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SUNDAY, MAY 20, 2012



Written by: Ryan Foley.

Art by: Robert Gill.

Cover by: Robert Gill.

Description: The island kingdom of Desperian has long been ruled by the dark wizard, Zoranthar, and his ruling class of loyalists. The nobles of the land have long held to an imperative law ó blood in the arena keeps blood off the streets ó and cadres of gladiators entertain the masses as temples of slaughter. When slavers deliver Valoriss Bladesong into the ranks of the gladiators, her path will bring her to the doorstep of Zoranthar and challenge him for the destiny of Desperian. The Praetorian is an action adventure tale of sword and sorcery, honor and courage, good and evil, revenge, and life and death

Pages: 132.

Price: $19.95.

In stores: July.

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