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Written by Tim Seeley, art by Corin Powell, cover by Aaron Campbell.

Charles "Chip" Ipswich isn't one of those coastal elites with a liberal arts degree and a job at a social media start-up who knows where all the best brunch places are... No, Chip is one of the "forgotten men." He lives in a rural area in the middle of the country where Jesus still has a place at the dinner table and where factories send jobs to Calcutta. Chip is also a vampire. Stuck working the last shift at a gas station, Chip is lonely and bored...and then his dull, bleak life is turned upside down when SHE comes to town. A contemporary and horrifying tale of vampirism in the heart of America - one that'll make you jump right out of your boots.

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on March 20.


Written by Garth Ennis, art and cover by Keith Burns.

A war is a difficult thing to kill. The Second World War is almost over, but no one seems to have told the Germans - as Royal Air Force pilot Jamie McKenzie finds out when he's assigned to deadly shipping strikes along the enemy coast. Flying the Mosquito fighter-bomber against heavily armed targets is dangerous enough at the best of times, but after incurring the wrath of his vengeful commanding officer, Jamie is assigned the most unpopular navigator in the unit - not to mention the least reliable aircraft. Worse still, the commander's sights are firmly set on Jamie's beautiful young wife, Beth.

$19.99, in stores on March 13.


Written by Marguerite Bennett, art and cover by Rafael de Latorre, cover by Marclo Maiolo.

A haunted forest. A sinister coven. A hungry god. Here, the natural and supernatural clash as new life begins to overtake the old.

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on March 13.


Written by Donny Cates, art and cover by Garry Brown.

The end is coming. The forces are aligned. The inevitable is nigh. The here.

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on March 27.


Written by Paul Jenkins, art and cover by Wesley St. Claire.

A young boy obsessed with crop circles and cryptography finds his boring life turned upside-down when he discovers that all of his conspiracy theories are true, sending him on the ultimate treasure hunt for an ancient secret spanning thousands of years. What is the connection between a lost mountaineer, an indecipherable manuscript, and the lost library of Alexandria? How is this connected to a one-eyed, flatulent Welsh Corgi and endless plates of corned beef sandwiches? Find out in... Beyonders!

$14.99, in stores on March 13.


Written by Sean Lewis, art and cover by Antonio Fuso.

Finola has a problem - her father, the king, is losing his mind. All he cares about is power...and Finola thinks power is stupid. Finola thinks her vicious older sisters are stupid. Finola thinks the royal court is stupid. And, above all, she thinks the clans across the country are stupid. So, Finola makes a plan with her good friend Cillian: Let's kill all the clans. And then, we go for Dad. Collecting #1-5.

$14.99, in stores on March 6.


Written by Cullen Benn, art and cover by Juan Doe.

On the horizon, Noah's Ark can be seen. The passengers on board the vessel have no idea that they are sailing into a death trap. Even if Shrae and his monsters can stop the creatures that are hunting them, they will need to come to an agreement regarding how monsters and mankind will live together in this new world.

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on March 13.


Written by Ryan Parrott, art and cover by Milos Slavkovic.

Pursued across all of reality, Oberon seeks out a devious former ally in order to determine Bonnie's true magical potential. However, to do so requires risking both her life and sanity inside...the Endless Labyrinth. Experience the next fantastical chapter in this bold new fairy tale!

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on March 6.


Written by Phil Hester, art and cover by Ryan Kelly.

As Michael Grey investigates the global conspiracy dedicated to concealing his mysterious past, he learns the enemies he created in that forgotten life are decidedly not of this earth. Tragic romance and cosmic horror collide in this second issue of Hester and Kelly's epic saga!

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on March 20.


Written by Garth Ennis, art and cover by Goran Sudzuka.

Assistant Director Driscoll makes the most startling discovery of all: unspeakable horror has not broken loose. Shaw, McGregor and their comrades are not doomed and damned. Hell itself is not about to spill over into our world. Humanity can breathe a collective sigh of relief...just as soon as one last nagging question is answered.

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on March 27.

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