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Written by Matt Kindt, art by Tomas Giorello, covers by J.G. Jones, Mico Suayan, Juan Jose Ryp, Felipe Massafera.

And so the unstoppable X-O Manowar enters the fray! From East to West, the nation has been cleaved down the middle as Livewire's defensive attack on the U.S. power grid envelops America in darkness and sets the stage for the biggest clash of powers ever witnessed... On one side, Peter Stanchek's ragtag team of Renegades -- alongside their newly activated army of untrained and wildly unstable psiots -- ready themselves for an unsparing firefight with H.A.R.D. Corps and the agents of Omen. On the other, Ninjak and Bloodshot prepare to enter Livewire's domain inside blacked-out Los Angeles. But as the casualties pile up and the losses mount on both sides, none of them will be ready to confront the full fury of raw power personified as X-O Manowar makes his long-awaited return after a year of self imposed exile among the stars...and delivers a single concussive strike that will send shockwaves across the whole of the Valiant Universe!

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on June 27.


Written by Andy Diggle, art by Shawn Martinbrough, covers by Tonci Zonjic, David Mack, David LaFuente, Dave Johnson.

In the aftermath of "Fear of the Dark," Valiant reveals the full scope and power of the Shadowman mythos...and how three of its forgotten champions stoked its earliest embers...with a legend-fueled odyssey into eons past as "Dead and Gone" tells all!

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on June 20.


Written by Matt Kindt, art by Trevor Hairsine, covers by Lewis LaRosa, Jim Mahfood, Veronica Fish and Philip Tan.

As Harbinger Wars 2 rages, witness the birth of "Barbarians." Long ago, on the bloodstained battlefields of centuries past, Aric of Dacia cut a swath through the armies of the ancient world as a brash but cunning warrior -- and all without the X-O Manowar armor. Now, the untold story of Aric's swashbuckling youth -- and how it unknowingly forged his fate as the defender of 21st century Earth -- can finally be told as the man who would be X-O Manowar leaves the Visigoth homeland behind to infiltrate the Roman Empire's gleaming capital from within!

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on June 27.


Written by Christos Gage, art by Juan Jose Ryp, covers by Tonci Zonjic, Alan Quah, Clayton Crain, Juan Jose Ryp.

Colin King has recruited a highly skilled team of black ops specialists -- including Livewire, Dr. Mirage, Punk Mambo, and the robotic alien colossus called GIN-GR -- for the ultimate search-and-destroy mission! The Jonin, the mysterious mentor behind the program that trained MI6's elite ninja assassins, has resurfaced in Mexico City at the head of a covert cabal of long-lived and near-immortal renegades with incredible powers...and a mission that could destabilize human civilization as we know it!

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on June 20.


Written by Jeff Lemire, art by Doug Braithwaite, covers by Kenneth Rocafort, Renato Guedes, Kim Jung Gi.

"The Book of Revelations" -- Part One! Two thousand years in the future -- in the year 4001 A.D. -- the man once known as Ray Garrison is no more...but the microscopic nanites inside him live on. Enter Bloodshot 4001 -- a strange, gunslinging echo of Bloodshot's mind, body, and soul that is now more machine than man. But when our century's Bloodshot finds himself delivered to the dawn of the 41st century with one last mission to fulfill, two Valiant legends will finally come face to face...just as the secret revelation that binds them together across the ages will forever reshape Bloodshot's place at the center of the Valiant Universe!

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on June 13.


Written by Eliot Rahal, art by Francis Portela, covers by Ariel Olivetti, Geoff Shaw and Viktor Kalvachev.

With Harbinger Wars 2 seizing America, Livewire has rendered the nation's power grid useless in a last-ditch attempt to shield her psiot allies. The people of Washington D.C. need someone to save them -- and so do Quantum and Woody! Now that the high-tech wristbands that keep their atoms stabilized have become nothing more than fashion accessories, the world's worst superhero team is going where no one has gone before... Into the atomic realm!

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on June 27.


Written by Daniel Kibblesmith, art by Derek Charm, covers by David LaFuente, Dan Parent.

Get ready for second period the creators detail another hysterical day in the life of the world's most talented teenagers, in an incredible all-ages adventure set outside of Valiant's standard superhero continuity!

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on June 6.


Written by Daniel Kibblesmith, art by kano and Francis Portela, cover by Julian Totino Tedesco. embrace your destiny. And and your troublemaking adopted brother find yourselves trapped in a scientific lab explosion that grants you $@&%ing awesome superpowers. As a result of their accident, Eric and Woody Henderson -- aka Quantum and Woody -- must "klang" their wristbands together every 24 hours or both dissipate into nothingness. Which makes superhero-ing pretty awkward when you're not on speaking terms at the moment. See, Eric has been keeping a pretty big secret: He knows who Woody's birth father really is...and where he's been hiding all these years.

With great power comes great sibling rivalry! This winter, you'll believe two men and one goat can split a one bedroom apartment and still be a credible threat to evil and injustice everywhere when Quantum and Woody make headlines and take names! Collecting Quantum and Woody! #1--5.

128 pages, $9.99, in stores on June 27.


Written by James Asmus, Fred Van Lente and Tim Siedell. art by Steve Lieber, Kano and Pere Perez, cover by Paolo Rivera.

Quantum and Woody are the world's worst superhero team. Archer & Armstrong are a mismatched pair of conspiracy-busting adventurers. When a mysterious force collides with these ill-suited and irresponsible "heroes," they're in for a cross-country race through the darkest corners of American mythology...and all hell is bound to break loose. Can two busted pairs become four of a kind in time to defeat the Hobo King, save the day, and make it back home for happy hour? Let's hope so because these guys make a really, really bad team. (And you don't even want to know about the Goat.) Collecting The Delinquents #1-4, Quantum and Woody Must Die! #1-4, Valiant-Sized Quantum and Woody #1 and Unity #25, along with 20+ pages of rarely seen art and extras!

304 page, $49.99, in stores on June 13.

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