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FRIDAY, JUNE 17, 2011



Written by Mike Johnson, art by Stephen Molnar, covers by Tim Bradstreet and David Messina.

The adventures of the Starship Enterprise continue in this new ongoing series that picks up where the blockbuster 2009 film left off! Featuring the new cast of the film, these missions re-imagine the stories from the original series in the alternate timeline created by the film, along with new threats and characters never seen before! With creative collaboration from Star Trek writer/producer Roberto Orci, this new series begins the countdown to the much-anticipated movie sequel premiering in 2012. Join Kirk, Spock and the crew as they boldly go into a new future! Up first, a drastic new envisioning of "Where No Man Has Gone Before."

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, Mike Johnson and Tim Jones, art by David Messina and Claudia Balboni, cover by Messina.

Relive the Star Trek franchise re-launch on the comic book page with this collector's edition slipcase containing all three Star Trek movie-related trade paperbacks. Find out how and why Nero and Spock have such a tenuous relationship in Countdown! Learn about the dark years Nero spent plotting his revenge against Spock and the Federation in Nero! And finally, experience the motion picture all over again in the strikingly stylish Official Motion Picture Adaptation!

Slipcase with three TPBs, 360 pages, $39.99.


Written by Mariah Huehner and David Tischman, art by David Messina and Claudia Balboni, covers by Messina and Joe Corroney.

Sookie's been in New Orleans less than 24 hours and somebody's already tried to kill her in an exploding house--but the sparks really fly when the perky blonde waitress and sexy Eric Northman team up to track down the vampire serial killer stalking the city's French Quarter. Back in Bon Temps, Lafayette faces his fears and considers Pam's offer to work the bar at Fangtasia. By the end of the night, everybody's going to need a stiff drink. Or a Tru Blood. The stakes get higher, as the new blood sucking mystery based on Alan Ball's hit HBO series True Blood deepens.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Marc Andreyko and Michael McMillian, art by Joe Corroney, cover by J. Scott Campbell.

Hoyt, the human boyfriend of Jessica, tries to do a good deed... and it doesn't go unpunished! Hoyt notices that Jessica has been staring at a poster for a local prom night, which leads him to romantically scheme to throw a surprise one for her at Merlotte's (with the help of friends Sookie, Sam and Tara). Unfortunately, things go awry when Jessica drinks a bit too much of the punch, which just happens to be part of a tainted batch of Tru Blood! Now out of control on a rampage into the night, Hoyt, Bill and Jason do their best to help their friend. Meanwhile, Sookie and Lafayette try to help Jessica a little differently, by seeking out Eric, and the local sheriff! It's a thrill ride beyond compare as they fight to bring Jessica back to the safety of Bon Temps stretches dangerously close to dawn.

160 pages, $24.99.


Written by Tom Waltz and Kevin Eastman, layouts by Eastman, art by Dan Duncan, covers by Duncan and Walter Simonson.

The Turtle brothers are separated! With one of their own lost, the Turtles struggle to train, fight, and find their own place in the world. A brand new villain seeks revenge and hints about the Turtles origin are revealed! A new mythology for Turtles in the 21st century is being built--and the story is just beginning to rev up!

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Erik Burnham, art by Dan Schoening, covers by Schoening and Nick Runge.

Are you troubled by strange noises in the middle of the night? Do you experience feelings of dread in your basement or attic? Have you or any of your family ever seen a spook, specter or ghost? If the answer is yes, call the professionals! Psychokinetic energy is on the rise again, business is booming for the boys, and Ray is troubled by what could be a prophetic dream... Is this an ill omen of an upcoming apocaplypse, or just a little indigestion? These questions and more are raised in the first issue of the new, ongoing Ghostbusters!

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Joe Hill and Jason Ciaramella, art by Zach Howard, covers by Howard and Nelson Daniel/

Something has been awakened. Leaving behind a trail of violence, Eric sets his sights on the city of Boston, and those closest to him. Explore your dark side.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Joe Hill, art by Gabriel Rodriguez and more, cover by Rodriguez.

This special standalone issue features an expanded Guide to the Known Keys, an all-new Guide to Failed Keys, and a story of summer-night magic, set in Keyhouse's unlikely past.

32 pages, $3.99.


Wrtiten by Joe Hill, art and cover by Gabriel Rodriguez.

This deluxe hardcover edition of the first volume of Locke & Key presents the Eisner-nominated series in glorious oversized fashion for the first time. And in addition to the complete "Welcome to Lovecraft" tale, this Special Edition also features Eisner nominee Joe Hill's complete scripts, all packaged under a special die-cut key cover. The ultimate presentation of the acclaimed storyline that began the fantastic tale of the Locke family.

250 pages, $100.


Written by Mike Costa, art by Antonio Fuso, covers by David Williams and Fuso.

The new Chameleon takes center stage as Major Bludd starts making serious moves, upping his game and wreaking havoc on the Joes! And all the while, Steeler is caught smack in the middle of all the pandemonium that is Cobra Civil War!

32 pages, $3.99.

G.I. JOE VOL. 2 #5

Written by Chuck Dixon, art by Javier Saltares, covers by Tom Feister and Saltares.

The Joes go underground--literally! They've been on the defensive for the last four months, and now they've got a plan to get out of the line of fire, regroup, and start painting Cobra with red, white, and blue butt-kicking! That is, if Cobra doesn't find them and kill them first... Zartan and Baroness are scheming, and that can't be good for the Joes!

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Chuck Dixon, art by Robert Atkins, covers by Atkins and Agustin Padilla.

Cobra Civil War infects the world! A Joe is dying and only Snake Eyes can save him. The Joes are struck by a pandemic released by Cobra madman Rodrigo Vargas. To save the lives of millions, Snake Eyes goes on a suicide mission to find Vargas and retrieve the antidote. If there is one!

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Mike Costa and Chuck Dixon, art by Antonio Fuso, Javier Saltares, Robert Atkins and Agustin Padilla, cvoer by Gabriele Dell'Otto.

Cobra Commander is dead... long live Cobra Commander! The only problem is... there are nine candidates for the job, and with each more treacherous than the last... who knows how long any of them will live? Representing the complete launch of Cobra Civil War, all in one place! G.I. Joe: Cobra Civil War #0, G.I. Joe #1, Cobra #1, and Snake Eyes #1! The only place to get the whole launch in one book!

100 pages, $7.99.


Written by Larry Hama, art by S L Gallant, covers by Gallant and Herb Trimpe.

With the Chrysler building's secret weapon in peril, G.I. Joe has more than their fair share of Cobra to deal with... but now that Destro and Baroness are in town, could this spell more trouble for the Joes? Meanwhile, Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow and Billy find themselves among new allies that may hold some secrets.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Josh Blaylock and Brandon Jerwa, art by Brandon Badeaux, Mike Zeck and Tim Seeley, cover by The Sharp Brothers.

The continuation of A Real American Hero continues as Devil's Due issues #20-26 are collected in this fourth volume of G.I. Joe: Disavowed. Includes the two-part "Closure," the four-part "The Last Stand," and "Scott Sturgis is a Reasonable Man..."

162 pages, $19.99.


Written by David Lapham, art by Werther Dell'edera, cover by Tom Feister.

In this final volume of G.I. Joe: Origins, the true depths of Cobra's sinister machinations are revealed. Psychologist Dr. Lester Horvath is a rising star in Cobra; he has developed a number scheme to categorize recruits, and its implementation has shaped Cobra into a well-oiled machine. Michael Monk is a failure; jobless, broke, on the verge of suicide. When a therapy test brings startling results, Dr. Horvath may suddenly have a purpose for Michael Monk...

104 pages, $17.99.


Written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, art and cover by Ulises Farinas.

Galvatron returns! A major power-house villain returns from the Dead Universe with a new purpose, new powers, and a brand new army! Blazing out of the events of INFESTATION and paving the way to Transformers: Chaos -- Heart of Darkness is an essential piece of the ongoing Transformers saga!

104 pages, $17.99.


Written by Mike Costa, art by Brendan Cahill, covers by Marcelo Matere and Cahill.

"The Last Story on Earth" part 1 of 3! While there is much "Chaos" on Cybertron, there's no less bedlam here on Earth as our remaining Autobots investigate the accusation that Spike, their trusted human ally, murdered a Transfomer in cold oil(?) Now it's up to our heroes to find the truth and decide the fate of human/Cybertronian relations for years to come! Prowl and Jazz take center stage!

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Mike Costa and James Roberts, art by Livio Ramondelli, covers by Livio Ramondelli x 2.

"Chaos" rages on! A hole is punched through to the core of Cybertron itself--but what for? Where's Galvatron? And why is Megatron, deep in the Autobot base and stuck in his cell, laughing? It all spells one thing -- trouble with a capital "Crush the Heroes!" Chaos part 2, in which things go from bad, to holy-hell-how-are-we-gonna-get-out-of-this-alive!

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Eric Powell and Tracy Marsh, art by Victor Santos, cover by Eric Powell.

So much for good old-fashioned American ingenuity! After the historic fail of Detroit's latest "hybrid," the world searches for something--anything--else to pin its hopes on. Hey, speaking of hybrid... What do you get when you cross a dragon with a couple of other dragons? Uh-huh. Hail to the King, baby, in Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #7.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Eric Powell and Tracy Marsh, art by Phil Hester, cover by Alex Ross.

The King of the Monsters rises again and, for the first time in comics, he's bringing lots of other beloved Toho monsters with him in one destructive saga! When Godzilla appears off the coast of Japan, the Japanese government must respond quickly to contain the disaster... but before long, other monsters start appearing all over the world. Can humanity survive this mysterious onslaught of giant beasts?

104 pages, $17.99.


Written by John Layman, art by Alberto Ponticelli, covers by Paul Hanley and Ponticelli.

With the help of Mothra, Detective Sato thought he had the Takahashi crime syndicate on the ropes... but Takahashi isn't going down without a fight! Sato is once again helpless as the Elias are kidnapped and Mothra is no longer in his control. Never one to give up, Sato decides to just think bigger. But what's bigger than Mothra? The chaos nears its conclusion!

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Tom Waltz, art by Xermanico, cover by John K. Snyder III.

Duke Nukem has traveled back in time to World War II in order to knock heads with an extraterrestrial threat in the form of a hot Vril babe named Maria and her twisted menagerie of alien monsters. Duke's out to prove he's a dangerous man with a great big gun -- in more ways than one! Bullets fly, bombs explode, and the sh*t hits the fan... literally!

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Richard K. Morgan, art and cover by Peter Bergting.

Teleported across the solar system to one of Jupiter's moons, Raptor Team finds evidence that the alien Ceph had been on Earth far longer than they could have guessed. Trapped with no way back home, Prophet relives his first encounter with the alien invaders and reveals a shocking truth about the origins of the nanosuits. 

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by John Rogers, art by Andrea Di Vito, covr by Tyler Walpole.

The new story arc kicks off here! Fell's Five has returned home, only to find shattering news for Khal.  He's heading home, and nothing will stand in his way! Join us as John Rogers and Andrea Di Vito bring us the latest chapter in their thrilling adventures of swords and sorcery!

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by R.A. Salvatore and Geno Salvatore, art by Agustin Padilla, covers by Gonzalo Flores and Tim Seeley.

The first original comic starring Drizzt Do'urden continues! R.A. Salavtore maps out the future of his most famous creation from the popular Forgotten Realms setting. Drizzt and his companion Dahlia continue their hunt for something that seems part vampire and part elite dwarven warrior. But what they don't know is how the evil lich Valindra Shadowmantle and her minion Korbin Dor'crae factor into the mystery.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Jeff Grubb, Barbara Kesel, Jim Lowder, Kate Novak-Grubb and Dan Mishkin, art by Rags Morales, Michael Collins, Dave Hoover and Dan Reed, cover by Morales.

Join Priam, Vartan, Ishi, Foxilon, and Minder aboard the Realms Master, captained by the powerful mage Dwalimor Omen, as they seek to dispose of dangerous magic items that threaten the Realms! This action-packed second volume collects issues #9-14 of the series, plus the TSR Worlds Annual that introduces Spelljammer to comics!

224 pages, $19.99.


Written by Tony Lee, art by Ben Templesmith, covers by Mark Buckingham and photo.

Arriving on a familiar looking space station, the Doctor, Amy, Rory, and new travelling companion Kevin--a cybernetic dinosaur--find a scientific crew under attack from a giant, Cthulhloid space squid! With the security robot destroyed, it's up to the Doctor and his friends to save the day, but who will sacrifice themselves to save the many? With art by the king of the squid god himself, Ben Templesmith!

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Simon Furman, Mike Collins, Grant Morrison and Dan Abnett, art by John Ridgway, Kev Hopgood, Geoff Senior and Bryan Hitch, cover by Robert Hack.

IDW's collections of re-mastered and fully colored classic Doctor Who tales return with the Seventh Doctor! From the far reaches of space to Victorian London, follow the seventh incarnation of the Doctor--as portrayed by Sylvester McCoy--as he faces the reptilian Ice Warriors and other fantastic threats. This volume features the finest writers and artists Who has to offer, such as Grant Morrison, Dan Abnett, Bryan Hitch, and John Ridgway.

128 pages, $19.99.


Written by Anne Rice and Mariah Huehner, art by Renae DeLiz and Ray Dillon, cover by DeLiz.

Babylon. The city of gods and kings. Before he became a spirit of vengeance, Azriel was a young Hebrew who could talk to Babylon's deity, Marduk. And it's that unearthly connection that leads to his dark destiny, when the city priests and witch Arsenath prepare him to become a "living god."

32 pages, $3.99.


Written, art and cover by Ben Templesmith.

The Norse gods continue to be down on their luck as Wormwood goes to speak to the "executive" in charge of the redevelopment... only to discover the kinky, kinky things Unicorns are actually good for. Time and hiding places are running out for Odin and Thor as the Valkyries seek them out.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by T.P. Louise and Chris Ryall, art and cover by Ashley Wood.

Collecting the long sold-out D'Airian Aventures issues #1 and #2 with over 20 all-new pages by Ashley Wood. Presented in a deluxe, over-size hardcover format, this is Wood's first IDW book in over a year and includes Les Mort 13 (written by T.P. Louise) and Black Magick (written by Chris Ryall).

80 pages, $19.99.


Written, art and cover by Ashley Wood.

From gaming consoles to comic books, Metal Gear Solid has captured the imagination of millions of fans worldwide. And it's little wonder why. In addition to showcasing art from Ashley Wood's graphic novel adaptations of Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid: Sons of Liberty, this revamped collection features the work Ash did for the Metal Gear Solid: Mobile Portable Ops video game and new, never-before-seen material.

120 pages, $24.99.


Wrtten by Greg Bear and Erik Bear, art by Jorge Jimenez, covers by Jeff Zornow and Geof Darrow.

The time has come... to return to Isla Nublar! The famed original Jurassic Park island has become overgrown and wild after years of being stuck in United Nations limbo. A major criminal overlord has moved in and started using the island as a base of operations. Undercover agent Espinoza tries to bring down the drug cartel- but when he's found out, there's only one place to run... the dino-infested island interior! It's survival of the fittest at Jurassic Park!

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Neil Barrett Jr., Michael Golden, Renee Witterstaetter and Steve Englehart, art by Claude St. Aubin, Andrew Pepoy, Ed Murr, Bob Almond and Neil Vokes, cover by Michael Golden.

The on- and off-island adventures of the DNA-bred dinos continue in Classic Jurassic Park, Vol. 3: Amazon Adventure! Including the Jurassic Park Annual and the three-issue Raptors Hijack series, rejoin Ian Malcom, Robert Muldoon, Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler and, of course, the Raptors in these classic comics tales.

124 pages, $19.99.


Written and art by Alan Robert, covers by Robert and menton3.

Rocker turned comic creator, Alan Robert (of the hard rock band Life of Agony) dives deeper into the insanity with Crawl to Me #3. With Max gone and Jessica experiencing supernatural events of her own, Ryan is left alone, desperate for answers. But, when a stranger appears at his door, he just may get more than he bargained for.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Chris Ryall and Tom Waltz, art by David Messina, cover by Davide Furno.

The @#$% hits the fan in a big way as the next stage of the IDW universe blasts off! Bools & company find Cross, meaning it's time for some old-fashioned CVO brand ass-kicking. Fortunately there's a whole mess of aliens, demons and ugly in-laws who need just that! With this concluding issue, you know there're going to be some big surprises... and this issue is no exception.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written, art and cover by Alex Raymond.

IDW's Library of American Comics is producing The Definitive Flash Gordon & Jungle Jim as part of the Ultimate Alex Raymond Collection. The Definitive Flash Gordon & Jungle Jim will present every Sunday by Raymond from both classic strips together for the first time, in the oversized 12" x 16" champagne edition format. The artist's post-war modernist detective series, Rip Kirby, is currently being collected.

Dean Mullaney is editing and designing the deluxe editions. "Although Flash Gordon has been previously reprinted, this--finally--is the first meticulously remastered and restored edition that prints the strip in a large size and in Raymond's original format that includes the Jungle Jim topper. We believe this will be the definitive edition for the ages."

Created by Raymond in 1934, Flash Gordon is arguably the most famous science fiction comic strip of all time. It follows adventures of the title character and his companions--Dale Arden and Dr. Zarkov--as they leave Earth to discover the source of meteors that are threatening the planet, and gets waylaid on the planet Mongo, where they battle the evil Ming the Merciless. The three Earthlings encounter one strange race after another, from the water-breathing Shark-Men of the Undersea Kingdom, to the winged Hawkmen, to the ferocious Tusk-Men. All the while, Flash finds himself in the arms of one beautiful woman after another--much to Dale Arden's chagrin.

Jungle Jim was created as a strip topper for Flash Gordon, and followed the life of Jim Bradley, who fought pirates, slave traders, and assorted villains in the exotic Southeast Asia of the 1930s. This neglected Raymond classic also features Jim's native cohort Kolu and femme fatale Lille DeVrille.

176 pages, $75.


Written by Missy Suicide, Steve Niles and Brea Grant, art and cover by David Hahn and Cameron Stewart.

Sexy, subversive, and seriously badass, the Suicide Girls bring their unique brand to comics! Caught in a near-future defined by its rigid conformity and persecution of women, the Suicide Girls are the last hope for freedom. Can they take down the techno-religious cult, Way*of*Life, or will they die trying?

120 pages, $19.99.


Written, art and cover by Thomas Zahler.

Mark and Abby are home from their honeymoon and ready to settle in for some domestic bliss. But settling in doesn't mean things will settle down. Mark's best friend, Darkblade, is now dating his ex-girlfriend, Amazonia. Abby's landlord is trying to drive her and her bookstore out. And Charlotte is about to graduate from college. Plus, it's time to tell Abby's parents about Mark's super-secret, but will that mean telling Abby's brother, too? "Ever after" is where things get really interesting.

168 pages, $19.99.


Written by Steve Niles, art and cover by Bernie Wrightson.

From the creator of 30 Days of Night comes a colletion so terrifying, so huge, so gritty and raw that it had to be called Monstrous. Collecting the collaborations between two living horror legends -- Steve Niles and Bernie Wrightson--this tome includes three complete tales: Dead She Said; The Ghoul, and Doc Macabre, each a piece of the dark, dangerous universe Niles has created in the shadows of the world we think we know. Enjoy them here, collected together and in oversize black and white form for the first time.

176 pages, black and white, $50.


Written by Stephan Nilson, art and cover by Karl Waller .

What do two unemployed municipal animal control specialists do when their city is infested with monsters? They open a facility, "The Pound," dedicated to the capture and rehabilitation of unregistered monsters. What they don't realize is their community service is putting a serious kink in the original four monsters' plans for all out Armageddon.

120 pages, $19.99.


Written by F. Paul Wilson, art and cover by Matthew Dow Smith.

The keep had stood empty in the Transylvanian Alps for 500 years. No one knew who built it, or why. But on the eve of WWII, German soldiers move in and awaken something -- something hungry -- something as merciless as the SS einsatzkommandos accompanying them. Now you can re-live the tale as it was meant to be told (we didn't mention the 1980s movie directly, but...) as author F. Paul Wilson adapts his own story in this 2011 edition with new cover by Matthew Dow Smith!

124 pages, $24.99.


Written by Andrew Foley, art and cover Fiona Staples.

Fed up with receiving poorly written Twilight knockoffs, editor Shannon Wade did what any reasonable person would: she started killing the worst of the would-be authors sending them to her. Meanwhile, Andy, a stuttering, overweight vampire has targeted those who portray vampires in a light he deems unrealistic. Not exactly novel but terribly graphic, Done To Death follows Andy and Shannon's paths towards a collision as darkly funny as it is ridiculously violent.

144 pages, $19.99.


Written by Jacob Grimm and Wilheim Grimm, art and cover by Kevin Colden.

Often thought of as children's tales, the original stories from the Brothers Grimm are nothing of the sort. Dark, vindictive and full of hard-to-swallow life lessons, this second collection of Grimm's Fairy Tales re-presents these lasting prose stories with contemporary illustrations by Kevin Colden.

200 pages, $16.99.


Written by Stephen Grant and Kris Oprisko, art by Gabriel Rodriguez, Stephen Mooney and Steven Perkins, photo cover.

This second CSI Omnibus Omnibus collection includes CSI: Dominos, in which a gang war is stacking up victims all over Las Vegas; CSI: Secret Identity, a murder investigation goes off the rails when a videotape disappears and a new corpse shows up at a casino construction site; and CSI: Dying in the Gutters, which shows that the comic book business really can be life or death!

368 pages, $24.99.


Written by Gary Reed and Gary Francis, art and cover by Mark Bloodworth.

An original graphic novel set in the supernatural holocaust of Deadworld! Outside of the dusty and remote town of Juarez, Mexico, new laws have replaced what was once called civilization. The old laws don't apply to the dead, the walking dead, so there had to be new ones. One of the wielders of this new law was the mysterious wanderer, Raga, who was known in the whispers swirling around the land as simply, "The Assassin." There was nothing living... or dead, that he hadn't killed. But now he had a new challenge. However, his plans get disrupted by an unexpected force... the King Zombie and his hoards of zombies. You may be able to kill what's already dead, but how many times? In Deadworld, where death is only the beginning of the horror, this all-new graphic novel adds to the mythos that has grown over two decades of the epic Deadworld saga.

112 pages, black and white, $14.99.


Written by Brian Lynch, Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Brea Grant, Zane Grant, art by Dave Crosland, Giancarlo Caracuzzo, Kyle Strahm, cover by Ben Templesmith.

Zombies can be funny, zombies can be dangerous, but one thing zombies always are is DEAD! This second Zomnibus collection includes three tales of varying undead terror: Everybody's Dead by Brian Lynch and Dave Crosland, The Last Resort by Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and Giancarlo Caracuzzo; and We Will Bury You, written by Brea and Zane Grant, with art by Kyle Strahm.

320 pages, $24.99.


Written by various, art and cover by Samm Schwartz.

Samm Schwartz was one of the main Archie artists in the 1950s and 1960s. He worked on all the major Archie characters, but is most remembered for his portrayal of Jughead. Samm's greatest talents were his storytelling ability, depicting facial expressions and body language. But the key ingredient along with his talent was his keen sense of humor that brought the characters to life.

152 pages, $24.99.

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