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Written by Leighton Gray, art by Vernon Shaw, cover by Kris Anka.

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator invites the player to Maple Bay, where they play as a single Dad new to town and eager to romance other hot Dads. The comic series tells five standalone stories, each focused on different Maple Bay Dads, their kids, and their relationships with one another. Dive into entirely new stories featuring the backstories and adventures of your favorite Dads, told by game co-creators Leighton Gray and Vernon Shaw, along with the comic industry's top indie talent!

$19.99, in stores on May 15.


Written by Magdalene Visaggio, art and cover by Claudia Aguirre, cover by Elizabeth Beals.

The year is 1983. A series of disappearances afflicts Tucker, Ohio following the opening of a mysterious new factory. But when the town finds itself under siege from strange monsters, it's up to intrepid girl gang of no-account teen delinquents to try and figure out what's happening-and save everyone's lives before it's too late.

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on March 16.


Written, art and cover by Joey Heiser.

A new graphic novel from the Eisner Award-nominated creator of Mermin that deftly navigates loss, vengeance, and acceptance! Truff is the ghost of a young boar, fueled by fury towards the hunter who shot her down. She has a lot to learn about her new afterlife, and thankfully the forest spirits Claude and Stanley are there to guide her! However, they soon find that her parents, along with their fellow animal villagers, have been kidnapped by the malicious mountain demon Mava! Truff wants to help, but... the hunter is finally within her grasp, and if she lets him go, she may never get her revenge! Is vengeance all that being a ghost is good for? Or is there something stronger keeping this little pig tethered to the living world?

$12.99 (hardcover, $21.99), in stores on May 8.


Written and art by Drew Rausch, covers by Warren Wucinich, Matthieu Cousin.

A very spooky one-shot written and illustrated by Drew Rausch! Dib's feeling a little under the weather, but his bones are as healthy as ever! Maybe that's why his skeleton decides to leave his body for a night and go on a wacky adventure? This one's for all the fans who requested more skeletons. All two of you!

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on March 27.


Written by Eric Trueheart, Sam Logan, K.C. Green, art by Kate Sherron, cover by Fred Stresing, Warren Wucinich

The seventh volume of the much-beloved comic series based on the much-beloved TV show, Invader ZIM features tales of aliens, gym teachers, and cute, fluffy, radioactive woodland creatures! ZIM finds himself imprisoned with all his worst enemies in a special two-part storyline! Meanwhile, ZIM's other worst enemy, Dib, attempts to foil him in both a Physical Fitness competition and an Invention Fair! And in a special one-shot story by cartoonist KC Green, Dib learns that there are some birds you just don't mess with. Collects issues #31-#35.

$19.99, in stores on April 24.


Written by Dylan Meconis, Ben Coleman, art by Emilee Denich, art and cover by M. Victoria Robado

Battlefoxes, Ho! It's axes versus blasters when Victor and Dez's sci-fi captors run afoul of an ambush set by a deadly squad of highfantasy warrior women. Who are these mysterious figures in (surprisingly supportive) chainmail bikinis? Does their fledgling resistance movement stand a chance against the might of the Skylarks? And will Victor and Dez survive to tell the tale?

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on March 13.


Written by Kyle Starks, Karla Pacheco, art by Ian McGinty, cover by Sarah Stern.

Uh oh, someone's messed up reality again.... The Smith family loves each other, Jerry has a job, Summer is nice to Morty... No one is cursing, or suffering from existential melancholy. Everything is sort of safe and great, like a 50s sitcom. And what is going on with Rick?! Can Morty fix this all before... well, I guess, before everything works out nicely for everyone, for once?

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on March 27.


Written by Ryan Ferrier, art and cover by CJ Cannon, Joshua Perez.

Jerry's wisely blaming all his marital issues on his Dad-bod. When he goes to Rick for a quick fix, things go so poorly, it's...demonic.

32 pages, $4.99, in stores on March 14.


Written by Magdalene Visaggio, J. Torres, Daniel Mallory Ortberg, Delilah Dawson, art by CJ Cannon, Nick Filardi, Sarah Stern, Brittany Peer, cover by CJ Cannon.

Learn the secret stories and hidden pasts of your favorite Rick and Morty characters in Oni Press' Rick and Morty Presents! These four oversized comics, collected here for the first time, focus on fan-favorite characters and storylines, with writing and art from today's top talent! Each story is illustrated by series artist CJ Cannon, with Nick Filardi, Sarah Stern, and Brittany Peer. From writer J. Torres, delve into the secret history of The Virsndicato! Writer Daniel Mallory Ortberg tells the tale of Krombopulos Michael, the professional assassin who just loves killin'. Writer Magdalene Visaggio wonders if it matters that Sleepy Gary's a mind-altering parasite, if it makes Jerry... happy? And writer Delilah S. Dawson reimagines the Emmy award-winning episode "Pickle Rick."

$19.99, in stores on May 29.


Written by Cullen Bunn, Brian Hurtt, art and cover by Carlos Zamudio.

In the river-pirate sanctuary of the Black Banks, Isabella, Ghost Eyes, and Anton meet the strange Mizadori. A politely sinister man of mysterious power and even more mysterious connections. Meanwhile, back in Oxford, Barry is approached by a man who carries a dire warning in regards to Henry.

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on March 6.


Written, art and cover by Megan Rose Gedris.

Sisters Anna and Kat return for the second book of Megan Rose Gedris' paranormal circus murder mystery, Spectacle! A murder is tough thing to solve, even without temperamental performers, supernatural occurrences, and the ghost of the victim giving commentary. But as Kat's only link to the living world, it's up to scientifically-minded Anna to figure out who killed her sister-before any more murders rock the small traveling community. Yet as she gets closer to finding a lead, even more unbelievable events obscure the truth: roustabouts start sprouting horns, performers grow forked tongues, and a demon visits Anna's sleep at night. Does Kat know more than she's letting on? Andcan Anna keep the circus-let alone herself-safe?

$15.99, in stores on May 22.

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