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Written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, art by Dan Parent, Rich Koslowski, cover by Dan Parent, variant cover by Dan Parent, Rich Koslowski, Tito Pena.

"Archie Meets GLEE Part 3" -- The crossover event everyone's talking about rolls on! Dilton Doiley invented a machine that opened a wormhole between Riverdale and an alternate, mirror-verse with kids exactly like the Archie gang. Now Dilton and his new BFF Artie are trying to rebuild the Portal-Porter before the delicate balance between universes is disrupted by a kiss between star-crossed teens. Even the possibility of a Betty-Puck romance would set off a chain-reaction of cataclysmic events ending with not one, but two worlds imploding.

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on


Written by Craig Boldman, art by Stan Goldberg, Bob Smith, cover by Fernando Ruiz, Rich Koslowski, Tito Pena.

Archie drops by Chuck's and discovers the artist at work on some portraits of the gang. Using Chuck's skills to his advantage, Archie stumbles upon the key to getting into any girl's good graces by presenting Chuck's work to them. And Chuck doesn't mind helping Archie get dates since drawing is easy, right? See what happens when Archie's greed pushes the freelance artist too far in "The Big Draw," the first of many hilarious tales from Riverdale!

160 pages, $3.99, in stores on May 1.


Written by Paul Castiglia, Barbara Jarvie, art by Fernando Ruiz, Rich Koslowski, cover by Fernando Ruiz, Andrew Pepoy, Tito Pena.

Abracadabra! Magician extraordinaire, the Illustrious Salustri, is coming to Riverdale to perform! The magic man makes things disappear for a living, but when his doves and props go missing for real, Archie and friends set out to catch the culprit. Can they solve the mystery before the illusionist is set to perform or will he have to pull a trick out of his sleeve before it's show time? Read "The Magic Is Gone," the first story of this fun-filled digest!

160 pages, $3.99, in stores on May 8.


Written by Dan Parent, art by Shultz, cover by Dan Parent.

"Betty and the Beast" -- If Veronica can't have Archie, no one can! Prince Archie has been cursed into beast-form by Enchantress Veronica who saw no love in his heart for her. There is, however, a loophole to the spell: if another falls for Archie by his 21st birthday, the curse will be lifted! Otherwise, he'll remain a beast for eternity. Just when it seems all hope is lost, along comes a romantic contender named Betty. Could she be the one? Will the spell be broken at long last? Not if Enchantress Veronica has anything to say about it!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on April 17.


Written by George Gladir, art by Stan Goldberg, John Lowe, cover by Fernando Ruiz, Bob Smith, Tito Pena.

It's DOUBLE-sized DOUBLE-trouble in the all-new DOUBLE DOUBLE digest series! Archie's really done it this time - The goofball accidentally asked both Betty and Veronica to prom! Betty is furious and cancels their date. Archie is on a mission to make things right but little does he know that he's got competition. Can he repair the damage before someone else swoops in and offers to take Betty? And how will Veronica take the news? Read "Prom Princess" and find out for yourself in this extra-sized Double Double Digest with a foil cover!

320 pages, $5.99, in stores on April 24.


Written by Dan Parent, art by Dan Parent, Jon D'Agostino, cover by Jeff Shultz, Bob Smith, Tito Pena

Veronica's birthday is fast approaching and she is ready to celebrate in typical Veronica fashion -- big and flamboyant! Best of all, her parents are flying her and all her friends to any destination she chooses for an unforgettable birthday bash! Where in the world will the gang party? It makes no difference to Betty, whose prior commitments mean she can't take off for the birthday event of the year. How will Ronnie be able to enjoy her special day without her BFF? Discover the solution in "World Party," the first of many fun-filled adventures starring Archie's girls!

160 pages, $3.99, in stores on April 17.


Craig Boldman, art by Rex Lindsey, Rich Koslowski, cover by Rex Lindsey, Tito Pena.

The Lodges are throwing a swanky party and Jughead didn't make the guest list! Missing a chance to rub shoulders with Riverdale's elite is no big deal, but Chef Gaston's appetizers are to die for. Luckily Jug has a man on the inside. It's up to Archie to smuggle the goods to him during the soiree without getting caught, but little do they know there's an even bigger heist going down that night and if they're not careful they'll either take the fall or go down with them in "Sneaking & Snacking!"

160 pages, $3.99, in stores on May 8.


Written by Paul Kupperberg, art by Fernando Ruiz, Pat Kennedy, Tim Kennedy, Bob Smith, Jim Amash, cover by Fernando Ruiz, Andrew Pepoy, Tito Pena, variant cover by Jon Gray, Gary Martin, Tito Pena.

"Archie Marries Veronica" -- Kevin is rarin' to go for his first political debate! While gun cnotrol laws had previously been the centerpiece of Kevin's campaign, the issue of marriage equality has taken center stage in a showdown with his political opponent. Meanwhile, Archie struggles to gain control of Mirth Music, pushing quality artists over manufactured ear candy. Will his gut instincts pay off? Not to mention Betty's got the reality TV blues as her fights with Reggie are escalating in order to keep the show alive! Can their relationship survive the fake melodrama?

"Archie Marries Betty" -- An alternate reality finds Archie lonely for companionship as Betty's crazy busy schedule makes it so he's practically single again. Can his parents reassure him it'll get better? Meanwhile, Jellybean earns more responsibility at her brother Jughead's diner, but is her shifty boyfriend looking to take advantage? It wouldn't be Riverdale if love wasn't in the air as Cheryl may be on the verge of a budding relationship and even Mr. Weatherbee is on the dating scene!

48 pages, $3.99, in stores on May 8.


Written by Ian Flynn, art by Jamal Peppers, Jim Amash, John Workman, and Matt Herms, gatefold cover by Patrick Spaziante, variant cover by Jamal Peppers, Gary Martin, Matt Herms and Patrick Spaziante.

"When Worlds Collide" Part Four of Twelve: It's Sonic versus Mega Man -- Round Two! Celebrate 25 issues of Mega Man with the throwdown brawl to end all throwdown brawls! The Blue Bomber has the home field advantage this time -- can Sonic keep up in this unfamiliar city? Meanwhile, Drs. Eggman and Wily make their boldest move yet in their master plan! This milestone issue marks the dramatic conclusion to the first act in the biggest crossover story of 2013! Featuring a stunning gatefold cover by Sonic/Mega Man art legend Patrick Spaziante, and a special "E.F.F. (aka Evil Friends Forever) variant" featuring Drs. Eggman and Wily on a (presumably evil) bicycle built for two!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on May 8.


Written by Ian Flynn, art by Alitha Martinez, Rick Bryant, John Workman, and Steve Downer, cover by Phil Jimenez and Steve Downer, variant covers by Phil Jimenez, Steve Downer and Ben Bates.

"Second Strike": The New Crusaders are back! Picking up directly where 2012's "Rise of the Heroes" left off, "Dark Tomorrow" will follow the team of young legacy heroes as they struggle with the shocking death of their teammate, living as super hero celebrities, and returning to -- HIGH SCHOOL?!  The teens are at their lowest after the nightmare in the prison riot, but there's no rest as a new threat attacks Impact City. With Shield away, can the New Crusaders pull themselves together and avert catastrophe?

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Nay 1.


Written and art by Tania del Rio.

The magic returns in this enchanting second volume of the Sabrina: The Magic Within graphic novel series! Sabrina Spellman is your average teenager by day, attending Greendale High where her crush Harvey plays for the school basketball team. But by night, Sabrina enters the Magical Realm, where she hones her witchcraft and attends charm school with the handsome and mysterious Shinji. Pick up where volume one left off as Sabrina deals with her two eccentric aunts and her conflicting lives in the Mortal and Magic Realms!

240 pages, $10.99, in stores on May 15.


Written by Ian Flynn, art by Jamal Peppers, Jim Amash, John Workman and Matt Herms, cover by Patrick Spaziante and Matt Herms, variant cover by Patrick Spaziante, Thomas Mason and Ryan Jampole/

"When Worlds Collide" Part Three of Twelve: It's Sonic versus Mega Man -- Round One! The fight that every fan of both the Blue Blur and Blue Bomber has been waiting for is here at last, and it looks like Sonic's got the hometeam advantage! Can Mega Man cope with the Blue Blur in a land of loops? Meanwhile, Dr. Wily is concerned his old rival might cause problems, which sets Dr. Eggman's sites on Dr. Light!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on May 1.


Written by Ian Flynn, art by Jamal Peppers, Jim Amash, John Workman, and Matt Herms, cover by Patrick Spaziante, variant cover Patrick Spaziante, Thomas Mason, and Ryan Jampole.

"When Worlds Collide" Part Two of Twelve: The crossover event of 2013 continues HERE! There are strange things afoot as Mega Man's world is menaced by a super-fast, blue attacker. Sonic's world is being stalked by a blue-armored figure with a cannon for an arm. Could these mysterious villains be Sonic and Mega Man? Or are they some kind of sinister copies? Mistaken identities and explosions galore in this explosive second part to the historic Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man crossover!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on April 17.


Written and art by various, cover by Lamar Wells, Gary Martin and Matt Herms.

Celebrate 20 years of Sonic the Hedgehog Comics with this very special edition of the Sonic Super Special Magazine! Join the party and grab yourself a front row seat to this collection of Sonic-comic firsts, greatest moments, and highlights from the longest-running video game-inspired comic book series in history! Over 100 pages of comics, news, and features, available for the first time in one place in this deluxe, magazine-sized, quarterly collection! Also featured is an exclusive interview with the longest-running artist still working on the Sonic comics today -- inker Jim Amash! Plus an all-new foil-enhanced birthday-style cover penciled by the newest edition to the Sonic comic family -- Lamar Wells!

128 pages, $9.99, in stores on May 1.


Written by George Gladir, art by Stan Goldberg, Bob Smith, cover by Fernando Ruiz, Bob Smith, Tito Pena.

is flat broke (what else is new?). Along with his penniless pals Betty and Jughead, Archie brainstorms a way to put their finances back on track: Go into business together as personal aides! But as the new business partners soon discover, assisting clients with their chores can be very time consuming. What good is money when you've got no time to spend it? The gang have to decide what's more valuable -- time or money -- in "A Yelp For Help!"

160 pages, $3.99, in stores on April 17.

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