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Cartoon Network has announced the return of DC Nation and new episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Ben 10 Omniverse on Saturday, Jan. 5.

The one-hour DC Nation block resumes its 10 a.m. time period with new episodes of Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice: Invasion, as well as DC animated shorts.

The Green Lantern episode will be "Steam Lantern," in which, after being blasted by the Anti-Monitor, Hal Jordan finds himself in a steampunk world.

Robin Atkin Downes provides the voice of Gil Broome, aka the Steam Lantern, whose name is a nod to Green Lantern Silver Age creators Gil Kane and John Broome. Downes was the voice of Manchester Black in Superman vs. The Elite.

The Young Justice episode is "Before the Dawn." When Blue Beetle, Miss Martian and the team go on a covert mission to rescue some of their own, uncovering shocking secrets and devastating truths.

Aziz Ansari from NBC's Parks and Recreation guest-stars in the "Arrested Development" episode of Ben 10 as the voice of Billy Billions, Ben's childhood rival. In the episode, Ben and Rooksee their troubles grow as they are literally downsized when Billy Billions traps them in their own pre-pubescent bodies. The pint-sized heroes face giant challenges and must stop the evil Robots from Dimension 12 and save Bellwood.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars follows Ben 10 at 9:30 a.m. with its 100th episode, "MIssing in Action." In a nearly vacant town on a strange planet, the intrepid members of D-Squad discover Gregor, a clone commando who has lost his memory, and is toiling away as a dishwasher. The all-droid squad and their gruff leader must help Gregor regain his memory so they can steal a heavily guarded shuttle and return to the Republic.

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