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Written by Hans Rodionoff, art by TBD, covers by Leonardo Colapietro, Sheldon Goh.

"Lizard People." Do they live among us? Are we only truly serving our Reptilian overlords? Has the human race already given up our freedom to lizard humanoids that control our society? Over 12 million people in the U.S. alone believe that lizard people live among us. They can't all be wrong can they? Find out the truth here!

32 pages, $4.99, in stores on March 20.


Written by Howard Mackie, art by TBD, covers by Eric J, Daniel Leister, Richard Ortiz.

"Black Dalia." The Black Dahlia is one of the most famous unsolved crimes of the twentieth century. Some experts think she was murdered by a serial killer. Others think it was a crime of passion. As a modern day investigator digs deeper into the case she uncovers the sinister truth behind the case...and comes to wish she had headed the cryptic warnings to leave it alone.

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on March 13.


Written by Ben Mears, art by TBD, covers by Netho Diaz, Allan Otero, Anthony Spay, Harvel Tolibao, Leonardo Colapietro.

Gretel's story has been more nightmare than fairy tale ever since the tragic events of her childhood involving her brother and a maniacal witch. These events have left her cursed with a life that will span centuries. Picking up directly after her heart-wrenching debut in Grimm Universe Presents. After consuming the heart of a psychic witch, Gretel has been gifted the power of premonition. But when she has a psychic vision foretelling the end of the world, Gretel must open old wounds if she wants to try and prevent it from coming true.

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on March 20.


Written by Dave Franchini, art by TBD, covers by Geebo Vigonte, Canaan White, Derlis Santacruz, Edgar Salazar,

"Odyssey." New story arc begins.

The Legacy has been passed on. The Age of Camelot has come and gone. Skye Mathers' Odyssey begins her! The Realms of Power are in chaos after the fallout from the Age of Camelot. Now, truly alone for the first time in her life, Skye Mathers must figure out a way to save her mentor, Shang, and still fulfill her role as Guardian, protecting the Nexus from old and new threats. Teaming with new allies, she will face her biggest test yet as she goes on an Odyssey to restore the balance to the Grimm Universe!

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on March 20.


Written by Howard Mackie, art by Deivis Goetten, cover by Ceci de la Cruz.

When a fiery explosion erupts in the ancient city of Petra, Jasmine races against the terrorist group The Forty Thieves to prevent the shattered pieces of the Crown of Kings, an object that haunts her past from being reunited and unleashing an unearthly power on the world and all that she holds dear. Collects Jasmine: Crown of Kings #1-5.

$19.99, in stores on March 13.


Written by Joe Brusha, art by Babisu Kourtis, cover by Leonardo Paciarotti.

While taking a cross country trip, a young couple stops to visit one of their long lost friends who live in an idyllic gated community in the Midwest. Not long after they arrive, they find out that a girl has gone missing and that something sinister may be lurking behind the mansions and well-manicured lawns of Paradise Court. Collects Paradise Court Issues #1-5.

$24.99, in stores on March 20.


Written by Ralph Tedesco, Joe Brusha, Dave Franchini, art by TBD, covers by Canaan White, Harvey Tolibao, Sabine Rich, Riveiro.

Robyn is on the run for a crime she didn't commit. Who can she trust? Cornered and with nowhere else to turn, she will need to sink to the depths of the city's underground in order to try and clear her name, and may have to get her hands a little dirtier if she hopes to save her friend's life.

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on March 13.


Written by Chuck Dixon, art by Julius Abrera, covers by Netho Diaz, Mike Lilly, Michael DiPascale, Jason Metcalf.

A prisoner of a mystic master of the dead, Liesel has no interest in escaping. Instead, she stalks the lair of a cursed prince to find the precious Sword of Heaven. This is the greatest challenge of the legendary vampire hunter's life as she faces a threat that may take her mind long before it takes her life. Evil forces swirl about our heroine in this penultimate chapter of her greatest adventure!

32 pages, $3.99, in stores on March 6.


Written by Joe Brusha, art by TBD, covers by Sean Chen, Edgar Salazar, Meguro, Allan Otero.

Zodiac's mission has brought him to New Orleans and its clearly his kind of town. After some excitement on Bourbon Street he traces the Order of Tarot to their hidden base in a graveyard outside the city. A army of zombies controlled by the Voodoo Priest, Baron Samedi, is there to greet him and Zodiac quickly makes them wish they had stayed dead. But behind Baron and the Zombies waits a greater threat that may finally put an end to Zodiac's string of well as put an end to his life.

32 pages, $4.99, in stores on March 27.

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