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SUNDAY, JUNE 3, 2018


In Cloak & Dagger, Andrea Roth players Melissa Bowen, Tandy's mother.

She recently talked about the show.

On her character, Melissa Bowen:

"I play Melissa Bowen, who is Tandy's mother, that is Dagger's mom. We have a very dysfunctional relationship. We are dealing with loss and grief and alcohol, I won't say addiction, but reliance on my part. And the two of us are trying to struggle through and find each other."

On what make this show different from other Marvel projects:

"This show is different from some of the other Marvel shows because we're starting off with our two super-heroes just discovering their powers and really not knowing what's going on. And it's much more character driven, with them dealing with the loss of lives, understanding what these powers are, why they're happening, how they happen, how they can harness and control them. It's about families and loss and redemption, trying to find hope in bad situations and trying to figure out exactly what did happen. There's a mystery in there as well. I think it's just a wonderful drama, masked in a Marvel super-hero series.

On the show's message:

"I hope the viewers take away hope and redemption, and that no matter the struggles, the loss, the grief, the pain, the dysfunctional family and relationships that teens, that all of us, have to go through, through it, there's hope. Perservance. Looking within, looking throughout, trying to solve things. People can come together."

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