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Aspen Comics has released its solicitations for January.

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DC Comics has begun to release its solicitations for January, with listings for annuals.

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Lucasfilm has released two clips from "Front Runners," the episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars set to premiere on Cartoon Network on Saturday at 9:30 a.m. (ET).

To watch the first clip, CLICK HERE.

To watch the second clip, CLICK HERE.

Here's how the episode is described:

"Supervised by Ahsoka, the Onderon rebels infiltrate the capital and carry out a series of strikes on targets throughout the city. As the Separatist-aligned king comes under increasing pressure to deal with the growing rebellion, the rebels choose a new leader."


* Hasbro has provided a previw of its Iron Man 3 Micro Muggs assortment.

The line includes seven 1.75-inch figures based on the Iron Man sequel. They come individually, blind-bagged, with 24 unique figures across two waves.

They will cost $1.99 and will be available in February.

Hasbro also unveiled the Iron Man 3 Arc Strike Iron Man figure, available in February. The 10-inch large-scale figure features Iron Man in his latest movie armor and includes light-up features, sound effects and phrases from the movie, along with a flight-simulating automatic head-tilt feature, and two modes of play -- "Ground Attack Mode" and "Air Attack Mode."

* According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lost's Carlton Cuse and screenwriter Ryan Condal are developing Oni Press' The Sixth Gun for a television series at NBC.

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Dynamite Entertainment has announced it will be publishing a comic book based on the NBC television series Grimm.

"The opportunity to delve even deeper into the Grimm universe is an exciting prospect. One we hope fans of the show and comic books in general will equally enjoy," said executive producers David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf in a joint statement. "The medium will allow the story to go places we never could within the constraints of a television production. It's pretty cool."

Dynamite did not announce creators for the Grimm comic, but did release a promotional image.

* According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lost's Carlton Cuse and screenwriter Ryan Condal are developing Oni Press' The Sixth Gun for a television series at NBC.

* Dynamite Entertainment has signed former Marvel exclusive Fred Van Lente, who will write a "quirky zombie tale" next year.

"Like a lot of things that I do, my zombie project at Dynamite mocks a genre while very much being a part of that genre," Van Lente said. "In a lot of zombie stories we get the beginning of plague, or the zombie apocalypse, but we skip all the military, governmental and just plain human screw-ups that got us from Point A to Point B. Well, that's all this book is about -- a global disaster of this magnitude results in a lot global stupidity, and therein lies comedy. Think of this as World War Z with jokes and a B drive-in movie Grindhouse sensibility.

"At the heart of our story is a group of message-board experts -- yes, geeks -- recruited -- not without real-life precedent- - by the Defense Intelligence Agency to see if they can't apply their unparalleled knowledge of the zombie genre to figure a way to solve the crisis. As a professional comics writer, will I allow Internet know-it-alls save the world, or will they all be horrifically slaughtered? I can't wait to find out myself."

* Warner Home Video has announced a Jan. 22 release for Young Justice Invasion Destiny Calling: Season 2 Part 1 on DVD.

The two-disc collection features 10 episodes of the Cartoon Network series: "Happy New Year," "Earthlings," "Alienated," "Salvage," "Beneath," "Bloodlines," "Depths," "Satisfaction," "Darkest" and "Before the Dawn."

* Studio 407 has announced the addition of Jessi Reid as public relations and marketing manager.

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