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* The Hero Initiative has announced that its next 100 Project will feature the best-selling comic of 2012 -- The Walking Dead #100.

Artists contributing original covers will include Charlie Adlard, Dan Brereton, Ian Churchill, Kevin Eastman, Joe Jusko, Dale Keown and Whilce Portacio. The Walking Dead creator/writer and Image Comics partner Robert Kirkman will also contribute a cover.

"The Walking Dead would have never become the success it's become without the trailblazers who put in the hard work to make this industry live on into the future," said Kirkman. "Doing things like this for The Hero Initiative, which helps creators who have fallen on hard times, is a way for Charlie Adlard and I to give back to the community that has provided us with countless hours of entertainment and also a pretty cushy living. Simply put, it's the right thing to do."

A public viewing of all 100 covers will be scheduled for this winter, along with auctions of all the original covers. A book collecting all the art will be available in 2013.

Above are covers from Adlard, Todd Nauck and Mark dos Santos. Click on the thumbnails for larger images.

* Resident Evil: Retribution, the fifth movie in the franchise based on the video game, topped the box office on Friday with an estimated $8.8 million.

The 3D release of Finding Nemo was second with $5.0 million.

* Geoff Johns is writing "Muse of Fire," the seventh episode of The CW's Arrow, with executive producers Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg. "I'm thrilled to be writing this episode of Arrow, and while I can't give too much away, I think comic fans are going to like what we have in store for them – keep an eye out for the Huntress," said Johns.

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