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Marvel has released a clip from "Strange," the episode of Ultimate Spider-Man premiering on Disney XD on Sunday.

To watch the clip, CLICK HERE.

Here's how the episode is described:

"When everyone in New York City is caught in a mystical slumber, Spider-Man and Iron Fist seek out the help of Dr. Strange, master of the mystic arts. In order to wake the city, Spider-Man and Iron Fist must face their own personal nightmares."


The Amazing Spider-Man set a box-office record for an opening Tuesday with a studio-estimated $35 million.

The preview Tuesday record was $27.8 million by Transformers in 2007.

The 3D film, which opened 4,318 North American theaters, pulled in $7.5 million with its midnight opening. It was also boosted by nearly $4 million from IMAX screenings.

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For covers and five-page previews of Harbinger #2, arriving in stores on July 11 from Valiant Entertainment, CLICK HERE.

For previews of Aspen Comics titles arriving in stores on July 11, CLICK HERE.


DC Comics has announced Joe Kubert Presents, a six-issue anthology that premieres on Oct. 31.

The first issue will be 48 pages and include a Hawkman story written and illustrated by Kubert, a tale of Angel and The Ape from writer/artist Brian Buniak and a return to comics for writer/artist Sam Glanzman with a new tale of the U.S.S. Stevens.

"I've been given the privilege to design the kind of comic book that I would enjoy reading and one in which I'd like to participate,” Kubert said. "This is it. I'll be doing Hawkman, Spit, The Redeemer, Sgt. Rock and The Biker in this six-issue anthology."

In other DC news:

* Batwoman will team up with Wonder Woman in Batwoman #13, in stores on Oct. 17. The issue is written by J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman and features art and cover by Williams III.

"We're super excited to be tackling Wonder Woman for a bit in the upcoming arc of Batwoman," Williams said. "But (we) also feel a sense of trepidation and responsibility, with her probably being the most iconic female hero of all time in comics. We needed to approach her with reverence and respect. And also wanted to give her a sense of purity in how she is drawn, something clear in her appearance, overt and forward.

"Now doing this, and then setting her next to Batwoman produces fascinating juxtapositions of their styles and nature of their characters. Batwoman being shadowy and a bit withdrawn, Wonder Woman being bold and vibrant. They do have things in common with their sense of purpose, but yet also things that make them quite different from each other, and them coming together brings out complimentary aspects much in the same way Batman and Superman do for each other as characters. The result is a compelling union of two iconic women that bring balance to how they can be perceived."

* DC has unveiled Cliff Chiang's variant cover for Action Comics #12 and the combo pack cover by Rags Morales.

The issue will be in stores on August 1.

* A five-issue story arc in DC Universe Presents will feature Black Lightning and Blue Devil. The story is written by Marc Andreyko, with art by Robson Rocha, and begins in DC Universe Presents #13 on Oct. 17.

"When I first heard the high-concept, I was instantly writing scenes in my head. I've always been a fan of the buddy concept, especially when it's love/hate, and teaming these two seemingly disparate characters together makes for some great story dynamics," Andreyko said.

The character designs to the right are by Brett Booth.

Click on the thumbnails for larger images.

* Green Lantern #11 will now be in stores on July 25.

* The T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents Vol. 2 trade paperback will be resolicited.


* Marvel Comics has unveiled Adi Granov's variant cover to Hawkeye #1, in stores on August 12.

Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

* Dark Horse Comics has announced Criminal Macabre: Final Night -- The 30 Days of Night Crossover, a four-issue mini-series that will launch on Dec. 12.

The book will be written by Steve Niles -- creator of both properties -- with art by Christopher Mitten.

Here's how Dark Horse describes the series:

"Cal McDonald only wanted a beer, but what he got was a jaded federal agent and a story about vampires up in Barrow, Alaska. There's a new vamp in LA, and he's hell bent on escalating his attacks. When Mo'Lock's sometimes ghoul-friend is murdered, Cal's on the hunt . . . for Eben -- the longtime protagonist/antagonist of 30 Days of Night."


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