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TUESDAY, MAY 8, 2012


For covers and seven- to eight-page previews of IDW Publishing titles arriving in stores on Wednesday, May 9, CLICK HERE.

Titles include Doctor Who Classics Series IV #4, Frankenstein Alive, Alive! #1, G.I. Joe #13, Memorial #5, Night of 1,000 Wolves #1 and Trio #1.


For covers and two- to six-page previews of Image Comics titles arriving in stores on Wednesday, May 9, CLICK HERE.

Titles include Artifacts #17, Fatale #5, Hell Yeah #3, Invincible #91, Mondo #2, Morning Glories #18, Skullkickers #14, Thief of Thieves #4 and The Walking Dead #97.


For cover and five-page preview of Courtney Crumrin #2, arriving in stores on Wednesday, May 9 from Oni Press, CLICK HERE.

For covers and 10-page preview of Higher Earth #1, arriving in stores on Wednesday, May 9 from BOOM! Studios, CLICK HERE.

For previews of Marvel Comics titles arriving in stores on May 9, CLICK HERE.

For previews of DC Comics titles arriving in stores on May 9, CLICK HERE.

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DC Comics has announced two new annuals.

Superman Annual #1 will be in stores on August 29.

"Ever wonder what's out there beyond the farthest known reaches of the DC Universe?" writer Keith Giffen said. "Superman's about to get the answer to that - in spades - as we introduce an entirely new cosmic realm and drop him into the middle of it. The DC Universe's cosmic presence is about to be dramatically expanded and it all starts with ... a game show?"

"Captured and transported to an alien world, Superman will fight for his life against the galaxy's best equipped bounty hunters," editor Pat McCallum said. "It's all part of a planet-wide reality game, televised live and used to raise money for...something. Bonus: Some unexpected help in the form of a deep-cover agent of the Green Lantern Corps!"

Cover artwork shown here is by Tyler Kirkham and Batt.

Detective Comics Annual #1 will also be in stores on August 29.

The story, written by Tony S. Daniel and with art by Romano Molenaar and Sandu Florea, pits Batman against the Black Mask.

In other DC news:

* The publisher has unveiled the variant cover by Bryan Hitch and Paul Mounts for Action Comics #10.

Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

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Oni Press has announced that two more of its comic books have been set-up for adaptations for television and feature films.

The Amy Devlin Mysteries series of graphic novels is in development at E! as part of its inaugural slate of original script-driven programming. The original graphic novel Rascal Raccoon's Raging Revenge has been optioned by Warner Bros. as a special effects-driven comedy helmed by the director of A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas.

Both properties have Oni Press' sister company, Closed on Mondays, attached as producers.

"We're extremely pleased with how things are coming together for both of these books," said Oni Press publisher Joe Nozemack. "They both represent the varied creative philosophy behind the Oni Press publishing line: unique, creator-driven projects representing the best in genre fiction."

Nozemack was co-producer on Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and is actively involved in the adaptations of Oni Press titles.

The Amy Devlin Mysteries books are written by Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir, veteran television writers with credits on a wide variety of shows, including Kim Possible and Arli$$. The series, which features 20-something detective Amy Devlin in a new take on the crime-scene procedural, is being spearheaded by writer/director Daniel Barnz, whose film Won't Back Down is due in theaters in September. Barnz will executive produce with Closed on Mondays' Eric Gitter and Andy Bourne.

Gitter is also on the production team for Rascal Raccoon's Raging Revenge, along with Closed on Mondays' Noah Greenshner. The parody of classic animation is heading to Warner Bros., the studio behind many of the cartoons that inspired writer Brendan Hay and artist Justin Wagner to create the comedy graphic novel. Hay has previously written for The Simpsons, Robot Chicken, and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Closed on Mondays is partnering with Ken Franchi and Todd Strauss-Schulson of Ulterior Productions. Writer Matt Fogel is attached for the screenplay, and Strauss-Schulson will direct. The story of an animated raccoon whose life is turned upside down when he finally succeeds in killing his cartoon nemesis will be a combination of live-action and CGI.


* Kick-Ass 2 could go before cameras as early as August, according to a report from Deadline. The website reports that Universal Pictures is in talks for the sequel, with Jeff Wadlow directing his script.

Lionsgate distributed the first Kick-Ass movie.

* Image Comics has unveiled the latest variant cover from Chris Giarrusso for Image Comics' 20th anniversary -- Spawn #220, which will be in stores on June 6.

The cover is a recreation of Spawn #1.

Other variants for the issue include two homages to classic Image series, drawn by Spawn creator Todd McFarlane -- "Savage Spawn," referencing the first issue of Savage Dragon by Erik Larsen Youngblood Spawn," after the first issue of Rob Liefeld's Youngblood.

* Marvel Entertainment has announced it will exclusively distribute single issue English-language digital comics worldwide with comiXology.

The agreement was described as "multi-year" without specifics.

"As the industry leader, Marvel is committed to growing the comics market through digital innovation -- and bolstering our existing partnership with comiXology continues that,” said Peter Phillips, SVP & general manager, Marvel Digital Media.

Readers will have continued access to single-issue digital comics via the Marvel apps available for Apple iOS and Android, as well as the new web-based Marvel Comics Shop, all powered by comiXology. Marvel comics can also be found on the comiXology platform available on Apple iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and comixology.com.

In addition, starting on Tuesday, Marvel's digital comics will be available through comiXology's Digital Storefronts for brick-and-mortar retailers.

"We're extremely proud that Marvel has chosen comiXology as its partner," said David Steinberger, CEO of comiXology. “Our expanded relationship will foster increased innovation and accelerate plans for more points of distribution and reading."


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