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Written by Tim Seeley, art by Mirka Andolfo, covers by J. Scott Campbell,Tim Seeley, Emanuela Lupacchino, Carlos Rafael.

Celebrate Chaos! 20th Anniversary and Dynamite Entertainment's 10th Anniversary in 2014! The horror-heroes of the Chaos! Universe return in an epic event! a shared vision of the Apocalypse sets the blood goddess Purgatori, the supernatural serial killer Evil Ernie, the vampire assassin Chastity, and the outcast teen heroes of the team known as The Chosen, on a collision path with each other! As claws, blood and blades fly, only one outcome is assured: Total Chaos!

32 pages, $3.99.


Written, art and cover by Howard Chaykin.

New Year's, 1950--The end of a tumultuous decade... and Lamont Cranston, the man the world and the underworld know all too well as The Shadow, has had enough. It's time for the mysterious nemesis of crime to hang up his cloak, his slouch hat, and his twin .45s, and retire from public life... But despite this momentous decision, Margo Laine and the rest of The Shadow's agents fear that mankind, teetering on the brink of nuclear armageddon, may not be quite ready to be bereft of the dark avenger.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Mark Waid, art by Neil Edwards, covers by Christian Ward, Francesco Francavilla.

TV Legend. Wall Street Wolf. Internet Mogul. Tabloid Bad Boy. Master Metaphysicist. Spiritualist. Monster Hunter. Doctor Adam Spektor is all of these things... and less. For fifteen years, Spektor has traveled the globe to smoke out and defeat werewolves, vampires, ghosts and everything else that goes bump in the night. Yet his success has brought him no peace.. some part of him is missing; something he needs but can't name. But he's about to find what's missing... in an unlikely place.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Greg Pak, art by Mirko Colak, covers by Bart Sears, Jae Lee.

End of the first arc! Turok's out of options... he's learned how to tame some of the thunder lizards, but his tribe is in shambles and the invading dinosaurs will soon overwhelm everything he holds dear. Will Turok break a promise to himself, and delve further into the forest for help?

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Fred Van Lente, art by Cory Smith, covers by Gabriel Hardman, Bob Layton.

How do you kill a robot fighter? Send a human. Leeja Clane: Human Hunter! Her guns are huge! Her car is fast! Her theme music is awesome! How's Magnus possibly going to survive against an opponent with no robot parts?

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Frank Barbiere, art by Joe Bennett, covers by Juan Doe, Bob Layton.

In the stunning wake of issue one's shocking climax... Where is Solar? What will massive doses of unstable radiation do to his family? And even if they survive, what horrors are lurking in the stars?

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Jeff Parker, art by Evan Shaner, covers by Marc Laming, Ken Haeser.

As Flash's heroic reputation grows across the cosmos, his fantastic talents are tested by the Beast Men of the Outer Lands of Arboria!

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Dean Motter, Judith Dupre, art and cover by Sean Phillips.

Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of this hauntingly evocative graphic novel written by Dean Motter and Judith Dupre, and featuring lavishly painted artwork by superstar Sean Philliips! "Science transformed his body, artistry inspired his soul." The Heart of the Beast explores the timeless themes of classic horror literature, set against the backdrop of New York City's decadent art world of the nineties. Sandra, a beautiful and young bartender, meets the enigmatic Victor, a man with strange scars and stranger secrets. A tale of gothic love and modern horror, this graphic novel drew praise from critics and fans alike, and is long overdue for a 2014 release in an all-new prestige format edition. This newly digitally re-mastered edition features additional scrapbook material and commentary by the creators.

112 pages, $24.99 (signed, $49.99).


Written by Mark Rahner, art by Jethro Morales, cover by Jay Anacleto, Mel Rubi.

Following the events of Warlord of Mars #100, John Carter has gone missing. And to find him there's nothing Dejah Thoris won't break. No one she won't hurt. No hornet's nest she won't kick. But the Warlord of Mars stole an important Helium artifact before he disappeared, so not only is the Princess on her own this time -- she has to get Carter before anyone else does!

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Jim Zub, art by Jake Bilbao, Ivan Anaya, Sean Izaakse, Kevin Stokes, cover by Carlos Lopez.

When Valeros and his companions are tasked with tracking down a mysterious beast scaring the locals of Sandpoint, they find far more than they bargained for! A seemingly simple monster hunt becomes a twisted tale of danger and betrayal as the Cult of Lamashtu exacts its revenge on our iconic heroes. Paizo's award-winning tabletop RPG, fiction line, and card game is the ultimate fantasy comic! With an action-packed story written by Jim Zub (Samurai Jack, Skullkickers) and lavish artwork by newcomers Sean Izaakse and Ivan Anaya, this second volume continues the thrilling adventures of the Pathfinder iconic characters in the richly envisioned fantasy world of Golarion. This beautiful, oversized RPG-sized hardcover collects issues #7-12 of the comic series along with the 2014 Pathfinder Special, and includes 28 pages of encounters, characters, and world detail for the Pathfinder RPG, including a brand-new poster map!

216 pages, $29.99.


Written by Jim Zub, art by Leandro Oliveira, cover by Genzoman, Carlos Gomez, Sean Izaakse.

The Pathfinder heroes head to the city of Magnimar, and danger isn't far behind. As the wizard Ezren seeks an audience with the Pathfinder Society, his adventuring allies explore the city's ancient magic, well-hidden secrets, and deep political divides. The dangers and opportunities of the big city could bring the adventurers closer together -- or tear them apart! This issue marks the start of a new adventure series and is the perfect jumping-on point for new readers. Come aboard and see why Pathfinder is the world's best-selling fantasy roleplaying game. Each issue of this exciting new series also includes an exclusive Pathfinder RPG encounter and a bonus playable tactical map/art poster, bound in with each issue!

32 pages, $4.99.


Written by Gail Simone, art by Walter Geovani, cover by Jenny Frison, Emanuela Lupacchino, Stephanie Buscema.

Sonja's epic quest to collect the world's most gifted people races towards its climax, with the lives of a thousand innocent people at stake! The She-Devil chases a man who understands (and possibly controls) a dreadful power from the stars themselves!

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Eric Trautmann, Brandon Jerwa, art by Marcio Abreu, Edgar Salazar, Sergio Fernandez Davila, cover by Lucio Parrillo.

Red Sonja, She-Devil with a Sword, cuts a bloody swath from the jade kingdom of Khitai to her homeland of Hyrkania... and on a collision course with her most fearsome foe yet: the time-lost vampire lord, Dracula! Drawn to Khitai with the promise of riches, Sonja becomes bound by ancient codes of honor to join the fabled land's most revered warrior in conflict against a creature of limitless power. Pursued afterward by two deadly adversaries -- the armored maniac Omaju and a mirror-image doppleg‰nger named Khala -- the scarlet-haired heroine discovers an even worse threat waiting for her at home, as the legendary lord of the undead aims to conquer the past with his bloodthirsty legions. Can Red Sonja defeat Dracula... or will she succumb to his vampire bite and kill in his name? Collects issues #67-80.

360 pages, $29.99.


Written by Nate Cosby, art by Jose LuÌs, cover by Johnny Desjardins.

Vampirella, the beautiful and bloodthirsty heroine, travels to Mississippi to help an old flame solve the mystery of his murdered fiancee... a woman who appears to have died thirty-seven times before. Burdened by a mystical wound that will not heal, can Vampi hack through racist demons, evade corrupt lawmen, and solve this strange southern mystery... or will the man she once loved sacrifice his soul to get the answers instead? Collects issues #1-5 and features the script to issue #1 and a complete cover gallery.

132 pages, $19.99.


Written by Bill Willingham, art by Sergio Fernandez Davila, cover by Joe Benitez

Magna finally makes it to Landing, the proverbial City of Tomorrow founded and governed by none other than Flash Gordon. There, she finds herself assisting Flash in his experiments and research; as he hopes to one day make it back to the stars. But there are strange and improbable side-effects to his projects occurring not too far off on the mysterious island ruled by a man called Moreau...

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by James Kuhoric, art by Juan Antonio Ramirez, covers by Alex Ross, Ken Haeser, photo.

The original Six Million Dollar Man is back with an official continuation of the classic television series! Steve has been betrayed and now stands alone against the experimental Soviet Yaga tank. And closer to home, the mysterious alien plague spreads and threatens to destroy all of NASA while Oliver Spencer's Maskatron continues to evolve into the deadliest artificial intelligence on Earth. Steve Austin proves that it's not the bionic hardware that makes the man but the all-too-human heart that drives it.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by J. Michael Straczynski, art by Guiu Vilanova, cover by Francesco Francavilla

For three years, Diana Tyler has been working at a small cafÈ in the shadow of Wall Street, putting in long hours to pay for her college education. She's level-headed, strong, not given to flights of fancy... until the day when she suddenly finds herself able to listen in on the thoughts of other people. Suddenly a new world is revealed to her, with mysteries and wonders and an unforeseen threat that could mean the death of millions.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Chris Roberson, art by Bilquis Evely, covers by Alex Ross, John Cassaday.

As the Millennium draws to a close in 2000, Doc Savage's operation has expanded into a worldwide network of call centers and helpdesks, enabling him to assist more people than ever. But when a terrorist organization hacks into Doc's servers and cripples the infrastructure with a malicious virus, countless lives are put at risk. And as planes begin to fall from the skies, can even the Man of Bronze save them all?

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Shannon Eric Canton, art and cover by Roberto Castro.

Doc Savage and the Ghosts of War: After the recent loss of a squadmate from the war to end all wars, Doc will travel to South America to connect with an old love and reassess his place in the world. His sabbatical is anything but relaxing as Doc confronts a mysterious ghost-army, a secret league of scientists and all the dangers of an ancient death-temple. But these encounters are nothing compared to what Doc will discover about himself... a truth that will change Doc Savage forever.

48 pages, $5.99.


Written by Victor Gischler, art by Andrea Mutti, cover by Ardian Syaf

Featuring Miss Fury, The Black Sparrow, and The Shadow! The Black Sparrow is a criminal-for-hire, a beautiful thief and mercenary available for assignments all over the world. When a mysterious organization hires her to pluck the Moon Stone from a New York museum, she reneges on her deal and plans to sell the gem for greater profit elsewhere... but her employers are not amused. To survive a deadly retribution, she enlists the aid of her former lover -- the macabre crime-fighter known as The Shadow -- and the costumed heroine Miss Fury. Will the two femme fatales uncover the secrets of the Moon Stone? Collects issues #1-5 plus a complete cover gallery.

128 pages, $19.99.


Written by Art Baltazar, Franco, Chris Smits, art and cover by Art Baltazar.

The journey through the timestream continues as Captain Action Cat, Khem, Golden Age Action Cat, and Dr. Evil Cat spin wildly out of control! Their discombobulated trip takes them to unsuspected lands, unfamiliar places, and the dimension of the fantastic phantom apparition known as the Ghost! Who is she? What's her deal? Is she a cat person? We sure hope so! Who is trying to possess the ultimate evil anyway? Just when our heroes make sense of things they come face to face with the mysterious man known as ìXî! All this and a sample of jungle fury from the cheetah called the Savage Beauty!

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by J.T. Krul, art by Igor Vitorino, covers by Jenny Frison, Chris Bolson, photo.

The evolution of Number Six continues, as Eve begins to see her place in the psychiatric ward become less that of patient and more that of prisoner. She doesn't think of herself as a violent person, but when provoked all bets are off. As for the Cylons, Number Six has been designed for a very specific purpose and they are determined to make the necessary refinements so that she can achieve her prime directive. Next on the agenda: Aesthetics. She must be a beauty of a beast!

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Brian Buccellato, art by Ronan Cliquet, covers by Jae Lee, Billy Tan.

Final issue! In the final chapter to this story, the Black Bat is confronted by the unforeseen consequences of his vigilante quest for redemption. He comes face to face with the shadowy villain that has been pulling all of the strings, and must decide how far he is willing to go to save the city.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Steve Niles, art by Nacho Tenorio, covers by Justin Erickson, Dennis Calero.

A new adventure awaits Ash in the Dark Wood as he tries to find Evil Sheila and the Book of the Dead. But Sheila is too busy trying to resurrect a new undead husband to bother with Ash!

32 pages. $3.99.


Written by Aaron Gillespie, art by Ed Tadeo, Rey Villegas, cover by Mike Mayhew

Steve Austin, the iconic hero of television's Six Million Dollar Man, faces new threats both foreign and domestic! When the brutal dictator of Libue threatens to use whatever means necessary to squash the rebels of his war-torn nation, the American government sends the Bionic Man to prevent the detonation of nuclear missiles on millions of innocents. Meanwhile, the Office of Scientific Intelligence is under siege by rogue agents. Will Austin's close friend and O.S.I. handler Oscar Goldman survive an attack on his life... and a mechanized terror with a face all too familiar? Collecting issues #17-26 and featuring the script and writer's notes to issue #21, and a complete cover gallery.

280 pages, $24.99.


Written by Mike Carroll, art by Eman Casallos, Kewber Baal, cover by Mike Mayhew

She is no longer orphaned teen Jessica Blute, or suburban mom Jen Fellows, or the notorious vigilante known as Jennifer Blood. She is now just another inmate of Las Chacales Women's Correctional Facility. But in her life she has faced -- and defeated -- unimaginable horrors and overwhelming odds. She knows she can survive this place. She knows that she must survive-- because her fight is not yet over. And very quickly, Jennifer learns that someone on the outside is working on a plan... she has no idea what that plan is, or who is behind it. She only knows that she is part of it, and for it to work, she will have to change. Collecting issues #25-36 and a complete cover gallery.

296 pages, $29.99.

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