

"Throne of Blood," part two. Shinku's one-woman war against the vampire clan continues! The lone surviving member of her samurai family, Shinku invades the vampire stronghold in modern Tokyo. But what does she seek in the lair of her enemies?

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on July 6.


Written by Jim Zub, art by Edwin Huang and Misty Coats, cover by Saejin Oh.

"Five Funerals and a Bucket of Blood," Part Three. This issue: More of the same! What? The same? Yes, the same level of over-the-top action-comedy, banter and monster-mashy goodness that's made Skullkickers a creator-owned hit. You want more than that? Okay, here goes: love potions, plant monsters, murdering fae folk and a dead ape.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on July 27.

SPAWN #209

Written by Will Carlton, art by Szymon Kudranski and Todd McFarlane, cover by Kudranski.

"Q & A," part three. Jim gets a crash course in the "Curse of the Spawn" as he and Twitch from a temporary alliance. Jim wants answers; what is his connection to a dead man named Al Simmons? And why has he bee given the powers of a Hellspawn? Twitch needs Jim to save Sam's life -- a task far more complex and dangerous than either can imagine.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on July 6.


Written by Robert Kirkman, art and cover by Jason Howard.

Super Dinosaur and Derek Dynamo have fought and defeated all kinds of cool stuff in their day, but they've never faced anything like this before. Max Maximus unveils his newest creation: The Mega-Raptor!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on July 20.


Written, art and cover by Tomm Coker and Daniel Friedman.

With shape shifters, vampires, spirits and drunks hot on their tail, Sargent and Mei make a daring escape. But are they headed towards salvation or something much worse...

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on July 27.


Written by Robert Kirkman, art and cover by Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn.

We learn to carry on without them.

32 pages, black and white, $2.99, in stores on July 13.


Written by Tim Daniel and Robert Kirkman, art and cover by Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn.

Everything you've ever wanted to know about the cast of The Walking Dead. The Survivor's Guide is a handy checklist of all the characters who have appeared in the series thus far, alive or dead. This series is a supplement to the comic book series that is now a TV series on AMC!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on July 6.


Written by Robert Kirkman, art and cover by Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn.

Life goes on as the bold new direction for The Walking Dead continues.

32 pages, black and white, $2.99, in stores on July 6.


Written by Robert Kirkman, art and cover by Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn.

Things get worse.

32 pages, black and white, $2.99, in stores on July 13.


Written by Robert Kirkman, art and cover by Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn.

Zombie attack!

32 pages, black and white, $2.99, in stores on July 20.


Written by Robert Kirkman, art and cover by Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn.

Near death.

32 pages, black and white, $2.99, in stores on July 27.


Written by Ron Marz, art and cover by Stjepan Sejic.

"Tiamat," Part Four. The epic battle between Sara Pezzini, bearer of the Witchblade, and Tiamat, the ancient Babylonian Queen-Goddess culminates in an earth-shaking showdown!

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on July 20.


Written by Brandon Seifert, art and cover by Luka Ketner.

Another foray into medical horror from Robert Kirkman's Skybound Originals line! Is your baby really your baby -- or is it a camouflaged monster that's feeding on you while you sleep? An infestation of Cuckoo Faeries is spreading through the nurseries of Arkham, Oregon, and it's up to Dr. Vincent Morrow, the Witch Doctor, to stop it! So why doesn't he want to bother? Plus: Shark cage diving with sea monsters!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on July 20.

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