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MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2012


* Marvel Comics has released a teaser for "This is WAR!," a project for October.

According to the publisher, details will be revealed at The Amazing Spider-Man panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego on Sunday, July 15.

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* Marvel Comics has unveiled Salvador Larroca's variant cover for X-Treme X-Men #1, in stores on July 25.

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* Zenescope Entertainment has unveiled the covers by Eric Basaldua, Greg Horn and Stjepan Sejic for Robyn Hood, a five-issue mini-series that begins in September.

Here's how Zenescope describes the story, written by Pat Shand:

"Zenescope's version of Robyn Hood puts an updated and reinvigorating twist on a classic tale by re-inventing the main character as a female heroine. The story begins in the city of Bree within the Grimm Fairy Tales realm of Myst. There, a tyrant rules with an iron fist and the city's people are desperate for a savior. Meanwhile, back on Earth, Robyn is 'the new kid' at an upper-class high school and she quickly learns just how out of place she feels in this world. But when Robyn is summoned to the realm of Myst, she will learn that an entirely new life awaits her and the fate of a mythical city rests solely in her hands if she chooses to accept it."

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