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Written by Mark Kidwell, art by Jeff Zornow and Jay Fotos, covers by Jeff Zornow, Jay Fotos and Nate Van Dyke.

The skies over Vietnam rain liquid fire as Brian Curliss, AKA Jungle Jim continues his epic quest to find the rotting, undead remains of Sergeant Jim Asher. Jim's search carries him across the border into war-torn Cambodia, where the struggling occupants of an isolated French mission hold their own against hunger, madness and the ravenous dead.

In the dripping shadows of the rainforest, human life hangs on a hair trigger and to save himself and those who need him, Jim will have to face more than the living dead and swarms of vengeful Viet Cong... because here there be tigers.

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on May 1.


Written by Nathan Edmondson, art and cover by Mitch Gerads.

"Warfare Without Warning." Special double-size issue. The Activity is going to war.

48 pages, $4.50, in stores on May 29.


Written, art and cover by Colleen Doran.

The final chapter of the A Distant Soil saga continues as 15-year-old Liana, the ultimate psionic weapon of mass destruction, loses control of her power and threatens to destroy everyone and everything in her path.

32 pags, black and white, $3.50, in stores on May 29.


Written by Jonathan Ross, art and cover by Bryan Hitch.

Too many Americans with too many the government decides it's time to wipe them all out and start from scratch. Nobody ever said it would be easy.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on May 22.


Written by Ron Marz, art by Nelson Blake II, cover by Stjepan Sejic.

Who is Tilly Grimes? A goth? A punk? A numeromancer? Partner to FBI Profiler and Rapture bearer Tom Judge? She's all those and more, gifted or perhaps cursed with the ability to glean the future from mathematical equations. Learn the truth about Tilly in a stand-alone issue unlike any other you've ever seen.

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on May 15.


Written by Nick Spencer, art by Riley Rossmo, cover by Frazer Irving.

"Way Back When."

32 pages, $3.50, in stores on May 15.


Written by Duffy Boudreau, art by Wendell Cavalcanti and Antonio Fabela, cover by Brian Churilla.

A special stand-alone issue taking you to the darkest corners of the Hinterlands. Visions of heaven, the reality of hell... and a secret buried deep in the woods.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on May 1.


Written by Joe Casey, art and cover by David Messina.

Meet the ultimate slacker superhero for the 21st Century! Jasper Jenkins is a super-head and a super-hero! He's relatable and reliable and he's embarking on the adventure of a lifetime! The sensational debut of the new feel-good hero of the decade!

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on May 22.


Written by Steve Niles, art and cover by Tony Harris.

Al Capone is dead. Shot through the skull by Shaws cursed slug, the gangland legend lies dead before Eliot Ness could drag him to court of tax evasion. Shaw's interference has uprooted history and now Ness wants it set straight. The shot also alerted Shaw's enemies of his presence in Capone era Chicago, and they are coming for him. They took his skin last time. This time they'll have his eternal soul.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on May 15.

CHEW #35

Written by John Layman, art and cover by Rob Guillory.

Dietary restrictions.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on May 1.


Written by David Schulner, Aaron Ginsburg and Wade Mcintyre, art and cover by Juan Jose Ryp and Felix Serrano.

What do you do after you kill one clone? Kill the rest. Beta is hell bent on exterminating his predecessors from the face of the planet. But has he also unlocked the killer within Luke?

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on May 22.


Written by David Hine, art and cover by Jeremy Haun, John Rauch.

"The Age of Reason," Part One Jackie Estacado is no longer lord over The Darkness. His Doppelganger has usurped his place at the head of his crime organization and his daughter Hope is quickly maturing and growing in her abilities to inherit the Darkness power for herself. Jump on board in the first part of this special, oversized issue of The Darkness that unveils the horrors that come to life when Hope's nightmares are allowed to roam free.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on May 22.


Written by Nathan Edmondson, art and cover by Konstantin Novosadov.

"Part One." A double-size issue to kick off a new sci-fi series from Nathan Edmondson and newcomer Konstantin Novosadov. Haunted by recurring dreams, a boy named Winslow is hunted by mysterious beings and protected by an old traveler. Soon Winslow will realize that what is in his dreams is what the rest of the world has been made to forget–and what strange entities will stop at nothing to erase from his mind.

32 pages, $3.50, in stores on May 15.


Written by Jonathan Hickman, art and cover by Nick Dragotta

"The Dragon." Death's reign of terror over Those Who Rule continues, as the forces of the End Times continue to work to bring about the Apocalypse. It's the End Of The World: Someone dies, someone lives, and someone falls in love.

32 pages, $3.50, in stores on May 29.


Written by Richard Starkings, art by Axel Medellin, cover by Boo Cook.

"Sleeping Partners," Part Seven There's a price on Gabbatha's head and the Silencer means to collect.

40 pages, $3.99, in stores on May 29.


Written by Frank J. Barbiere, art and cover by Chris Mooneyham.

"Enter: The Forgotten City!" In a fantastic valley...far from the eyes of man...Fabian Gray meets The Guardian Of Dreams!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on May 22.


Written, art and cover by Jimmie Robinson.

Tyler has to battle the Gun Club, beat the faculty's scheme to expel him and keep his secret identity safe at the school of Five Weapons. Not a problem for Tyler's devious calculations - except this time he doesn't have a plan.

32 pages, $3.50, in stores on May 29.


Written by Joe Keatinge, art by Andre Szymanowicz, Fabio Redivo, cover by Ricken.

"Death of Planet Earth," Conclusion. 2013's supersploitation revenge epic reaches its grand finale (for now)! Planets are blown up. Destinies are realized. The good guys don't win. Series one concludes.

32 pages, $3.50, in stores on May 22.


Written by Kel Symons, art and cover by Mark A. Robinson.

"An Appointment In Samarra" You can't outrun your troubles.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on May 1.


Written by Robrert Kirkman, art and cover by Ryan Ottley, John Rauch.

Angstrom Levy returns.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on May 15.


Written by Phil Hester, art and cover by Todd Nauck, John Rauch.

Cecil Steadman's bargain with Mr. Liu has taken a turn for the worst - and now the greatest heroes of the Invincible Universe must defeat the dragon unleashed! But who will pay the cost for Cecil's choice?

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on May 1.


Written by Jamie S. Rich, art by Natalie Nourigat, cover by Michael Allred and Laura Allred.

"Tweenage FBI" Part One Between Gears creator Natalie Nourigat joins the Atomics team! Someone broke into Flem's lab and stole a dangerous invention. It Girl picks up the crooks' trail, only to discover it leads to a team of underage secret agents - though the real criminal mastermind is centuries older than all of them.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on May 15.


Written by Justin Jordan, art and cover by Tradd Moore.

M!niseries conclusioni Jack is loose in the world, and Luther isn't strong enough to stop him. But Petra might be.

32 pages, $3.50, in stores on May 29.


Written by Jim McCann, art by Janet Lee, cover by Janet Lee..

The stakes have never been higher. It all comes down to one hand. And if that doesn't work, how do you create a Plan B on the fly with the galaxy's most treacherous race has discovered you and your handful of allies? The last-page solution will shock you as Roland and his crew must make a major sacrifice.

32 pages, $3.50, in stores on May 1.


Written by Jonathan Hickman, art by Nick Pitarra, cover by Jonathan Hickman.

"Upward Bound" Lines are drawn as the Manhattan Projects fractures. Who is on which side? Where are the lines drawn? Can anyone trust anyone? The great game called Future begins!

32 pages, $3.50, in stores on May 22.


Written by Brian Wood, art by Ming Doyle and Jordie Bellaire, cover by Ming Doyle.

Conclusion! A few short months ago, Mara Prince had the world in the palm of her hand. Now the world has so completely rejected her she has no place left to go. Or does she? The dramatic conclusion to Mara is here.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on May 29.


Written by Bryan J.L. Glass and Michael Avon Omeing, art by Victor Santos, covers by Michael Avon Oeming and Victor Santos.

"Desperate Season." Karic and his cause have been betrayed, and the fragile alliance he forged crumbles before him. Faced with ever-increasing loss, the courageous mouse makes a daring decision! Meanwhile, his surviving family and friends in hiding at the capital city face an even greater betrayal by one of their own; and Karic's mother Mornae comes face-to-face with the wrath of the mad king Icarus!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on May 1.


Written by Jim McCann, art by Sami Basri, cover by Rodin Esquejo.

"Out Of Bodies," Part One. As the Hoodie revelation sinks in, lines are drawn in the sand, friendships are torn apart, and new mysteries come to light. Can what was said be the truth? Who is a pawn and who is a player? Meanwhile, Elle is finding her own mental world being overwhelmed now that her secret has come to light to the rest of the spirits in the Garden. But that's not going to stop her from getting answers from someone who has betrayed her!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on May 1.


Written, art and cover by Ted McKeever.

McKeever returns to the theater of the bizarre, as a small-town Pastor thinks the eight-inch Jesus that descended from a cross on the church's wall is the devil's work. Meanwhile, a recovering alcoholic's fractured reality battling his own demons is becoming all too literal.

24 pages, black and white, $3.99, in stores on May 22.


Written by Nick Spencer, art by Joe Eisma, covers by various.

"There Is No Beginning." The double-sized Season 2 premiere! With an astonishing array of covers by some of the hottest artists working today: Jenny Frisson, Rob Guillory, Shawn Martinbrough, Jamie Mckelvie, Emma Rios and Morning Glories' own Joe Eisma!

48 pages, $3.99, in stores on May 29.


Written by Eric Stephenson, art by Nick Bellegarde and Jordie Bellaire, cover by Nate Bellegarde and Fonografiks.

Thinking the unthinkable.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on May 29.


Written by Brandon Graham and Simon Roy, art by Simon Roy, Giannis Milonogiannis, cover by Fil Barlow.

New father must finish the job that his lifebomb brother failed at (in #31) and destroy the dismembered body city of Ixpoliniox.

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on May 22.


Written by Tim Seeley, art by Mike Norton, cover by Jenny Frison.

Ibrahaim's first door-to-door inspection goes badly when he's sent to the Holt farm. The Check brothers have Cooper hostage, and unfortunately for them, it's Em Cypress to the rescue.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on May 15.


Written, art and cover by Erik Larsen.

"The Claw." The Claw returns! the legendary villain from the Golden Age of comics strikes again! Malcolm Dragon joins forces with the Claw's most hated enemy -- the Golden Age Daredevil in an effort to stop the notorious menace! Plus, we continue to look into the lives of the sons and daughters of Chicago's Vicious Circle. It's a tantalizing glimpse at the crime family they were born to inherit and the forces who oppose them.

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on May 29.


Written by Jim Zub, art by Edwin Huang, covers by Edwin Huang, Ross A. Campbell and Seajin Oh.

The All-New Secret Skullkickers: We can't hide the secret any longer! Skullkickers is the most fun adventure comic in the entire industry. Jump on board with this unbooted new first issue and see why! And, for those of you wishing comics kept the original numbering: No problem! Our B cover variant is a legacy-tastic #22.

32 pages, $3.50, in stores on May 29.

SEX #3

Written by Joe Casey, art and cover by Piotr Kowalski.

There are a million stories in Saturn City, and Simon Cooke's is just one of them! His future may be wide open, but the past is hot on his tail! The Old Man can still get it up! No two ways about it -- this is the perfect time to pay for Sex! It's even better than you think!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on May 22.


Written by Andy Diggle, art and cover by Jock.

Miniseries conclusion! It all ends here as the awful truth behind a multi-million dollar conspiracy is revealed, with deadly consequences. If young Jake is to survive , what kind of man must he become? And is it worth the price?

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on May 1.


Written by Robert Napton, art and cover by Zid.

Oscailt Amach! Morgana has found the brilliant M.I.T. professor and heir to Merlin's magic, Dr. Simon Ambrose, and will stop at nothing to seize Merlin's power from his grasp. Simon, however, is untrained in magic and until he is better versed in casting Druid spells, he will need to rely on the safeguards Merlin planned in advance for him to flee Morgana's wrath. But will it be enough?

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on May 1.

SPAWN #231

Written by Todd McFarlane, art by Szymon Kudranski, cover by Todd McFarlane.

"Complex Messiah" is an epic new story arc, serving as a jumping on point for new readers, as well as the next phase in Spawn's evolution. As the worldwide fervor around Jim Downing's miraculous gifts continues to grow, the darkness that lives within him begins to threaten his newfound fame.

Meanwhile, a small group of online friends gain insight into their understanding of the Hellspawn, slowly piecing together a dangerous new theory about the world's newest "messiah."

And, somewhere in the shadows, an old enemy lurks.

Also featured: Detective Craig Rowand came to New York looking for clues. That journey brought him face-to-face with evil in the form of the demonic temptress, Hel. Haunted by the encounter, a good man's steady spiral into madness begins here.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on May 1.


Written by Robert Kirkman, art by Jason Howard, Cliff Rathburn, cover by Jason Howard.

The search for the cure for Derek's mother takes him and Super Dinosaur to some interesting... and dangerous places. Will they find it in time?

32 pages, $3.50, in stores on May 29.


Written by J. Michael Straczynski, art and cover by Ben Templesmith.

Joe Fitzgerald was a mob enforcer until the day he met Laura, who convinced him to leave that world behind. Before quitting, Joe agreed to one last job, little realizing that the man he'd been sent to kill was deeply involved in demonlogy. He survived Joe's attempt and came after him, fatally wounding Joe and killing Laura. As he lay dying, an angelic force (who may or may not be what she appears) pointed out that where she is going, he can't follow, and where he is going, he wouldn't want her to follow. But if he will agree to work for them as a different kind of enforcer, they will bring him to life and keep on bringing him to life every time he is killed in a righteous cause. The reward: for those five minutes of death, he will be with Laura again. Would you endure an eternity of pain and death, dying over and over, to be with the woman you love for just five minutes each time you died? Most people might say no. But Joe Fitzgerald isn't most people.

A bold new era begins with the long-anticipated return of Joe's Comics, the imprint that brought you Midnight Nation and Rising Stars. All-new stories from J. Michael Straczynski return in 2013 with an action packed line up featuring everything from superhero action to supernatural thrillers. Watch this space as a new wave of exciting, challenging and experimental stories begins!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on May 1.


Written by Andy Diggle and Robert Kirkman, art and cover by Shawn Martinbrough and Felix Serrano.

A brand new arc! Meet Lola, the Cartel boss. And what Lola wants, Lola gets - and Conrad's going to learn that the hard way. Get ready for the most explosive story arc of Thief of Thieves yet!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on May 29.


Written by Robert Kirkman, art and cover by Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn.

Ezekiel vs. Michonne?

32 pages, black and white, $2.99, in stores on April 10.


Written by Tim Seeley, art and cover by Diego Bernard.

"Skeletons." Sara Pezzini's world has become increasingly gray since she became a private investigator. Without the laws and regulations that being a cop used to provide, Sara has no idea whether her actions have been for the greater good or not. But to both put food on the table and stop a more powerful evil, Sara will need to dig up enough dirt to destroy the career of the only decent and honest politician left in Chicago.

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on May 8.


Written by Rob Liefeld, art by Jon Malin, cover by Rob Liefeld.

"Dark Rising." In the wake of Lord Chapel's return, the Youngblood Corps. assembles en masse to combat the dark lord's terrible plan to converge with another dimension. Guest starring every Youngblood member featured in the history of Youngblood.

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on May 29.



Written by Nick Spencer, art by Riley Rossmo, cover by Frazer Irving.

One of the hottest new series of the year gets its first, new reader friendly-priced collection! Fillmore Press was once Madder Red, a homicidal maniac and criminal overlord who ruled the city of Bedlam. Now he's been cured of his mania, and says he wants to help protect the place he once terrorized - but can he be trusted? Collects Bedlam #1-6.

178 pages, $9.99, in stores on May 1.


Written by Duffy Boudreau, art by Wendell Cavalcanti and Antonio Fabela, cover by Michael Avon Oeming.

"An Errand into the Wilderness." A walled utopia conceived by the elites of the former United States. A barbaric wilderness engulfed in the perpetual strife of tribal warfare. A crack soldier tasked with a clandestine mission to recover a lost comrade. Welcome to the American dark age of the 22nd Century. The first arc of Image's dystopian espionage thriller is collected here! Already acclaimed by some of comics' top creators and released just in time for readers to jump on board with #6!

124 pages, $9.99, in stores on May 1.


Written by Joe Harris, art and cover by Martin Morazzo.

When fugitive oil heir Chas Worthington settles the infamous Great Pacific Garbage Patch and declares it his own sovereign nation, the reality of the environmental catastrophe is only the beginning of his odyssey. Collects the first arc of this breakout hit series - a sprawling adventure across earth's newest, strangest frontier! Collects Great Pacific #1-6

168 pages, $9.99, in stores on May 1.


Written by Michael Moreci, Steve Seeley, art by Axel Medellin, Brent Schoonover, cover by Joe Eisma.

The recipient of numerous "best of" accolades in 2012, Hoax Hunters continues its critically acclaimed run! In this collection, the Hoax Hunters visit Haunchyville to bust the myth of the gnomes and their albino king while trying to prevent the Hoax Hunters Hunters from blowing their cover. Also included is the fan-favorite flip issue spoofing a certain ghost-hunting reality show and two all-new shorts! Collects Hoax Hunters #6-9.

112 pages, $9.99, in stores on May 1.


Written, art and cover by Chris Giarrusso.

Chris Giarrusso's critically-acclaimed kid superhero series continues with volume three! The brothers G-Man and Great Man have finally returned from their Cape Crisis adventure, only to discover that not everybody is happy that they're back. Will they be allowed to keep their superpowers? What has Wizard Glendolf made for lunch this time?

128 pages, $9.99, in stores on May 1.


Written by Ron Marz, art and cover by Stjepan Sejic.

Tom Judge was once a priest, responsible for lost souls. Now he is the bearer of the ancient, powerful Artifact called the Rapture, and responsible for the survival of the entire universe. Tom's only hope of preserving all creation is to gather the other Artifact bearers, and make a stand against the Darkness. It's a battle could cost Tom his own soul. Collects Artifacts #19-24.

160 pages, $16.99, in stores on May 16.


Written by David Schulner, art and cover by Juan Jose Ryp and Felix Serrano.

From Robert Kirkman's Skybound imprint comes a sci-fi story like you've never seen before! Dr. Luke Taylor's perfect life comes to a dramatic halt when an identical, bloodied version of himself arrives at his doorstep with news that he is one of many clones... and they're all after his pregnant wife and their unborn child! Collects Clone #1-5.

128 pages, $12.99, in stores on May 22.


Written by Ed Brisson, art and cover by Michael Walsh.

Written by Ed Brisson, art and cover by Michael Walsh.

Reconnect agents Mark and Seth go back in time to save people from their untimely demise – for a fee. But, when a rescue mission goes awry, both agents find themselves trapped in the past and on the run from both the FBI, who want to jail them, and their own employers who want to kill them to protect their own dark and deadly secrets. Collects Comeback #1-5, plus never-seen-before extras.

136 pages, $14.99, in stores on May 8.


Written by Richard Starkings, Joe Casey and Joe Kelly, art by Ladronn, Moritat, Henry Flint, Tom Scioli, Dave Hine and Chris Bachalo, cover by Boo Cook.

The sold-out first hardcover volume of Elephantmen is back in print and now includes the sold-out Zero issue with art by Ladronn, as well as a sketchbook section, the English & Media Studies back matter from the single issues, and an introduction by Jonathan Ross! Collects Elephantmen #0-7.

312 pages, $39.99, in stores on May 1.


Written by Mark Sable, art and cover by Paul Azaceta.

Afghanistan. U.S. Marines face a never-ending onslaught of Taliban. But even hell can get worse. The dead are coming back to life in The Graveyard of Empires, and only together can both sides of the today's conflict survive tomorrow's undead assault. Featuring an all-new story created by Paul Azaceta in his comics writing debut! Collects Graveyard of Empires #1-4.

128 pages, $14.99, in stores on May 8.


Written by Tim Seeley and various, art by Dan Leister, Elena Casacrande and various, cover by Stefano Caselli.

The last volume in the Hack/Slash horror saga collects the epic Finale and the acclaimed bloodsoaked tales that lead up to it! When Cassie discovers a potential cure for slashers, she accidently kickstarts a chain of events that will lead to the ultimate betrayal at the hands of a man she thought she could trust! Giant monsters, Vlad's man-eating family, the secret life of Cat Curio, and the finale showdown fans have waited years to see! Collects Hack/Slash. Vol. 2 12 -25 & Hack/Slash vs. Mercy Sparx.

300 pages, $34.99, in strores on May 22.


Written by Todd McFarlane and Brian Holguin, art by Angel Medina, cover by Clayton Crain.

In 1992, writer and artist Todd McFarlane unleashed his iconic antihero, Spawn, on the world. In so doing, he launched the most successful independent comic book in history – and the world would never be the same. Spawn: Origins, Vol. 18 features the stories and artwork that helped cement the Spawn legacy. Relive the excitement of this groundbreaking series – collected in this accessibly priced format with exclusive bonus content, including cover galleries, black and white art, classic quotes and an exclusive digitally painted cover by Clayton Crain. Collects Spawn 105-110.

176 pages, $14.99, in stores on May 15.


Written by Tim Seeley, art by Diego Bernard, cover by John Tyler Christopher.

"Apparitions." Sara Pezzini moved to Chicago and started a new life as a private investigator to escape her past in New York. But instead of getting settled into her new career, Sara has felt like she has been running in circles chasing ghosts... or, is it the ghosts that have been chasing her? Sara will have to contend against mercenaries, gangsters, and power hungry leprechauns, all while suffering the drudgeries of trying to stay profitable. Maybe black cats really do bring quantifiable amounts of bad luck. Collects Witchblade 161-165.

160 pages, $16.99.

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