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MONDAY, JUNE 18, 2018




Written by Brian Michael Bendis, art by Yanick Paquette, cover by Patrick Gleason, variant covers by Francis Manapul, David Mack.

How well does Clark Kent know his own city? Are the threats targeting Metropolis new or something older and more dangerous than they seem? With mobsters being killed off and the Daily Planet staff hunting for answers, it's up to Superman to discover what lurks in the underside of the city he thought he knew so well. Who is the Red Mist, and why has Superman never heard of someone so powerful and dangerous? And what is Lois Lane doing with Lex Luthor?

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 26.


Written by Peter J. Tomasi, art by Carlo Barberi and Art Thibert, cover by Dan Mora.

Kids today, amiright? What with their vaping, texting, emoji-ing and whatnot -- never mind what happens when teen villains the Gang get their hands on Gold Kryptonite! That's exactly what the young bad guys plan to do to impress the Earth's biggest villains! Super Sons Robin and Superboy stand face to face with Rex Luthor, Joker Jr. and other psychos pulled right from your nightmares. The Gang has already robbed Superboy of his powers, and now they're ready to reveal their grand plan!

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 5.


Written by Dan Abnett and Rob Williams, art by Vicente Cifuentes, cover by Rafa Sandoval, variant cover by Joshua Middleton.

The finale of "Sink Atlantis," the four-part crossover with the Suicide Squad! The undersea kingdom of Atlantis is overrun with black-ops super-villains; a dethroned ex-King of the Seven Seas; and a former assassin-mermaid from the Bermuda Triangle, all locked on a collision course! The Suicide Squad, Aquaman and Mera: no holds barred!

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 19.


Written by Mairghread Scott, art by Paul Pelletier and Norm Rapmund, cover by Sean Murphy, variant cover by Joshua Middleton.

You can't go home again. But that's just where Barbara Gordon, a.k.a. Batgirl, is forced to go when the chip granting her mobility keeps shorting out in the aftermath of her clash with Grotesque. Will Commissioner Gordon drive Babs totally bonkers with his bedside manner? Or will the malfunctioning tech impact more than just her legs? Plus, what's the deal with killer art critic Grotesque and his murderous new M.O.? It's all in part two of "Art of the Crime."

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 26.


Written by Tom King, art and cover by Matt Wagner, variant cover by Francesco Mattina.

Dick Grayson -- the original Robin -- gets to spend some quality time fighting crime with his mentor for the first time since Batman popped the question to Catwoman. It's a walk down memory lane as Bruce Wayne helps Dick get over the loss of his high-flying acrobat parents, which in turn led to his crime-fighting career.

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 5.


Written by Tom King, art and cover by Tony S. Daniel, variant cover by Francesco Mattina.

The KGBeast lives! The Russian super-assassin is back -- but under whose orders? Does he have a specific mission, or is this simply some leftover Cold War mayhem? Nyet, comrade -- it has to do with Bruce Wayne's recent court case involving Mr. Freeze. Something is rotten in Gotham, and you can still smell it, even if it's on ice!

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 19.


Written by Dan Jurgens, art by Will Conrad, cover by Viktor Kalvachev, variant cover by Dave Johnson.

Bruce Wayne gets to creeping around with his old cohort Jack Ryder (a.k.a. the Creeper) to thwart the Scarecrow's attack on Neo-Gotham. But will they be in time to stop Batman and the new Robin from pummeling each other to death? Out of costume, Terry McGinnis must choose between two women who've stolen his heart. Who will win the hand of the Bat-chelor? Find out in the conclusion to "Target: Batman."

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 26.


Written by Scott Peterson, art and cover by Kelley Jones.

Scarecrow is loose in the streets of Gotham City, and Batman must drag him back to Arkham Asylum! To make matters worse, he's doused Batman with the strongest batch of fear gas in his arsenal, turning the city the Dark Knight Detective protects into his worst nightmare and enemy!

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 26.


Written, art and cover by Joelle Jones, variant cover by Stanley Lau.

The secret shot-caller who's been borrowing Catwoman's M.O. for a series of crimes steps out of the shadows in this issue, and her "secret origin" is unlike anything Selina's run into before! Meanwhile, the police close in on Catwoman as well, as they believe she killed a cop during one of the crimes she's been framed for. With nowhere to go and no one to turn to, Catwoman's running out of her nine lives fast!

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 5.


Written by Justin Jordan, art and cover by Philip Tan.

Nothing is creepier than possessed children. Wait, no, possessed dolls. Those are worse. Anyway, our heroes Joe and Annie find themselves under assault from a horde of possessed kids, all under the command of the mystical baddie Slackjaw. In reality, Slackjaw's a possessed child himself, so it might be time to call in Brimstone for an exorcism. Unfortunately, Joe's having a crisis of conscience because he doesn't want to fight children, even if they're possessed by the devil. So how do you stop a child-devil army without hurting the innocent possessed?

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Sept. 5.


Written by Robert Venditti, art by Diogenes Neves and Trevor Scott, cover by Trevor Hairsine.

Talk about a brave and bold team-up: Damage has joined forces with a mysterious top military operative, and now the two are on the run from Colonel Jonas and her black-ops team. With his powers back up and running, there's nothing to stop Damage from killing the woman who turned him into a monster -- with the possible exception of one dark secret!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Sept. 19.


Written by Christopher Priest, art by Carlo Pagulayan and Jason Paz, cover by Robson Rocha and Daniel Henriques, variant cover by Francesco Mattina.

In this corner: Deathstroke, suffering from a traumatic brain injury at the hands of Batman! In the other corner: Batman, with Deathstroke's knife in his gut! All of this with the feds invading Wayne Manor -- and now they're in the catacombs under the mansion, which lead to the you-know-what-cave! If they're going to escape, Batman and Slade are going to have to work together.

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 5.


Written by James Robinson, art and cover by Stephen Segovia, variant cover by Mark Brooks.

Kicking off an arc guest-written by James Robinson. It looks like the kind of murder case too ordinary to draw the attention of Batman...but once the World's Greatest Detective gets involved, the identity of the victim completely unravels -- and leads to a conspiracy among some of the Dark Knight's strangest foes!

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 12.


Written by James Robinson, art and cover by Stephen Segovia, variant cover by Mark Brooks.

Fighting off Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum and two versions of the pyro-maniac Firefly shouldn't be too difficult for Batman...but the real threat comes from the fact that they're pairs! For some reason, Two-Face doesn't want Batman to discover the truth behind the murder he's investigating...but what's his angle?

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 26.


Written by Geoff Johns, art and covers by Gary Frank.

Johns and Frank continue the groundbreaking miniseries bringing the world of Watchmen to DC. In this chapter, the truth behind Dr. Manhattan's curiosity with the DC Universe is revealed as the planet teeters on the edge of the Super-War.

32 pages, $4.99, in stores on Sept. 26.


Written by Joshua Williamson, art by Christian Duce, cover by Dan Mora, variant cover by Howard Porter.

The Flash is now the strongest man alive thanks to a jolt from one of the new forces! Turning his jacked-up sights to Trickster, the two duke it out inside Iron Heights for utter supremacy. Will anyone stop these two behemoths from beating the hell out of each other...or is this just what Warden Wolfe wants?

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 12.


Written by Joshua Williamson, art by Scott Kolins, cover by Dan Mora, variant cover by Howard Porter.

Barry Allen's CSI team gets called to the scene of an arson at Iron Heights, and the victim happens to be a well-known Flash Rogue. Barry's new partner thinks it's an inside job, the warden sending a message to the inmates about who's in charge. But the real culprit turns out to be the latest "Force" threat. Can the Flash and Commander Cold snuff this flaming mystery before it becomes an inferno?

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 26.


Written by Julie Benson and Shawna Benson, art by Javier Fernandez, cover by Alex Maleev, variant cover by Kaare Andrews.

Green Arrow is used to firing at targets -- but he's not used to having the bull's-eye on his own back! Social justice vigilante Citizen calls out Oliver Queen as one of his next marks, so now Ollie's fighting a two-front battle in both his private and crime-fighting lives. Green Arrow must protect the others whom Citizen has named in his scheme to eradicate corruption from Seattle, while simultaneously dodging the attacks aimed at him -- luckily, he's got Black Canary and Kate Spencer watching his back. Unfortunately, they can't save him from everything...

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 5.


Written by Dan Jurgens, art by Marco Santucci, cover by Mike Perkins, variant cover by Chris Stevens.

The Cyborg Superman, Hank Henshaw, found a way to override the Green Lanterns' Power Rings, and he's using that ability to gaslight Simon Baz in part five of the "Evil's Might" storyline. Communicating with Baz through his ring, Henshaw convinces Simon to trespass in Superman's Fortress of Solitude, where Henshaw will have access to all the cosmic weaponry that would make him unstoppable. Can Simon throw off the mental shackles ensnaring him? Or will he unwittingly help Hank Henshaw become an omega-level threat once again?

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 5.


Written by Dan Jurgens, art and cover by Mike Perkins, variant cover by Chris Stevens.

Hank Henshaw, the Ravagers and Eon battle the Green Lantern Corps on Mogo for the fate of the universe! (In other words, it's Tuesday.) Hal Jordan has had enough of this Man of Steel knockoff, so he's seeking out the former Cyborg Superman with the sole intention of handing him his butt! However, Henshaw's ability to hack the Corps' power rings may give him all the leverage he needs to take over the universe.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Sept. 19.


Written by Sam Humphries, art by Alisson Borges, cover by Gullem March, variant cover by Frank Cho.

Harley's straight-up clowning around on her latest mission, and she's faced with a real laugher of a puzzle: How does she kill and collect the bounty on Lord Death Man, an immortal murder machine who seemingly can't be killed? Nevertheless, she will persist with a host of attempted assassinations, all doomed to fail. Time is running out, and Harley's running out of material, too!

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 5.


Written by Sam Humphries, art by John Timms and others, cover by Amanda Conner, variant cover by Frank Cho.

In a special anniversary story, "Harley Saves the Universe!" -- no kidding! While reading a mysterious Harley Quinn comic book, H.Q. accidentally breaks all of reality. And you know the saying: if you break it, you bought it! Now it's up to Harley to travel through both time and space to fix all the continuity errors she created. Luckily, she'll have a little help, 'cuz riding shotgun is none other than special guest star Jonni DC, Continuity Cop! Good thing, too, because if Harley fails, it means her own mom will be lost forever. Gulp! That doesn't sound very funny!

48 pages, $4.99, in stores on Sept. 19.


Written by Robert Venditti, art and cover by Bryan Hitch, variant cover by Stjepan Sejic.

It's Hawkman vs. Hall in the brawl for all of Thanagar! Having just teleported across the galaxy, Earthman Carter Hall squares off against Thanagarian space cop Katar Hol in an all-Hawkman slugfest. Katar provides the next piece of the puzzle in Carter's quest to unlock the secrets of his own past -- an alien artifact that immediately zooms him back to Earth. While puzzling out the space doohickey's purpose, Carter finds himself whisked away once again, only to come face to face with an old Justice League teammate.

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 12.


Written by Tom King, art and cover by Clay Mann, variant covers by J.G. Jones, Mark Brooks, Francesco Mattina.

There's a new kind of crisis threatening the heroes of the DC Universe, ripped from real-world headlines by C.I.A.-operative-turned-comics-writer Tom King: How does a superhero handle PTSD? Welcome to Sanctuary, an ultra-secret hospital for superheroes who've been 
traumatized by crime-fighting and cosmic combat. But something goes inexplicably wrong when many patients wind up dead, with two well-known operators as the prime suspects:
Harley Quinn and Booster Gold! It's up to the DC Trinity of Superman, Wonder Woman and 
Batman to investigate -- but can they get the job done in the face of overwhelming opposition?

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 26.


Written by James Tynion IV, art and cover by Tyler Kirkham.

The Immortal Men are supposed to be a secret world-saving organization. But that cat will be out of the bag if they can't stop the Infinite Woman and her brood of Bloodless soldiers, commanded by the Kill! And as the fight spills out into the greater DC Universe, which classic DC hero will rise to seek the answer to the unanswerable question: Who are the Immortal Men? (Of course, being dead is a lot worse than going public.)

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Sept. 12.


Written by Scott Sndyer, art and cover by Jim Cheung and Mark Morales, variant cover by Jim Lee and Scott Williams.

It's wall-to-Source-Wall Justice League action as artist Jim Cheung rejoins writer Scott Snyder! Hawkgirl takes wing against Legion of Doom leader Lex Luthor; John Stewart faces off with old foe Sinestro; the Flash must run down the Still Force-empowered Gorilla Grodd; and Wonder Woman tackles the tag team of Black Manta and Cheetah -- underwater, no less!

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 5.


Written by James Tynion IV, art and cover by Mikel Janin, variant cover by Jim Lee and Scott Williams.

Part two of the "Legion of Doom" storyline focuses on Lex Luthor's recruiting efforts -- and this time around, he's targeting both Cheetah and Black Manta for membership! Lex knows just what buttons to push to acquire his super-powered muscle, and this issue it's all about getting revenge on Wonder Woman and Aquaman, respectively. We bet they sign right up as soon as they find out Lex has Metal's Batman Who Laughs locked up in Doom HQ!

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 19.


Written by James Tynion IV, art and cover by Alvaro Martinez and Raul Fernandez, variant cover by Greg Capullo and Jonathan Glapion.

Wonder Woman! Swamp Thing! Zatanna! Man-Bat! Um...Detective Chimp! The JL Dark team may not be strong or deep enough to stop the omnipotent Upside-Down Man from taking over our entire plane of existence. UDM takes the JLD apart one by one, but Wonder Woman might have enough mojo to keep everyone alive. Turns out Diana had a power not even she knew about that bursts to the surface, but will it be enough to turn the Upside-Down Man on his head, or is it just a lot of mystical mumbo jumbo?

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 26.


Written by Joshua Williamson, art and cover by Stjepan Sejic, variant cover by Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson.

Space may very well be the final frontier for the Odyssey team! It's bad enough when the very environment of space wants to kill you, but when Vril Dox shows up and attacks with an army of Brainiac robots, what chance does the Odyssey team have? Of course, Vril's just doing this to save the Coluan refugees aboard the ship, right? He wouldn't have some ulterior motive, would he? And can the team really trust that Darkseid -- who's also aboard their ship -- won't try to destroy the universe? Cyborg, Starfire, Green Lantern Jessica Cruz and Azrael are on it!

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 12.


Written by Tom King, art and variant cover by Mitch Gerads, cover by Nick Derrington.

It'll be a miracle if you can get through this mind-bending conclusion with your sanity intact! After his epic battle with Darkseid, Scott Free sees life a whole new way: he's the new Highfather of New Genesis, and he's madly in love with his wife and child. But what if it's all a lie? Did Mister Miracle really escape death way back in issue #1? No one really knows but Tom King and Mitch Gerads!

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 12.


Writter by Scott Snyder and Aaron Gillespie, art and cover by V. Ken Marion and Sandu Florea.

The team returns to Challengers Mountain, only to find it completely obliterated! And without the mountain to replenish their borrowed time, it looks like they're out of second chances. But for the Challengers to live to fight another day, they'll need to use a power with a consequence that spells certain doom!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Sept. 19.


Written by Benjamin Percy, art by Amancay Nahuelpan, cover by Mike Perkins, variant cover by John Romita Jr. and Danny Miki.

Guest-starring the Silencer! Dick Grayson is forced to participate in the world's greatest motorcycle race, a three-day affair hosted on a remote island and populated by the greatest riders on the planet. Nightwing reluctantly complies, but only to save the life of an old friend. That brings him into competition with the Silencer, who's also racing to save a friend. Only one rider can who's gonna leg this one out? That's if they survive the onslaught of super-criminals in the race as well.

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 5.


Written by Benjamin Percy, art by Amancay Nahuelpan, cover by Mike Perkins, variant cover by John Romita Jr. and Danny Miki.

What happens when the race is no longer against each other, but against Leviathan itself? As the head of the snake reappears, and as our heroes are allied against a common enemy, the bike race changes gears and the prize comes into focus -- a chance for the winner to sit in the Mobius chair and ask one question.

48 pages, $4.99, in stores on Sept. 19.


Written by Gail Simone, art by Adriana Melo, cover by Emanuela Lupacchino and Ray McCarthy.

Plastic Man fondly remembers his days as a simple street thug, when people knew his name and respected his talents (even though no one ever respected him). But he's turning over a new leaf, mentoring the youth, saving old ladies from pick-pockets and younger ladies from kidnappers. Unfortunately, when he meets the kidnappers and realizes this entire episode's nothing more than a setup? All those leaves flip back over with a vengeance!

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 12.


Written by Marv Wolfman, art by Pop Mhan, cover by Cully Hamner.

The mystical manhunters known only as the Shadow Riders want the young arcanes surrounding Raven for their next prey. And they are all too successful: one of them dies! Introducing...the beginning of a brand-new Night Force.

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 26.


Written by Scott Lobdell, art and cover by Pete Woods, variant cover by Yasmine Putri.

Jason Todd's about to take this vigilante game to a whole new level. His partners, Bizarro and Artemis? Gone! His mentor, Batman? Out! His base of operations, Gotham City? Abandoned. Cast out and alone, Red Hood embarks on a bold, brutal new mission, with a new costume, new weapons and a new plan to punish evildoers across the DCU.

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 12.


Written by Dan DiDio, art and cover by Kenneth Rocafort.

When Sideways leads the Seven Soldiers into the Dark Multiverse to find the missing Manhattan Guardian, the whole trip goes sideways (zing!) when our hero gets separated from the group and becomes lost in this nightmarish realm. And just like any petulant teenager, Sideways won't stop and ask for directions, so now he's trapped in the land of Perrus, ruled by the Dark Beast and populated by weird Superman-esque creatures, like Porcupine Jimmy Olsen.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Sept. 12.


Written by Dan Abnett, art by Patrick Zircher, cover by Viktor Bogdanovic and Jonathan Glapion.

Is there anything worse than a family vacation? Your spouse grouses, the kids complain, rest-stop food is gross -- to make things worse, Silencer finds not one, but TWO deadly assassins on her tail! Talia al Ghul is in desperate need of a Lazarus Pit bath, and to get one she needs her top assassin Wishbone to throw Silencer off the trail! Problem is, Silencer isn't the only one on the hunt. Her rival Quietus needs Talia out of the picture, and the whole thing devolves into a mind-bending shootout at the amusement park, where Silencer's hubby and kiddie get caught in the crossfire. That's it -- next year it's a "staycation"!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Sept. 26.


Written by Rob Williams, art by Jose Luis, cover by Rafa Sandoval, variant cover by Francesco Mattina.

"Sink Atlantis," part three. The Aquaman crossover continues in part three of "Sink Atlantis"! The squad slinks deeper into Atlantis on their mission to sink the risen undersea kingdom. But when Harley reveals that they've got a nuclear bomb in tow to get the job done, the team might just tear one another apart before they're able to complete the task at hand. Aquaman confronts the Squad with a gang of his own just as Mera's coronation begins, and the moment you've all been waiting for arrives: Killer Croc versus King Shark!

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 12.


Written by Marc Andreyko, art by Kevin Maguire, cover by Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson, variant cover by Amanda Conner.

Who murdered Krypton? Supergirl and Krypto rocket into space, en route to the Green Lantern world of Mogo, where she hopes to find clues about Rogol Zaar and his connection to the destruction of Krypton. Instead, she finds whispers and cover-ups. What are the GLs hiding? And will they go from Green to Red when they find out she's in possession of Zaar's weapon of war? (Hint: yes!)

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 12.


Written by Brian Michael Bendis, art and cover by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado, variant covers by Adam Hughes and David Mack.

Guest-starring the Justice League! Locked inside the Phantom Zone, the Earth stands poisoned and its heroes lie dying, with no idea how to escape the deadly Kryptonian trap. But an even deadlier threat invades as Rogol Zaar teams with those who have been imprisoned inside the Phantom Zone to use Earth to escape, not caring if they destroy the planet to do it.

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 12.


Written by Adam Glass, art by Bernard Chang, cover by Nick Derington, variant cover by Alex Garner.

The team's dealing with an unexpected loss, but there's little time to grieve. They must travel to Keystone City, where Golden Glider and Swerve plan to pull a heist at a children's hospital. (That's a new low, even for some Rogues!) There's also plenty of drama to go around, as Kid Flash mulls quitting after his clash with Red Arrow, and Damian's harboring a new, secret mentor, all while his secret prison's about to blow up in his face.

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 26.


Written by Jeff Lemire, art and cover by Dale Eaglesham.

The Terrifics find themselves stuck up a cosmic tree with the newly rediscovered Tom Strong -- and the fire department ain't coming to rescue them! The team gets split up while trying to escape this devious trap set for them by a mysterious enemy known as Doc Dread, and they wind up in a bunch of weird dimensions trippier than a spin on the "Yellow Submarine"! Is there a cure awaiting our afflicted adventurers at the end of this other-dimensional adventure? Or will Plastic Man, Metamorpho, Phantom Girl and Mr. Terrific be trapped in Tom Strong's stronghold peddling snake oil instead?

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Sept. 26.


Written by Dan Abnett, art and cover by Brandon Peterson, variant cover by Jonboy Meyers.

The Titans split into three separate squads to combat the growing Source Wall Event threat in this anniversary issue! As Raven, Steel and Beast Boy contain an alien-robot outbreak, and Donna Troy tracks down the Blood Cult, who claim to have knowledge of why the Source Wall cracked, Nightwing and Miss Martian are fighting each other while also fighting for survival against a new metahuman threat with a penchant for creating pocket dimensions. Can Dick and M'gann put aside their differences, or will her terrible secret derail the whole thing before they resolve anything?

48 pages, $4.99, in stores on Sept. 12.


Written by Dan Abnett, art by Brent Peeples and Matt Santorelli, cover by Brandon Peterson, variant cover by Jonboy Meyers.

Spinning out of events in issue #25, Donna is on the trail of the newly revitalized Blood Cult, whose evil experiments have transformed an entire town into bloodthirsty zombies! Plus, Miss Martian must wrestle with her own inner demons before she completely loses control!

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 26.


Written by Steve Orlando, art by Cary Nord and Wade Von Grawbadger, cover by Yanick Paquette.

The Unexpected race to save Gotham City from exposure to the toxic Nth metal -- and you don't come to Gotham without meeting the Bat-Family! But who else besides Batman knows enough about the Dark Multiverse and the poisonous Nth metal to be of help? Enter the Huntress! And it all wraps up in Castle Frankenstein!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Sept. 15.


Written by Steve Orlando, art by Raul Allen, cover by David Yardin, variant cover by Jenny Frison.

Diana's model U.N. project goes up in flames when she tries to intervene and stop the exiled Bana-Mighdall Amazons from invading the nation of Qurac under false pretenses. She clashes with Artemis, who wants her exiled sisters to go to war, despite the fact that the expat Amazons are being none other than the deadly Rustam, Quraci seditionist and rebel leader! Now it's up to Wonder Woman to lasso this runaway war train before it can get up to speed -- and it's about to pull out of the station.

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 12.


Written by Steve Orlando, art by Raul Allen, cover by David Yardin, variant cover by Jenny Frison.

Then, two armies stand ready to annihilate each other, with Wonder Woman and Artemis caught in the middle, fighting for the souls of the exiled Amazons living in Bana-Mighdall! Does Diana possess the might and diplomatic prowess to convince her sisters to stop their march toward war? Who will fall beneath the flaming swords of Rustam? And more importantly, how does she make sure this doesn't happen again? Will Diana have to Occupy the Amazons?!

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 26.


Written by Grant Morrison, art and cover by Yanick Paquette.

For years, Diana of Paradise Island yearned to leave the only home she knew behind for adventures that laid beyond its shores. Now, after a fateful meeting with Air Force pilot Steve Trevor, the Amazon Warrior finds herself in Man's World. And she is ready for anything that it may throw at her. But is the world ready for Wonder Woman? An American government, fraught with dissension and conflicts foreign to Diana, has deemed her a danger to society. How will Wonder Woman carry out her mission of peace and love in a world that can't get out of its own way? That is, unless there are more insidious forces at play...

136 pages, $24.99, in stores on Oct. 3.



Written by Eric M. Esquivel, art and cover by Ramon Villalobos, variant cover by Jorge Jimenez,

When a crack in the border between worlds releases an army of monsters from Mexican folklore, the residents of Devil's Fork, AZ, blame the ensuing weirdness -- the shared nightmares, the otherworldly radio transmissions, the mysterious goat mutilations -- on "God-dang illegals." With racial tensions supernaturally charged, it's up to new kid in town Frank Dominguez and a motley crew of high school misfits to discover what's really going on in this town torn between worlds.

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 5.


Written by Simon Spurrier, art by Bilquis Evely, cover by Jae Lee, variant cover by Yanick Paquette.

From the upheaval of The Sandman Universe #1 rises The Dreaming -- a kingdom in chaos. There is a place where stories are born. Today its walls lie slashed and bleeding. Dream has abandoned his realm, and until he is found, its residents must protect its broken borders alone. But the most senior storysmiths are tormented by invasive secrets, the warden Lucien is doubting his own mind -- and beyond the gates something horrific waits with tooth and talon. Only Dora, the monstress, finds opportunity in madness, stealing dreams for the highest bidder. But she has no idea how deep the danger lies. Meanwhile, in Dream's gallery, something new is growing...

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 5.


Written by Nalo Hopkinson, art by Dominike Stanton, cover by Sean Andrew Murray, variant cover by Bill Sienkiewicz.

Welcome to the House of Dahomey, the houseboat of Erzulie Fréda, where the souls of Voodoo followers go when they sleep to beseech the flirtatious and tragic goddess to grant them their hearts' desires and counsel them on their futures and fortunes. When you arrive, you'll find a party is in full swing, filled with all kinds of fabulous and fierce folk, while fish fry and music blasts. From her bayou, Erzulie scries upon the mortal realm and sees four human girls open a mysterious and magical journal filled with whispers and rumors that, if they spread, could cause a pandemic unlike any the Earth has seen, with the power to release Sopona, the loa lord of infectious disease and cousin to Erzulie, who is currently banned from the human plane. But even the fearsome Erzulie cannot be of assistance when her dream river turns tumultuous, tossing her house from her realm and into another...

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 12.

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Written by Brian Michael Bendis, art and cover by David Mack, variant cover by Zu Orxu.

it's all kind of based on a true story. Sort of... Deep in the American intelligence community, someone realizes that comic book creators, who travel all over the world to sell their wares, might make the perfect cover for operatives in the dangerous, topsy-turvy world of intelligence and counterintelligence...and that's when all hell breaks loose. This is the story of the time the world of comics and the world of international spywork smashed together -- with unexpected results!

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 5.


Written by Brian Michael Bendis, art and cover by Michael Gaydos.

She is a master tattoo artist and reluctant assassin for the Yakuza she was born into, with a very special gift taught to her by her late mother. But a secret she has kept from everyone may be her only chance at happiness beyond the world she was brought up in. This epic romance set in modern-day San Francisco has the creators embarking on a completely new and complex character, creation and world.

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 19.


Written by Brian Michael Bendis, art and cover by Alex Maleev.

Scarlet has declared war against those who would abuse their power against innocent people -- and that war has shut down the city of Portland and brought the eyes of the world upon her. But as the revolution grows, will it slip through her fingers? Oh, and the president is on the phone. It's another blistering chapter of a world we may one day find ourselves in.

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 26.


Written by Brian Michael Bendis, art and cover by Michael Avon Oeming, variant cover by David Mack.

A crime-infused blast 
of alternate history. Years ago, the five families of organized crime had such a stranglehold over the American public that the U.S. government found itself forced to give up part of the country or lose all of it. Now the unrest between America and the families has come to a boil. A war is about to come -- a war no one is ready for. Newly made man Valentine Gallo and mob hitwoman Jagger Rose find themselves torn over which side of the war they want to be on.

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 5.



Written by Brian Azzarello, art and cover by Lee Bermejo, variant cover by Jim Lee.

DC Black Label, the anticipated new imprint from DC Comics, starts here! The Joker is dead. There is no doubt about that. But whether Batman finally snapped his scrawny neck or some other sinister force in Gotham City did the deed is still a mystery. Problem is, Batman can't remember...and the more he digs into this labyrinthian case, the more his mind starts to doubt everything he's uncovering. So who better to set him straight than...John Constantine? Problem with that is as much as John loves a good mystery, he loves messing with people's heads even more. So with John's "help," the pair will delve into the sordid underbelly of Gotham as they race toward the mind-blowing truth of who murdered The Joker. Batman: Damned is a bimonthly, three-issue super-natural horror story.

48 pages, $6.99, in stores on Sept 19.


Written by Tom Taylor, art by Xermanico, cover by Tyler Kirkham.

The battle against Starro comes to a tragic conclusion. And while Blue Beetle engages with one intergalactic menace, Superboy and Wonder Girl are taken prisoner by a new one -- Brainiac!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Sept. 5.


Written by Tom Taylor, art by Bruno Redondo and Daniel Sampere, cover by Bruno Redondo.

Batman is convinced by his closest allies to do the unthinkable: meet with Ra's al Ghul and try to negotiate a settlement through which they can save the world together. Meanwhile, Grodd encounters an alien visitor who may render meaningless any agreement between Batman and Ra's.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Sept. 19.


Written by Tim Seeley, art and cover by Freddie Williams II.

Batman recruited He-Man to join the battle against Superman's dictatorship, so why is Prince Adam battling him in the Oracle's lair? Has Skeletor's influence helped Superman breach new territory? Things seem dire on Earth, but Eternia is also facing a major threat -- from Darkseid!

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 19.


Written by Bill Matheny, art and cover by Robert Pope, Scott McRae.

When a hurt foot puts the brakes on the Road Runner, the Coyote finally has the upper hand. Enter Speedy Gonzales, ready to give his fellow speedster a lift!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Sept. 26.


Written by Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis, art by Patrick Olliffe, cover by Rags Morales, variant cover by Patrick Gleason.

A new creature commander emerges from the shadows and it only wants one thing, the ultimate monster-killer herself -- Daphne! Even with Scrappy-Doo, the gang is no match for this rabid monster madness. Worst of all, Daphne seems to have lost the will to live. Is one person worth the price of survival of the human race?

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 12.


Written by Sholly Fisch, art and cover by Dario Brizuela.

Faced with the combined forces of simian menaces like Gorilla Grodd, the Ultra-Humanite and Monsieur Mallah, Scooby and the gang team up with DC's greatest ape heroes: Congorilla, Sam Simeon and Detective Chimp! But when things take a turn for the monstrous, can even our heroes save the city from the king-sized carnage of...Titano the Super-Ape?

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Sept. 26.


Written by J. Torres, Amanda Deibert, art by Sandy Jarrell, Erich Owen, cover by Marcelo Dichiara.

The Teen Titans are going on a "Picnic." Well, everyone but Raven, who doesn't quite understand the invitation/riddle and is about to explode from frustration. Then, Beast Boy stomps off from Fiesta Friday dinner when he discovers his teammates chowed down on every single vegan burrito. Can he make it on his own? It's "Food for Thought," if nothing else!

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on Sept. 19.


Written by Warren Ellis, art and cover by Jon Davis-Hunt, variant cover by James Harren.

Stephen Rainmaker was the most dangerous man John Lynch knew even before he was inducted into the Thunderbook program. So much so that nobody could quite define how Thunderbook changed him. On his trip around America to warn his old team, Lynch left Rainmaker until last -- for a reason. This is the visit that Lynch always knew could kill him. Meanwhile, Marc Slayton is discovering new things about America, IO and Skywatch.

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 19.


Written by Bryan Hitch, Warren Ellis, art N. Steven Harris, Dexter Vines, cover by Denys Cowan, Bill Sienkiewicz.

What is the price for keeping death inside your mind? For Michael Cray, it could be the lives of anyone who cares about him...and his sanity. As Michael is drawn closer to the truth of the consciousness living inside him, the brutal desires of Diana Prince threaten the entire world. After this long night in London, Michael Cray will either face the power inside of him, or succumb to its will.

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 12.



Written by Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon, art by Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba, cover by Gabriel Ba.

The Eisner Award-winning Vertigo mini-series is back in a new, Absolute edition! What are the most important days of your life? Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba answer that question in the critical and commercial hit series that took the industry by storm. Follow aspiring writer Brás de Oliva Domingos as each chapter of Daytripper peers in at a completely different moment in his life. Moon and Bá tell a beautifully lyrical tale chronicling Domingos' entire existence -- from his loves to his deaths and all the possibilities in between. Collects the entire 10-issue miniseries!

304 pages, $99.99, in stores on Feb. 27.


Written by Hope Larson, Marguerite Bennett and Paul Dini, art by Sami Basri, Chris Wildgoose, Minkyu Jung, Scott Godlewski, Dan Panosian, Emanuela Lupacchino and Ray McCarthy, cover by Joshua Middleton.

After the Maid of Mischief infects Barbara Gordon's company party with a killer virus, Batgirl must embark on a wild goose chase around the city to find a cure. Then, Batgirl begins an investigation into attacks targeting women in Burnside, but she's not the only one searching. Collects issues #18-24 and stories from #25.

200 pages, $19.99, in stores on Oct. 10.


Written by Tom King, art by Tony S. Daniel, Mikel Janin, Clay Mann and others, cover by Mikel Janin.

In these tales from Batman #45-50, Booster Gold arrives in Gotham City to give Bruce Wayne a gift -- the kind that could have deadly consequences! Then, just as the Bat and the Cat are starting to think it might be easier to just elope than go through with their wedding plans, The Joker kidnaps his old foe -- but will he try to talk him out of his marriage plans, or just bash his brains in? It all concludes in the historic wedding issue! Includes the wedding prelude story from DC NATION #0.

176 pages, $16.99, in stores on Oct. 24.


Written by James Tynion IV and Christoper Sebela, art by Carmen Carnero, Eddy Barrows, Alvaro Martinez, Joe Bennett, Miguel Mendonca, Jesus Merino and others, cover by Rafael Albuquerque.

Red Robin must escape the most devious prison ever devised or be lost beyond time and space for eternity! Then, the spotlight turns to Clayface, who's struggling to keep his psyche together...and it's a war he may be about to lose! Collects Detective Comics #963-973 and Annual #1.

296 pages, $34.99, in stores on Oct. 24.


Written by Jeph Loeb, art and cover by Tim Sale.

Batman faces off against his most demented and wicked foes in three dark tales of horror and intrigue. Taking place on the most evil of holidays, Halloween, the Dark Knight Detective confronts his deepest fears as he tries to stop the madness and horror created by Scarecrow, Mad Hatter, Penguin, Poison Ivy and The Joker. Collects Batman: Legends of The Dark Knight Halloween Special #1, Batman: Madness #1 and Batman: Ghosts #1.

192 pages, $19.99, in stores on Oct. 31.


Written by Chuck Dixon, Alan Grant, Doug Moench and Peter David, art by Graham Nolan, Bret Blevins, Mike Manley and others, cover by Kelley Jones.

In this latest anniversary collection of tales in the "Knightfall" saga, the Clown Prince of Crime devises a crazed new scheme to destroy the Dark Knight, but what will happen when he realizes this is not the Batman he's always known? Plus, Jean-Paul Valley continues his reign as the new Batman in these stories from Detective Comics #671-675, Batman: Shadow of The Bat #24-28, Batman #505-508 and Showcase ‘94 #7.

384 pages, $19.99, in stores on Oct. 3.


Written by Alan Grant, John Wagner and Dennis O'Neil, art by Norm Breyfogle, Klaus Janson and others, cover by Mike Mignola.

In these tales from the late 1980s, Batman's war on crime continues. Batman battles Scarface and the Ventriloquist over Fever, a new drug ravaging Gotham City's streets. The Dark Knight must then contend with a dangerous new villain known as the Corrosive Man, a man whom he can't even touch. Collects Detective Comics #583-591 and Detective Comics Annual #1.

280 pages, $29.99, in stores on Oct. 17.


Written, art and cover by Enrico Marini.

European comics master Enrico Marini makes his American comics debut with this graphic novel starring unique interpretations of Batman, The Joker and Harley Quinn! What secret connection do both Batman and The Joker share with a strange and mysterious young girl? After she's kidnapped by The Joker, Batman must plunge deep into the underworld of Gotham City and race against time to find out where she's being held. The stakes are high, and for Batman, it's personal! 
Collects Batman: The Dark Prince Charming #1-2 at DC's Deluxe Edition trim size, with a special sketchbook section and a new cover by Marini.

144 pages, $34.99, in stores on Oct. 17.


Written, art and cover by Sean Murphy.

After years of epic battles, the Dark Knight finally finds a way to cure the twisted mind of his archenemy. The now sane. The Clown Prince of Crime has now changed his ways, fighting for good in Gotham City, and it may just cause Batman to go over the edge of his own sanity. Writer/artist Sean Murphy takes the helm of this Batman/Joker story like no one else could, delivering an alternative examination of the relationship between the greatest rivals in the DC Universe, exploring the darkest corners of justice and madness. This title is the first collected edition from the new DC Black Label imprint, and includes the entire eight-issue miniseries!

232 pages, $19.99, in stores on Oct. 3.


Written by Tony Isabella, art and cover by Clayton Henry.

Black Lightning is back, and things are not the same! In his hometown of Cleveland, high school teacher Jefferson Pierce is a role model for his students. As Black Lightning, he's fighting to keep them safe, even as his city's streets are invaded by local gangs with deadly super-weapons. And wait until you see who their supplier is! Collects Black Lightning: Cold Dead Hands #1-6.

152 pages, $16.99, in stores on Oct. 10.


Written by Marguerite Bennett, art by Richard Ortiz, Mirka Andolfo, Stephen Byrne, Sandy Jarrell and others, cover by Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson.

Kate Kane, the all-American Batwoman; Diana of Themyscira, warrior princess of the Amazons; Kara Starikov and Kortni Duginovna, defenders of Mother Russia; and Mera, royal daughter of the legendary Atlantis come together once again in an action-packed, female-empowering story: Bombshells: United! Taking on Black Adam, Talia, Cheetah and other villains, Miri Marvel makes her debut! Collects Bombshells: United #7-12.

144 pages, $16.99, in stores on Oct. 17.


Written by Joshua Williamson, art and cover by Riley Rossmo.

Myth, hack, sex symbol, stark raving lunatic -- all of these words have been used to describe Antonio Luna, the world's greatest living adventurer. Or at least he was until 20 years ago, when he mysteriously vanished from the public eye. Now the 90-year-old has returned and claims to be on his deathbed. Which is where Valentine Richards, a failed novelist turned reporter, comes in. Val is hired to travel to Luna's remote castle home and uncover where the old star has been all these years, and just how much of what he says is actually true. But once Val starts to hear Luna's tale, she finds herself entering into an insane world of psychedelic violence and explosive supernatural adventure. Collects issues #1-6.

152 pages, $16.99, in stores on Oct. 31.


Written by Christopher Priest, art by Diogenes Neves, Denys Cowan and others, cover by Ryan Sook.

The World's Deadliest Assassin takes on the villains of the DC Universe! After betraying another assassin and violating an unwritten code of conduct, Deathstroke is kidnapped and brought to stand trial before the Secret Society of Super-Villains, a group that includes the Riddler, Black Manta and Reverse-Flash! Will Deathstroke pay for his crime? And what of Slade Wilson's recent turn toward heroism? This game-changing volume collects Deathstroke #26-29 and Annual #1.

144 pages, $16.99, in stores on Oct. 17.


Written by Andrew Constant, art and cover by Brad Walker and Andrew Hennessy.

As Etrigan and Jason Blood adapt to their new forms in the Hell zone engulfing Death Valley, they find themselves in the presence of a seemingly psychic child, otherwise unaffected by the nuclear hell blast. But before they can address the mystery of this child, they must fight their way to an old companion, Madame Xanadu, who is trapped in a roadside hotel of hell. As Hell continues to spew into Earth, Blood must try and contain an unhinged Etrigan, capable of harming everyone around them, including his companions. Collects issues #1-6.

144 pages, $16.99, in stores on Oct. 31.


Written by Mark Waid, art by Oscar Jimenez, Anthony Castrillo, Jim Cheung, Humberto Ramos, Sergio Cariello and others, cover by Steve Lightle

Wally West is pushed to his limit when Savitar attempts to take control of the Speed Force, an indefinable energy field that is the source of all speedsters' powers. A trip to the 64th century also proves eye-opening for Wally, as he is shocked to find out that in the future he is worshipped as a god! Collects The Flash #106-118 and Impulse #10-11.

368 pages, $34.99, in stores on Oct. 10


Written by Robert Kanigher and John Broome, art by Carmine Infantino, Joe Kubert, Frank Giacoia, Joe Giella and Murphy Anderson, cover by Nick Derington.

In this new Omnibus edition, lightning strikes -- and the Fastest Man Alive is born! Police scientist Barry Allen is transformed into the Flash in these tales from the start of the Silver Age of Comics! These stories introduce Barry Allen and his foes Mr. Element, Mirror Master, Pied Piper, Gorilla Grodd, Weather Wizard and more! Collects Showcase #4, 8 and 13-14, Flash Comics #104 and The Flash #105-132.

864 pages, $99.99, in stores on Dec. 19.


Written by Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato, art by Francis Manapul, Marcos To and others, cover Francis Manapul.

In this new DC Essential Edition, Mob Rule wages a campaign of crime across Central City, plunging the city into darkness! The only way the Flash can save his city is to make his brain function even faster than before -- but as much as it helps him, it also comes at a steep price. Then, it's an all-out battle against the Rogues! Collects The Flash #0-12 and Annual #1.

344 pages, $24.99, in stores on Oct. 24.


Written by Benjamin Percy, art by Otto Schmidt, Juan Ferreyra and Stephen Byrne, cover by W. Scott Forbes.

A budding relationship with Black Canary forces Ollie to confront the fact that you can't fight "the Man" if you are "the Man." And one by one, all of his friends leave him, and all the money in the world won't bring them back when he needs them most. The events of "The Death and Life of Oliver Queen" will rattle Oliver's status quo so much, his choices as a superhero will never be the same again. Collects Green Arrow #1-11 and Green Arrow: Rebirth #1.

304 pages, $34.99, in stores on Oct. 17.


Written by Tim Seeley and Andy Diggle, art by Barnaby Bagenda, V Ken Marion, Mike Perkins and others, cover by Will Conrad.

Simon and Jessica have tracked a criminal ring to a religious organization deep in the Horsehead Nebula. But what does the Order of the Steed need with superheroes from Earth? With the power of hundreds of superheroes coursing through their leader, the Order of the Steed makes a final march against the universe! Collects Green Lanterns #40-43 and Annual #1.

136 pages, $14.99, in stores on Oct. 3.


Written by Alan Moore, Jamie Delano, Neil Gaiman, Garth Ennis, Paul Jenkins, Brian Azzarello, Mike Carey and Andy Diggle, art by Rick Veitch, John Totleben, Richard Piers Rayner, Dave Mckean, Will Simpson, Steve Dillon, Sean Phillips, Richard Corben, John Paul Leon and Leonardo Manco, cover by Tim Bradstreet.

Celebrate 30 years of John Constantine, one of Vertigo's most enduring and controversial characters, in a collection featuring his most memorable tales! This title features Saga of the Swamp Thing #37 and Hellblazer #11, 27, 41, 63, 120, 146, 229 and 240, plus a new introduction by Sting, the famed musician and actor whose appearance inspired the creation of Constantine. Includes the first-ever complete timeline of John Constantine's life up through his long-running Vertigo series.

256 pages, $39.99, in stores on oct. 24.


Written by James Robinson, Keith Giffen, Dan Abnett, Rob David, Lloyd Goldfine, Paul Kupperberg and others, art by Philip Tan, Freddie E. Williams Ii, Tom Derenick, Pop Mhan, Curt Swan and others, cover by Dave Wilkins.

The DC Comics adventures of He-Man, prince of Eternia, are collected in a single, massive Omnibus at last! DC Comics Presents #47, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #1-6 (2012), He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #1-19 (2013), He-Man: The Eternity War #1-15, DC Universe vs. Masters of the Universe #1-6, He-Man/ Thundercats #1-6 and the Masters of fhe Universe Specials The Origin of He-Man #1, The Origin Of Skeletor #1 and The Origin of Hordak #1 and more!

1,416 pages, $150, in stores on Feb. 6.


Written by Geoff Johns, art by Jason Fabok, Jim Lee, Francis Manapul, Phil Jimenez, Scott Kolins and others, cover by Jason Fabok.

The Justice League originally united to stop the forces of Darkseid from destroying Earth! Now the ruler of Apokolips is back in this new DC Essential collection, but this time he's set his sights on the world-shattering Anti-Monitor. Will the combined might of the Justice League be enough to protect Earth from becoming collateral damage as gods fight? This title collects Justice League #40-50, a story from DC Comics Divergence #1 and Justice League: Darkseid Special #1.

376 pages, $29.99, in stores on Oct. 3.


Written by Bryan Hitch, Robert Venditti and Joshua Williamson, art by Fernando Pasarin, Oclair Albert, Andy Owens, Batt and others, cover by Yanick Paquette.

Twenty-two years in the future, the world has been torn apart by war and violence. When the Justice League begins the fight to save the world, they receive some extraordinary help from a new group of superheroes...their own children. These kids are just as incredible as their parents, and their existence rocks the Justice League to its core. Together, they must stop Sovereign, a cybernetic witch who has wreaked chaos upon the Earth. Can the kids of the Justice League save their famous mothers and fathers? Or will the legacy of the Justice League's past, present and future be wiped away by Sovereign in one fell swoop? Collects Justice League #26-33.

200 pages, $34.99, in stores on Nov. 7.


Written by Brian Michael Bendis, art by Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, Evan "Doc" Shaner, Ryan Sook, Kevin Maguire, Adam Hughes, Jason Fabok, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez and others, cover by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado.

A new era begins for Superman as a threat from his earliest origins reemerges to destroy the Last Son of Krypton. As Superman struggles to come to grips with what has happened to his wife and son, he must also face a new threat that's determined to burn down Metropolis! The six-issue weekly series is collected, along with the prelude story from DC Nation #0.

160 pages, $24.99, in stores on Oct. 31.


Written by Marv Wolfman, art by Pop Mhan, cover by Yanick Paquette.

Raven faces a new, otherworldly menace that is all too grounded in reality in this new tale by writer Marv Wolfman. But when Trigon attacks, the balance between good and evil is thrown off, and it's up to Raven to stop her father. And when Raven and her mother are captured, they must escape before becoming one of Trigon's tools. Collects Raven: Daughter of Darkness #1-6.

152 pages, $16.99, in stores on Oct. 17.


Written by Scott Lobdell, art by Dexter Soy, Marcio Takara and others, cover by Guillem March.

There's never been a better time to help your favorite super-villain take over the world, defeat an archnemesis or rob a bank. Even the bad guys need a little help, and with the Henched app, you can find the perfect evil boss for you! Just don't be surprised if Red Hood and the Outlaws show up to your budding henchmen convention and stop your dreams dead in their tracks. Collects issues #19-25.

184 pages, $19.99, in stores on Oct. 31.


Written by Brian Michael Bendis, art by Michael Avon Oeming and Alex Maleev, montage cover.

Bendis' Jinxworld line of titles is coming to DC, and to introduce this thrilling world to your customers, DC offers this promotionally priced sampler that reprints Scarlet #1, Powers #1 and The United States of Murder, Inc. #1! This amazing comic also includes a brand-new story

80 pages, $1, in stores on Sept. 5.


Written by Brian Michael Bendis, art and cover by Michael Avon Oeming.

A uperhero noir crime drama set in a world where superheroes are real! Powers: Book One re-collects issues #1-11 of the original groundbreaking series with an extensive behind-the-scenes section about the creation of the series. In a world where heroes soar through the sky, detectives Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim deal with special cases that include powers. But what is a cop's job like in a world where powers are par for the course? The shocking murder of America's sweetheart, Retro Girl, has the world in mourning. The murder investigation takes Walker and Pilgrim from the city's seedy underbelly to the gleaming towers that are home to immortal beings. As shocking truths about Retro Girl come to light, Walker finds that to solve this crime, he might have to reveal his own dark secret.

464 pages, $29.99, in stores on Oct. 10.


Written by Neil Gaiman, art by Sam Kieth, Malcolm Jones III and Mike Dringenberg, cover by Dave McKean.

The Sandman celebrates its 30th anniversary with an all-new edition of the classic that started it all! This 30th anniversary edition of The Sandman Vol. 1: Preludes and Nocturnes features new cover art by Dave McKean, plus new introductions by Paul Dini, Patton Oswalt, Kelly Sue DeConnick and more! As the story begins, an occultist attempting to capture Death to bargain for eternal life traps her younger brother Dream instead. After his 70-year imprisonment and eventual escape, Dream, also known as Morpheus, goes on a quest for his lost objects of power. On his arduous journey, Morpheus encounters Lucifer, John Constantine and an all-powerful madman. Collects The Sandman #1-8, with a new introduction by author Patrick Rothfuss.

240 pages, $19.99, in stores on Oct. 24.


Written by Neil Gaiman, Matt Wagner and P. Craig Russell, art by J.H. Williams III, Chris Bachalo, Yoshitaka Amano, Mark Buckingham, Milo Manara, Miguelanxo Prado, Barron Storey, Bill Sienkiewicz, Glenn Fabry, Frank Quitely, Jeff Jones, John Bolton and others, cover by Dave McKean.

In celebration of the Sandman's 30th anniversary, DC presents a new Omnibus written by Neil Gaiman! This new collection includes The Sandman: Overture #1-6, The Sandman: The Dream Hunters (Illustrated by Yoshitaka Amano) aand The Sandman: The Dream Hunters #1-4 (Adapted by P. Craig Russell), The Sandman: Endless Nights, Sandman Midnite Theatre #1, Death: The High Cost Of Living #1-3, Death: The Time Of Your Life #1-3, plus stories from Vertigo: Winter's Edge #1 and 3 and much more!

976 pages, $150, in stores on Oct. 24.


Written by Rob Williams and Si Spurrier, art by Fernando Pasarin, Jose Luis, Eduardo Pansica, Tom Derenick, Neil Edwards, Jack Herbert and others, cover by Eddy Barrows and Eber Ferreira.

When a new threat threatens the Earth, the Suicide Squad is called into action -- along with a new member! But who is the mysterious Juan? And what are his powers? Then, there is a foe who knows their weaknesses and secrets. A foe who knows this ragtag group of antiheroes better than they know themselves. It's their former teammate, Hack! But...isn't she supposed to be dead? How is Hack back? And what are her plans for the Suicide Squad? Collects issues #33-40.

192 pages, $19.99, in stores on Oct. 17.


Written by Peter J. Tomasi art by Jorge Jimenez, Alisson Borges, Carmine Di Giandomenico, Paul Pelletier and others, cover by Jorge Jimenez.

The entire run of the acclaimed Super Sons series is collected in an omnibus hardcover! First, Superboy and Robin meet Kid Amazo, whose ascension parallels the boys' own understanding of their powers -- except he believes it's his right to rule every being on the planet! Then, Robin has a new member in mind for the Teen Titans, and -- spoiler alert -- it's Superboy! But Damian's real motives for introducing Jon to the team will have devastating consequences! And Talia al Ghul returns for Damian, whom she trained from birth to be an assassin. Collects Super Sons #1-16, Super Sons Annual #1, Superman #10-11 and 37-38, Teen Titans #15, Super Sons/Dynomutt Special #1 And A Story From Dc Rebirth Holiday Special #1.

608 pages, $75, in stores on Dec. 19.


Written by Brian Michael Bendis, art and cover by Alex Maleev.

A young woman is pushed to the edge by a world filled with police brutality and government corruption. But she's decided to fight back. Lighting a fire that will spark a modern American revolution, she is Scarlet. And this is her epic story: the now-classic Scarlet Book One. After a mysterious murder and a near-death experience, Scarlet Rue awakens from a coma with her world shattered. Fueled by rage, guilt and her vision of a better future, she takes the fight to her oppressors...and anyone else who gets in her way. An honest, no-holds-barred tale that tackles some of the most prevalent issues in modern American society in Scarlet Book One. This new trade paperback edition from Jinxworld re-collects issues #1-5 of the original classic series.

184 pages, $14.99, in stores on Oct. 28.


Written by Otto Binder, art by C.C. Beck and Pete Costanza, cover by Michael Cho.

At first he was simply a disembodied voice on the radio, taunting Captain Marvel with his ever-more-fiendish schemes to conquer the world. Then, readers gasped as Mr. Mind was revealed -- all two inches of him! Was this lowly creature really the epitome of evil he claimed to be? Fortunately, Billy Batson understood the folly of underestimating someone based on their size! As small as he was, Mr. Mind was big trouble -- especially once he turned the menacing members of his Monster Society of Evil loose to wreak havoc! This new title collects the entire 24-chapter serial from the Golden Age of Comics with new essays by Fawcett Comics expert P.C. Hamerlinck and film producer and comics historian Michael Uslan. Collects stories from Captain Marvel Adventures #22-46!

272 pages, $49.99, in stores on Feb. 6.


Written by Dan DiDio and Justin Jordan, art by Kenneth Rocafort, Robert Gill and Carmine Di Giandomenico, cover by Kenneth Rocafort.

During the events of Dark Nights: Metal, high school junior Derek James accidentally fell through a rift into the Dark Matter dimension! Now, as Sideways, he can create rifts in midair to leap through dimensions at will! But with that much power comes great liability -- and cracks are starting to form in the fabric of the space-time continuum. Each leap that Derek takes brings the new hero one step closer to succumbing to the allure of his new power and its dark origins. Collects issues #1-6 of the New Age of Heroes series!

144 pages, $16.99, in stores on Oct. 17.


Written by Rob Williams, art and cover by Jim Lee.

This new hardcover features Jim Lee's pencil artwork in its purest form! Harley Quinn. Deadshot. Killer Croc. Captain Boomerang. Enchantress. Katana. All deadly criminals sent on the most dangerous missions possible by a government that wants them killed. Their newest challenge? A teammate so powerful that even these murderers and thieves can't control him. Collects Suicide Squad April Fool's Special #1 and Suicide Squad #1-8.

160 pages, black and white, $29.99, in stores on Oct. 3.


Written by Steve Orlando and Jody Houser, art by Robson Rocha, Julio Ferreira, Carmen Carnero, Jamal Campbell and others, cover by Stanley Lau.

This public service announcement is brought to you by the Department of Extranormal Operations! You saw how Supergirl hid a murderer underneath National City right before our eyes. What other secrets is she hiding? D.E.O. agents will be stationed at every school to ensure their safety! Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Collecting issues #15-20.

144 pages, $16.99, in stores on Oct. 31.


Written by Len Wein, art by Bernie Wrightson and Nestor Redondo, cover by Karl Kerschl.

Swamp Thing's early adventures are collected in paperback with Swamp Thing: The Bronze Age Volv. 1. Deep in the bayou of Louisiana, far from civilization's grasp, a shadowed creature seen only in fleeting glimpses roils the black waters...a twisted, vegetative mockery of a man...a Swamp Thing! These are the tales that introduced Alec and Linda Holland, Anton Arcane, Abigail Cable, the Patchwork Man, the Un-Men, plus an appearance by Batman! Collects The House of Secrets #92 and Swamp Thing #1-13.

304 pages, $24.99, in stores on Oct. 3.


Written by Benjamin Percy and Marv Wolfman, art by Khoi Pham, Trevor Scott, Scot Eaton, Tom Derenick and Wayne Faucher, cover by Dan Mora.

After Robin kicked Kid Flash off the team, the Teen Titans have an open slot in their ranks. Raven, Aqualad, Starfire and Beast Boy wants to give Wally a second chance, but Damian has someone else in mind to fill the vacancy: Green Arrow's half-sister, Emiko! Will the Red Arrow prove her worth or prove to be Damian's undoing? Plus, Beast Boy's suspicious new employer leads the team into danger! Collects Teen Titans #13-14, #16-19 and a story from DC Holiday Special 2017.

152 pages, $16.99, in stores on Oct. 3.


Written by Jeff Lemire, art by Ivan Reis, Evan Shaner, Joe Bennett and others, cover by Ivan Reis.

When Mr. Terrific, Metamorpho, Plastic Man and Phantom Girl find themselves bound together by a tragic accident, our team of unlikely allies must rely on one another to make their way back home. But a startling revelation on their return trip brings them face to face with a new mystery: Where in the universe is Tom Strong? Collects issues #1-6.

144 pages, $16.99, in stores on Oct. 10.



Based on art by Stanley Lau, sculpted by Alejandro Pereira.

She's just a madwoman, standing in front of the Clown Prince of Crime, asking him to love her. This limited-edition, mad-lovely Valentine's Day variant is based on the Harley Quinn #1 Rebirth variant cover by internationally renowned artist Stanley "Artgerm" Lau and is a unique addition to any collection. Sculpted by Alejandro Pereira, this stunning 7.5" polyresin statue beautifully captures Harley Quinn in iconic pink, white and black as she blows a harlequin kiss. This variant also comes with an all-pink rendering of the trademark Harley Quinn: Red, White & Black symbol base. Limited to 5,000 pieces and individually numbered. Figure measures 7.5" tall.

$80, in stores in February.


Designed by Mingjue Helen Chen, sculpted by Alejandro Pereira.

It's time for deadly baseball! Harley Quinn is a formidable foe with a baseball bat, but when you swap out balls for live bombs, her game turns lethal. Decked out in athletic gear, Harley is dressed and ready for batting practice and -- should he show up -- Batman. Be sure to pick yours up, because it's a guaranteed home run. Limited to 5,000 pieces and individually numbered. Figure measures 7" tall.

$80, in stores in February.


Based on art by Ant Lucia, sculpted by Tim Miller.

This Harley Quinn "Sepia Tone" variant statue has been designed to evoke the light-beige color tone that was frequently found in photos from the past. Nowadays the warm hues and reduced color palette can easily evoke feelings of nostalgia, which is a perfect fit for this polyresin statue of the Maid of Mischief, a playful throwback to the era of the Bombshells. So be sure to track down your statue before your purchase opportunity goes the way of sepia tone and becomes a thing of the past. Limited to 5,000 pieces and individually numbered. Figure measures 10.75" tall.

$125, in stores in February.


Designed by Ryan Sook, sculpted by Paul Harding.

Workplace romance is never easy, and doing it behind a mask while protecting the streets of Gotham City takes the difficulty to new heights. But being able to embrace your beloved while hanging upside down via grapnel-gun cable makes it all worthwhile. This statue is inspired by the art of Ryan Sook and is designed to stand upright or be mounted on a wall so the characters can hang inverted in their embrace. This polyresin statue is limited to 5,000 pieces. Limited to 5,000 pieces and individually numbered. Figures measure 13.7" tall.

$225, in stores in February.

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