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Dark Horse Comics has followed its convention announcements last weekend with additional details and artwork.

Following is a rundown:


A horror/crime series from writer Paul Tobin and artist Juan Ferreyra that premieres on Nov. 8.

Here's how Dark Horse describes the book:

"Declan Thomas's body temperature is dropping. He checks it every day, and it's dropped from 98.6 to a current average in the high 50s. He never gets sick, never feels pain. He's just an ex-inmate of an insane asylum that began operation in the 1890s, specializing in those poor souls deemed too dangerous for society. As to when Declan himself was admitted, the records were destroyed in a fire. His nurse has found references to him that go as far back as the 1940s . . . which is odd, since he doesn't look a day over 30."

"Horror and mystery are two things that have always fascinated me, and I wanted to bring those elements together in a story woven around what I consider one of my strongest tools as a writer, which is character," Tobin said. "One facet of horror that I really wanted to explore is how the tension of horror is at its peak when it's still a mystery. But . . . what if we had a chance to peek behind the curtain and into the darkened closet, and found that the truth is even worse?

"Artist Juan Ferreyra and I really felt comfortable working with each other on our Falling Skies collaborations, so of course we wanted to team up again, but this time we wanted to delve into the uncomfortable . . . to jerk the chains of a story's comfort level and take some real chances. Because, bottom line, the type of material I myself like to read is material like Hellboy, or Preacher, or anything where the creators are both taking chances and having fun. Juan and I are taking chances, here, and we think it should be fun for everyone."


The art book is scheduled for release on Oct. 31.

Here's how Dark Horse describes the book:

The Art of Portal 2 walks you through the visual evolution of the award-winning game, from concept to completion, with never-before-seen concept art and insights from the writers and artists behind the Portal series.

"The Art of Portal 2 offers incredible visuals of the Aperture Science facility and the creation of Chell and the rest of the cast, and features 184 pages of mostly never-before-seen art and a look into the design process of the legendary game studio."


Dark Horse will release a collection of the webcomic by Jeff Parker and Erika Moen on Sept. 19. The collection will feature many extras, including new strips, commentary, and info on the real-life inspirations for Bucko.

Here's how Dark Horse describes the book:

"After discovering a dead body in an office bathroom, hung-over job interviewee Rich 'Bucko' Richardson becomes suspected of the murder. What he thinks is a quest to find the real killer turns into a weeklong romp through the wilds of Portland, Oregon, complete with bike-mounted cover bands, steampunk Makers, Juggalos, SuicideGirls, meth heads, so much absinthe, and an entire city made of books."

"My main discovery in working on Bucko is finding out that many people are fascinated by the same weird mess that Erika and I are," Parker said. "And that nothing is off limits when it comes to humor and story if you pedal into it full steam with no hand brakes like we did."

"This was a really unique collaboration, in that Parker would only give me one page of script at a time, so as the artist I had no idea which characters were going to stick around or what was coming up in the story next. I was reading this story with the same surprise as our audience," Moen said. "If you are looking for something irreverent, something tastefully obscene, something that pokes fun at sacred alterna-culture cows, then it is possible you will like this. But you might not. That's cool too."


A #0 issue is scheduled for Sept. 19, followed by #1 on Oct. 12.

The new incarnation of Ghost is written by Kelly Sue DeConnick and illustrated by Phil Noto and will premiere in Dark Horse Presents #13. The #0 issue will collect the the Dark Horse Presents stories.

"There's something about her, something about the way Phil draws her . . . I think it's in the eyes. It's like he's given her a soul. She's equal parts charismatic and creepy for me to work with, honestly," said DeConnick."The new series is a fresh start, an alternative take. No prior knowledge of the character or the universe is necessary. There's a good chance you'll be into this one too."


The new series by Michael Avon Oeming launches on August 14.

Here's how Dark Horse describes the book:

"Not long from now, all that will stand between you and evil are the Victories: Six heroes sworn to protect us from crime, corruption, and the dark. As one member cracks down on the violence, he discovers himself touched by a painful past through the physical powers of LINK. Will this trauma cause him to self-destruct or continue the fight?"

"The Victories sucked me in by taking the postmodern mature readers super-hero story to a brand-new place, which only a serious superhero fan like Mike could deliver, but which will appeal to people like me who thought the genre didn't have much left to offer," said editor Scott Allie."Every few years a book comes along to push superheroes into a new place -- Watchmen did it, and Powers did it. The Victories does it in a way that'll make people uncomfortable."


Steve Niles will take his occult detective into a new hardcover format with artist Scott Morse. The book is slated for released on Sept. 12.

Here's how Dark Horse describes the book:

"Brimming with terror, Criminal Macabre: The Iron Spirit is a perfect introduction for new readers. A haunted veteran leads monster hunter Cal McDonald to a creepy subterranean military base where mad-science experiments were conducted on U.S. soldiers."

"Iron Spirit combines all of my favorite things," Niles said. "I wrote it as prose and handed it to Scott Morse and now Dark Horse is publishing it. I think readers will be surprised at this oddly touching story about death and undeath and the responsibilities that come with both."


The new mini-series -- written by 8-year-old Malachai Nicolle and drawn by his older brother Ethan Nicolle -- launches on July 25.

Here's how Dark Horse describes the book:

"Axe Cop has been appointed president of the whole world! But what will Axe Cop and his friends do in a world with no bad guys? Look to defeat the bad guys from outer space, of course! Axe Cop is commander in chief of hilarious adventures as only a kid could imagine."

"This miniseries, much like Bad Guy Earth, was created during a monthlong visit with Malachai," Ethan Nicolle said. "It includes a lot of new characters, good and bad. It's apocalyptic and charming just like a good Axe Cop comic should be. Obviously, way back when we wrote Bad Guy Earth we did not plan for an Axe Cop comic about his presidency to come out right in the middle of the elections, but that is what happened. Perfect timing."

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