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DC Comics gave a packed room a quick tour through many of its The New 52 titles in its panel at New York Comic Con on Saturday.

Panelists included Batman writer Scott Snyder and Batman artist Greg Capullo; Animal Man and Justice League Dark writer Jeff Lemire; All-Star Western artist Mortat; Legion of Super-Heroes writer Paul Levitz; Suicide Squad writer Adam Glass; I, Vampire writer Josh Fialkov; Team 7 and Deathstroke writer Justin Jordan; Ravagers writer Howard Mackie; Demon Knights artist Bernard Chang; Sword of Sorcery writer Christy Marx; Green Lantern: New Guardians artist Aaron Kuder; editors Bobbie Chase and Eddie Berganza; and editor-in-chief Bob Harras.

Following are highlights:

* Harras talked about the Justice League of America series by Geoff Johns and David Finch premiering in February. "I have read the script, I've seen some of the designs," he said. "It's an amazing book. If Justice League is the world's greatest superheroes, Justice League of America is the world's most dangerous superheroes." He added the book will impact the whole line.

* Berganza said the Superman will be asking for help in the "H'el on Earth" story. He added that something in Supergirl will be something that Harras didn't want them to do in Superman books.

* Snyder reiterated his take on the "Death of the Family" story in Batman as the craziest Joker story he could tell, with Joker as a court jester bringing bad news to Batman as a king.

Snyder was coy about Alfred. "We'll try to be as gentle as we can, even if we kill him," he said. "But we won't. But maybe we will."

Capullo said that in reading Snyder's scripts he goes from begin scared to "pissed off." Snyder added the "most twisted stuff" is still coming.

* Chase said Earth 2 will feature Steppenwolf and "the last Amazon."

* Lemire talked about Rotworld, noting the characters involve will have a connection to the Red or the Green. A Green Lantern will appear who has been unseen in The New 52.

* Lemire will be joined by Ray Fawkes as co-writer of Justice League Dark. Frankenstein joins the team and look for a Books of Magic story that will reveal the fate of Timothy Hunter.

* Moritat see an upcoming story of All-Star Western will see Jonah Hex traveling to 2050 and teaming with Adam Strange.

* Levitz will be teaming with Keith Giffen again in Legion of Super Heroes and will introduce The New 52 version of the Fatal Five. He noted that dependency on technology will increase in the future -- "and that stuff may all stop working."

Deadshot returns in Suicide Squad, Glass said, and there "will be a payoff we've all been waiting for."

* Eclipso will appear in Team 7 and it will be a world threat, Jordan said of the title that is set five years ago.

* In Deathstroke, Jordan said, he wants to challenge him to solve problems without necessarily using his powers.

* Mackie promised turmoil in the Ravagers as the cover to #7 was shown.

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