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Written by Zac Gorman, art and cover by CJ Cannon, Ryan Hill.

"The Wubba Lubba Dub Dub of Wall Street" continues! Morty has made it home from the horrors of the labyrinth but Rick remains stranded in a strange alternate universe where Morty is the "Rick" and Rick is the "Morty." Can our Morty fill in for his missing grandpa and bring Rick home? Plus, Morty and Summer's other grandpa comes for a visit that the kids will never forget.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written, art and cover by Zander Cannon.

MechaZon, leader of the Nation of Mecha gang, struggles with his pacifist stance when the monster he was created to destroy shows up at the prison. Also: A raid on a sulphur lab! Conspiracy! Beheadings! Vomit! And... adorable hallucinations?

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Brian Hurtt, art and cover by A.C. Zamudio, Bill Crabtree.

It is a time before The Sixth Gun. Yet, the darkness and corruption that precede the coming of The Six are in their season. The Crossroads is broken. A door to the Spirit World is ajar. And what has slipped through threatens all of creation. It is up to the reclusive witch, Buzzard Wife, to gather the tribes and form a Hunting Party. With the help of the legendary White Wolf, she will lead this elite group of shamans, scouts and warriors into battle. Into legend. Into the Valley of Death.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Rick Spears, art and cover by James Callahan, Luigi Anderson.

Deep in the South Pacific there's a secret island populated by bloodthirsty savages and monstrous wildlife. It's the perfect location for Nathan T. Rex to shoot Sister Bambi! The script isn't quite locked, so the gang sets off in search of a legendary script doctor whose powers of development know no bounds! To find him, all they have do is get past a giant 50 foot gorilla and his equally giant... "low hanging fruit."

32 pages, $3.99.

LETTER 44 #17

Written by Charles Soule, art and cover by Alberto JimÈnez Alburquerque, Dan Jackson.

President Blades realizes that he is running out of time to win World War III, and makes a decision that will change the course of history forever. In space, the Clarke astronauts approach the Builders - the alien visitors to our solar system - with a desperate plea to save the Earth from a world-ending disaster.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Cullen Bunn, art and cover by Brian Churilla, Dave Stewart.

Lost in one of the countless infernal fragments of Hell, Jenner and the rest of Orpheus Team are separated and beset by strange devils. But demons are not the only creatures to be found in Hell. As he strives to reconnect with his teammates, Jenner encounters a group of resistance fighters who offer him a dire warning about the Kerberos Corporation. As prayers of exorcism are uttered and bullets start flying, deeper mysteries about those who would brave Hell begin to unfold.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Joshua Fialkov, art and cover by Joe Infurnari.

A strange new romance blossoms, one that might doom the friends and bring on the future apocalypse. Plus, the cure is within reach. Can Daniel and Natasha actually be able to save the world?

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Ted Naifeh, art and cover by Ted Naifeh, Warren Wucinich.

Despite having improved in her studies, princess U;ga still doesn't feel any closer to being a true princess like the others, and she still hasn't gotten a handle on diplomacy. But when the other princesses are targeted ñfirst by bandits, and then by political figures -- Ulga will have to shed her princess skin and become the ìbonny wee berserkerî of her people, or else the princesses are doomed!

120 pages, $15.99.


Written by Greg Rucka, art and cover by Justin Greenwood.

"The Case of a Cup of Joe," Part One, Dex deals with people who will quite literally kill for a good cup of coffee. Seriously, it's Portland.

32 pages, $3.99.


Written by Jennifer Van Meter, art by Meredith McClaren, Christine Norrie, cover by Meredith McClaren.

All the Hopeless-Savages are back in this fourth volume of the series! Zero's in college (and hating it), though a tour with the Dusted Bunnies promises to rejuvenate her spirits -- at least, that's what she's telling her therapist. But a rival band threatens to end the tour early, and without her family, Zero's in no position to fight back. Meanwhile, the rest of the Hopeless-Savages are dealing with their own problems, including babies, contracts, and drug addictions. But if there's one family who can pull it all off, it's this one. Stunningly illustrated by Meredith McClaren (Hinges), with flashbacks by original series artist Christine Norrie, this is one volume fans won't want to miss out on!

152 pages, $17.99.


Written by Christos Gage, Ruth Gage, art and cover by Jackie Lewis/

In the tradition of Braveheart and 300 comes The Lion of Rora -- the true story of Joshua Janavel, farmer turned freedom fighter, who will stop at nothing in his quest to save his people from tyranny and religious persecution. This painstakingly researched graphic novel, written by Christos Gage & Ruth Fletcher Gage and featuring evocative art from Jackie Lewis, chronicles the epic war over faith, freedom, and family.

184 pages, $29.99.

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