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Written by Frank Mastomauro and Vince Hernandez, art and cover by Micah Gunnell.

New readers and fans alike can find everything they need to know about Aspen's most daring series, Dellec, in this new 15 Year Anniversary Primer issue! Revisit the supernatural world of Dellec and his quest to avenge the tragedies of his past…all for only a quarter! These Aspen Anniversary edition primer issues are the perfect compliment to discover more about Aspen's current slate of new and returning titles!

24 pages, 25 cents, in stores on Sept. 18.


Written by Frank Mastomauro and Vince Hernandez, art by Andre Risso and Michael Ste Maria, covers by Micah Gunnell, Pasquale Qualano, Paulo Barrios.

Aspen's hardest-hitting series, DELLEC returns for its long-awaited second volume! Dellec's previous battle against a higher power and the forces of evil led to a tragic ending -- as he sacrificed his own life in a struggle with the Demi-God, Tera! But, a new underground resistance forged by Father Strayer is in the works, and with a shocking new leader to combat Terra and her minions, Dellec's cause is ever growing. However, a new evil has that could spell doom for not just the innocent -- but every living soul!

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 12.


Written by Frank Mastromauro, art by Marco Lorenzana, covers by Marco Lorenzana, Mauricio Campetella.

On the run with her friends, Mira begins to uncover that the life she knew wasn't what it seemed. But, the family talk will need to wait as those in pursuit of the technology she now possesses are closing in…and nowhere on, above, or below the surface is safe!

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 5.


Written by J.T. Krul, art by Chahine Ladjouze, covers by Chahine Ladjouze, Michael Ste Maria, Romina Moranelli.

Cassidy wants nothing more than to live a normal life, but there's nothing normal about having magical abilities. Like it or not, she's special and that puts a target on her back. Meanwhile, Malikai and Grace try to find Janus, the man who attacked Ren. While in the Everlands, Sarin looks to Onyx for answers about a means to a power greater than his own!

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 19.


Written by Jordan Gunderson and Christopher Fielder, art by Jordan Gunderson, covers by Jordan Gunderson and Marcus To.

In the not so distant future... A new player enters the field to challenge the syndicate of fallen angel's plans for world domination. Delphi and Pirate must now tackle their mission alone as every facet of their relationship is tested!

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 26.


Written by J.T. Krul, art by Alex Konat, covers by Alex Konat and Jordan Gunderson.

On the run, Zihao and Harper try to hide in the shadows as they plot their next move forward. Zihao thinks the hard part is over and that he can chart a new path, but his past life isn't done with him yet. Not by a long shot. Jasper dedicated a lot of resources to Zihao's development, and he aims to see a return on his investment, one way or another!

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 19.


Written by Ron Marz, art by Siya Oum, covers by Siya Oum and Paolo Pantalena.

It's Aspen Matthews versus her former mentor and dissident Killian in the showdown that's been years in the making! And no member of The Blue may survive!

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 12.


Written by Blake Northcott, art by Donny Tran, covers by Donny Tran and Giuseppe Cafaro.

The fifth volume of the action-adventure assassin series concludes! Iris and Mack launch an all-out assault on Magni Global Headquarters -- a building more fortified than the Pentagon. They'll face guards, assassins, and security powerful enough to kill a superhuman ... and not everyone will survive!

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on Sept. 26.


Written by Frank Mastromauro and Vince Hernandez, art and cover by Micah Gunnell.

It's spreading...

Dellec is really an everyday man caught up in a blur of immorality, yet his quest is always clear - destroy the forces of evil where they flourish - and even places where the lines of good and evil are not easily defined. Following a tragic set of circumstances leading to his wife's murder at the hands of a malevolent Demi-God named Tera, our hero lands headfirst into the battle between good and evil - and his chances for survival are grim. However, Dellec is not one to back down from a fight no matter the foe - specifically when his own life hangs in the balance. This is the tale of one man's quest for vengeance and redemption as he attempts to take on the very being that created mankind itself - God! This new trade paperback collects together all six original issues of Dellec along with the zero issue, Beginnings story and a whole lot more. Don't miss out on this riveting first volume of Dellec's epic story.

200 pages, $18.99, in stores on Sept. 12.


Written by Vince Hernandez, art and cover by Giuseppe Cafaro.

One of the most powerful figures in the Fathom universe returns for this epic third chapter! Following the tragic events of The Elite Saga and the shattering of her family ties, Kiani has risen above the surface and seemingly disappeared amongst the large expanse of the human population. However, with a power inside her that is capable of changing-or destroying -- the world's landscape, her presence can only remain hidden for so long! The long sold-out Kiani volume 3 series is collected in its entirety, including a comprehensive cover gallery and a lot more.

112 pages, $9.99, in stores on Sept. 19.

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