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Written, art and cover by Dan Parent.

"Archie Marries Valerie," Part 4" "Here and Now!" In the conclusion, Valerie finds herself at Memory Lane peering into her and Archie's future together. A star is born, literally, as their daughter Star enters the world and inherits her parents' talent for music, bringing massive amounts of attention on the tiny prodigy! However, this isn't the only possible future marriage Valerie gets a glimpse at, as it seems Archie can get any girl he wants! See what a variety of paths would bring as a multitude of Archie weddings are explored here in these pages!

32 pages, $2.99.


Written by Frank Doyle, art by Bill Vigoda, cover by Fernando Ruiz.

A fun-filled day at the circus is cut short when Veronica is kidnapped by an evil clown! Archie and Reggie rise to the call of duty as their super alter egos, Pureheart the Powerful and Evilheart the Great! Will the super friends be able to rescue Ronnie from certain doom or will the madman wipe the floor with our heroes on his own turf? The answer lies in the nail-biting conclusion of "Terror in the Center Ring" involving tigers, hypnotists, and a death-defying trapeze act!

160 pages, $3.99.


Written by Mike Pellowski, art by Tim Kennedy, cover by Dan DeCarlo

The Andrews have a little problem. A lot of little problems, in fact. Problems that can fly and sting! When Mary discovers a bee hive in the backyard, the men of the house do their best to calm her fears (it could have been yellow jackets!) however when the bees become too much to handle, who can the family turn to for help? Read "Buzz Words" and discover the answer for yourself!

160 pages, $3.99.


Art by various, cover by Dan DeCarlo.

For its first-ever hardcover art book, Archie presents a beautifully-designed celebration of the world-famous and iconic Betty and Veronica, fashioned to appeal to a broad spectrum of readers both male and female, including Americana buffs, pop culture aficionados and comic book fans alike. This gorgeous hardcover edition comes with a cover featuring silver foil, silver ink, and spot UV celebrating two of the most iconic females in comics history -- Betty and Veronica -- as they've evolved over the decades in their most beautiful fashions, most iconic images, and most classic stories by Archie's top artists.

160 pages, $29.99.


Written by George Gladir, Mike Pellowski, art by Pat Kennedy and various, cover by Dan Parent.

The gang have all gathered at Veronica's beach house for a summer of fun in the sun! It's not all rest and relaxation though as Betty and her Green Girls go to work cleaning up the polluted beach. They could use some help from the boys though so Betty does what she must to entice attention hungry Veronica to lend a hand -- call the media! Then, when Mrs. Cooper's SUV is in need of a serious washing Betty volunteers to help out. But how will anything get cleaned when Archie and Reggie stop by and a water fight ensues?

32 pages, $2.99.


Written by Dan Parent, art by Dan Parent, Jim Amash, cover by Dan DeCarlo After overhearing her parents say they're "expecting," Veronica struggles with the notion of not being the baby of the family anymore! After some consideration, however, she comes to terms with it and gets the bright idea to throw her mother a surprise baby shower! However, is Veronica jumping to conclusions regarding the big news? Read "Oh Brother, or Sister!" to discover what the fuss is all about!

160 pages, $3.99.


Written by George Gladir, art by Jeff Schultz, Al Milgrom, cover by Dan DeCarlo.

Summer is here again and the girls are looking for work! Veronica's father tries convincing his daughter to take a high paying job working at one of his surf shops but who would possibly want to be cooped up indoors all summer? Meanwhile, Betty debates taking a surfing instructor job alongside the hunky super surfer Josh but the pay isn't quite enough to save for college. How do you suppose Veronica will turn the situation to her advantage?

160 pages, $3.99.


Written by Craig Boldman, art by Rex Lindsey, cover by Stan Goldberg.

A beautiful summer day at the Lodge's pool is enjoyed by all, that is until they set their sights on Jughead's terrifying floatation device -- Sigmund the Sea Urchin! However, when Jughead's pool toy messes with the wrong person, all bets are off!

160 pages, $3.99.


Written by Paul Kupperberg, art by Fernando Ruiz and various, covers by Pat Kennedy, Tim Kennedy.

Archie Marries Veronica: After hitting rock bottom, Archie has no where to go but up as he reconciles with Veronica and is sitting on a very tempting job offer! Meanwhile Reggie and Betty decide to take their reality show in a new direction and Moose's political career is about to take a different turn as well! Archie Marries Betty: Cheryl makes her return to Riverdale after a stint of chasing her dreams in Hollywood but it's not the happiest of homecomings as she has bigger issues than trying to get her acting career off the ground.

64 pages, $3.99.


Written by Ian Flynn, art by Gary Martin and various, cover by Ben Bates.

"Spiritus ex Machina," Part 3. Time is running out for Mega Man and his friends. A new twist catches both heroes and villains off-guard, and putting Dr. Light and everyone at the A.R.T.S. in mortal danger! Meanwhile, Dr. Wily's growing army in the Amazon discovers a certain red-and-grey robot!

32 pages, $2.99.


Written by Ian Flynn, art by Terry Austin and various, cover by Tracy Yardley and various.

"Loyalty," Part 2. The clock is ticking as Sonic leads Team Fighters on a desperate rescue mission! Two nations stand on the brink of war, and long-time ally Lupe is set to be legionized! Meanwhile, the "Unraveling" storyline begins as Mina's concert of hope draws the ire of the evil Ixis Naugus!

32 pages, $2.99.


Written by Ian Flynn, art by Jim Amash & Various, cover by Stephen Downer and various.

"Unsung Heroes," Part 1. The Secret Freedom Fighter arc begins here! Geoffrey St. John has been sent on a mysterious mission by the evil Ixis Naugus. It's up to Silver the Hedgehog's squad to find out what he's after -- and to stop him! What is Naugus's sinister plot? Who are these Secret Freedom Fighters? The answers begin here!

32 pages, $2.99.


Written by John Rose, George Gladir, art by Pat Kennedy, Fernando Ruiz, cover by Dan DeCarlo.

Boy genius Dilton puts his imagination to the video gaming test as he tries out his new interactive video games with the gang as his guinea pigs. Dilton is brainy but will his smarts translate into a gamer goldmine? Then, Reggie could care less about flowers but if it means going on a date with Veronica to the flower show, he'll turn gardener overnight! Or at the very least steal some of Mr. Lodge's prize winning roses and let Archie take the fall, letting the petals fall where they may!

160 pages, $3.99.

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