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Written by David Schwartz, art by Micah Gunnell, David Curiel, covers by Micah Gunnell, photo.

Aspen Comics presents its first super-hero series, Idolized!

Welcome to the mind-bending new comic book series about a TV show where super-powered teens and 20-somethings are competing for the ultimate dream-prize: a guaranteed spot in that world's top super-group, The Powered Protectors. The chance of winning offers fame, fortune, massive endorsement deals and, of course, a chance to actually save the world. Kids who dream of being worshipped as the next great, iconic hero would be falling all over themselves to get on -- and hopefully even win -- the show.

Against this backdrop, Idolized is the story of a girl with fledgling superpowers and a dark past, who seeks revenge, and ultimately finds redemption, over the course of competing in this televised superhero competition show. It's True Grit meets American Idol...with capes!

Written and created by David Schwartz and featuring stunning artwork by Micah Gunnell and colorist David Curiel, this debut zero issue of Idolized features a brand-new 12-page story that sets the stage for the upcoming premiere of Idolized #1 coming this August! Accompanied by an additional sketchbook section and never before seen designs and art.

32 pages, $2.50, in stores on June 27.


Written by J.T. Krul, art by Jose Varese, John Starr, covers by Michael Ryan, Jose Varese.

Aspen's first ever Soulfire summer event, "Search for the Light" takes off here in the pages of this exciting first issue. With Malikai -- the Bringer of Light -- missing, the Five Masters, including Grace, embark on a quest to find him and save magic from the chaos that is engulfing the world! Meanwhile, in the magical kingdom of the Everlands, Faye attempts to find a suitable replacement for the slain King Arlin, and join her in ruling over the royal city of Anantia. However, the valiant suitors to the throne present not only unexpected surprises from her past -- but also a potentially dangerous heir to the fallen king, one who has his own vision for what the future of magic should be! The first issue of the thrilling "Search for the Light' crossover event that will change the face of the Soulfire Universe forever!

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on June 27.


Written by Michael Turner, Jeph Loeb and J.T. Krul, art by Michael Turner, Joe Benitez and Peter Steigerwald, cover by Michael Turner.

Magic is no longer a myth...

Debuting in the summer of 2004, superstar creator Michael Turner's adventure-fantasy series, SOULFIRE, is now reintroduced for new and returning fans alike! Relive the quest of the young orphan boy Malikai, along with Grace and his friends as they battle the malevolent forces of Rainier and attempt to restore the fabric of magic in a world long devoid of it. As pivotal moments from the first three epic volumes are compiled in this value-priced, all-in-one Soulfire; Primer issue, all for the price of only $1!

32 pages, $1, in stores on June 20.


Written by Greg Pak, art by Tony Parker and David Curiel, cover by Siya Oum and Tony Park.

The price of a true innocent in the land of the condemned becomes terrifying clear as the Captain mercilessly absconds with Juniper, and Sam Tinker and crew must survive their way through the horrors he releases upon them in order to save her from the City of Corruption. Yet, the true nature of evil manifests itself when Sam reveals the last bits of the map needed to break out, only to discover a more sinister surprise than he ever could have possibly imagined -- even in Hell!

32 pages, $3.50, in stores on June 13.


Written by Vince Hernandez, art by Oliver Nome and John Starr, covers by Edu Francisco and Oliver Nome.

Kiani learns the fatal cost of her actions after the battle with Thalassar and his forces, as the devastating response from Siphon and the Elite Council is all but a certainty. Meanwhile, Siphon, who until this point had held back in his decision on how to deal with Kiani, decides the only way to deal with the situation, is to confront her directly by force -- a risky decision that could topple the very fabric of the Blue's existence in the process if he fails!

32 pages, $3.50, in stores on June 6.

FATHOM (VOL. 4) #7

Written by David Wohl, art by Alex Konat and Beth Sotelo, covers by Pasquale Qualano and Alex Konat.

Caught between warring undersea factions, Aspen Matthews must choose a side in the conflict in order to save her own life as well as the lives of her friends. But when the wrong decision could mean an apocalyptic-sized disaster both above and below the sea, Aspen realizes that in order to keep the peace, one of her closest allies must be sacrificed! For the legions of Fathom fans who have been waiting to see Aspen in her element and taking control of her life, now is the time to jump on in -- the water's just fine!

32 pages, $3.50, in stores on June 13.

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