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Warner Home Video has released a new clip from the Justice League Doom movie, arriving on Blu-ray and DVD on Feb. 28.

To watch the clip, CLICK HERE.


Marvel Comics has unveiled three more covers to issues that tie into its Avengers Vs. X-Men event.

The covers include Avengers vs. X-Men #4 by Jim Cheung, X-Men Legacy #266 by Mark Brooks and Uncanny X-Men #12 by Greg Land.

All of the issues are scheduled for a May release.

In other Marvel news:

* The publisher has unveiled Marc Silvestri's variant cover to Avengers Assemble #1, on sale on March 14.

Click on the thumbnails for larger images.


DC Direct has announced a line-up of new collectibles based on film and flagship publishing initiatives.

Leading into Toy Fair in New York, DC Direct announced a line of The Dark Knight Rises collectibles based on characters from the upcoming Warner Bros. film. The line includes statues, busts and action figures based on characters from the film including Batman, Catwoman and Bane.

DC Direct also unveiled two collectible statues based on character art from the recently announced Before Watchmen Prototypes for Rorschach and Comedian statues will be unveiled at the show, kicking off the new Before Watchmen product line that will go on sale later this year.

"The DC Direct team has put together an amazing line-up for 2012," said Geoff Johns, Chief Creative Officer for DC Entertainment. "The Dark Knight Rises and Before Watchmen lines are especially exciting, and the team has set the bar high as far as creative execution. We're proud and psyched to share these collectibles with the world at Toy Fair. This is the tip of the iceberg with what we've got planned for DC Direct this year and beyond."

DC Direct product include:

* The Dark Knight Rises Batman Icon -- 13" resin statue

* The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Icon -- 7" resin statue

* The Dark Knight Rises Bane Icon -- 12.5" resin statue

* The Dark Knight Rises Batman Bust -- 6.5" resin

* The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Bust -- 6" resin

* The Dark Knight Rises Bane Bust -- 6.25" resin

* The Dark Knight Rises Batman Figure -- 6.38" PVC

* The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Figure -- 6.38" PVC

* The Dark Knight Rises Bane Figure -- 6.38" PVC

* Before Watchmen Rorschach -- 9" resin statue

* Before Watchmen Comedian -- 9" resin statue

Look for DC Comics' solicitations for May on Monday here in The Continuum.

DC Universe at Entertainment Earth


DC Entertainment has announced a new comic-book series, Smallville Season 11, which will spin out of the television series that ended its run on The WB/The CW last May.

Written by former Smallville show scribe Bryan Q. Miller, the digital first series will be published digitally on April 13, 2012, with new digital chapters released weekly thereafter.

The online chapters will be offered in a print periodical, along with an episode guide to the television series, with the first print issue released on May 16.

The series picks-up where the show left off (with Clark officially now as Superman!) and features characters including Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, Chloe Sullivan-Queen, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, and General Lane.

Smallville's art team includes print cover artist Gary Frank, digital cover artist Cat Staggs and interiors by Pere Perez.

"Six months after Clark Kent donned the cape and took to the skies to save Earth from Apokolips... enter Season 11," Miller said. "New allies abound! New enemies afoot! And old friends return where they're least expected! Pere and colorist Chris Beckett have done a fantastic job of capturing the look of the show and the players, and Gary and Cat are knocking it out of the park on covers. I couldn't be more excited to help give seasoned viewers and new readers an all-access pass to Clark's first year in the cape."

Look for DC Comics' solicitations for May on Monday here in The Continuum.


DC Comics has announced the following change of artists:

* Jesus Saiz moves over from Birds of Prey to take over Resurrection Man with #9 in May.

"His style brings a very iconic superhero look," editor Brian Cunningham said. "His heroes are very heroic, his villains are as nasty as they come."

"I'm going to miss Birds of Prey immensely, although it's also true that I was dying to work on the Dark line of books," Saiz said. "There's some very interesting stuff happening in these books, and I've always considered horror / creating dark settings are some of my stronger areas as an artist, and I really haven't had many chances to flex those muscles working in this genre during my career."

The cover to Resurrection Man #9 is by Rafael Albuquerque.

* Former Resurrection Man artist Ferndando Dagnino moves over to Suicide Squad #9, starting with a crossover with his previous title.

"This run on Resurrection Man has really been loads of fun but now I must confess I am even more excited to take over the responsibility of dealing with such a thrilling cast of characters as the Suicide Squad," Dagnino said. "Harley...I'm coming!"

The cover to Suicide Squad #9 is by Ken Lashley.

* Travel Foreman is the new artist of Birds of Prey with #9 in May as the Birds face Talon and the Court of Owls in the "Night of the Owls" Bat-family crossover.

Shown above are the cover to Birds of Prey #9 by Saiz and a sketch by Foreman.

* Steve Pugh, who drew Animal Man in the 1990s, returns to the title with May's #9.

"For me, it's awesome to be returning to a book that was such a milestone in my creative life and with Jeff (Lemire), a killer writer who's been punching Animal Man through the ceiling," Pugh said.

The cover to Animal Man #9 is by Foreman.

In other DC news, the publisher unveiled Ian Churchill's cover to Ravagers #1. Click on the thumbnail above for a larger image.

Look for DC Comics' solicitations for May on Monday here in The Continuum.


Lucasfilm has released two clips from "Crisis on Naboo," the episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars premiering on Cartoon Network on Friday at 8 p.m. (ET/PT).

For the "Sniper" clip, CLICK HERE.

For the "Hello" clip, CLICK HERE.

Here's how the episode is described:

"The conspiracy against the Chancellor is set. The playing pieces are on the board. Now, Count Dooku makes his move... a four-episode arc comes to its shocking finale. Obi-Wan is still deep undercover as the assassin Rako Hardeen, and he's part of Cad Bane's bounty hunter team tasked to kidnap the Supreme Chancellor. Guarding the Chancellor are the Jedi Knights, including Anakin Skywalker. Obi-Wan must stop Dooku's plot, but is it already too late to stop the devious plans of the Sith?"


For cover and seven-page preview of Moriarty #9, arriving in stores on Feb. 15 from Image Comics, CLICK HERE.

For a preview of Soulfire Vol. 4 #7, arriving in stores on Feb. 15 from Aspen Comics, CLICK HERE.


* Image Comics has announced a second printing of the sold-out Thief of Thieves #1.

The second printing will feature a new cover by series artist Shawn Martinbrough and will be in stores on March 14, the same day as Thief of Thieves #2.

* Jon Bernthal, who plays Shane in The Walking Dead, was a guest on TBS' Conan on Wednesday night.

Bernthal noted how the show can have a young girl zombie meet her demise in a gruesome fashion, but there are strict regulations about what can be done during a sex scene. "No thrusting!" he said.

New episodes of The Walking Dead resume Sunday on AMC.


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