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Writer: Jason Martin

Artist: Winston Young

Covers Artists: Winston Young, Joe Pekar, Michael McComb.

The start of a new story arc! She may be the most wanted "woman" in the galaxy, but she's also the most dangerous. And now that Amalgama's hunting her bounty hunters, does anyone, or anything stand a chance?

24 pages, $4.99.


Writer: David Pepose

Artists: Gavin Guidry (Pencils), Liz Kramer (Colors)

Cover Artists: Gavin Guidry (Pencils), Liz Kramer (Colors)

Collecting the mini-series, GOING TO THE CHAPEL follows Emily, a conflicted bride whose wedding is crashed by the bank-robbing Bad Elvis Gang. But when the heist goes south and police surround the chapel, Emily must become the ringleader of her own hostage situation to escape walking down the aisle -- that is, assuming her unsuspecting fiancé doesn't "rescue" her first!

104 pages, $14.99.


Writera: Jeffrey Bridges, Susan Bridges.

Artists: Walter Geovani (pencils, inks), Brittany Peer (colors), Simon Bowland (letters), Ed Dukeshire (letters)

Cover Artist: Diana Van Damme

In a future where clairvoyant Augurs are used for their powers but feared, held captive, and persecuted, a disaffected military major is shocked into action by the grim realities of the Augurs' treatment. She puts her life and career on the line to help them attempt a daring escape from captivity.

96 pages, $14.99.


Writer: Pablo Verdugo Muñoz

Artists: Pablo Verdugo Muñoz (Pencils and Inks), Jose Expósito (Colors)

Cover Artist: Pablo Verdugo Muñoz

Mr. Beaver reverts to his lone-wolf mode as he attempts to infiltrate the lair of the powerful criminal organization known as “The Twelve” all on his own. As he ponders Theos Lampsi, the special power wielded by his nemesis, Richard, and one he himself tried to master during his time at the Alpha academy, he will find that he may just need the help of his junior partner, detective Patrick, after all as he navigates the heavily guarded sewers.

32 pages, $3.99.


Writer: Mark Bertolini

Artists: Darryl Knickrehm (Art, Colors).

Cover Artist: Darryl Knickrehm

Time travel is real! Scientific prodigy Randall Patton has had a breakthrough that allows travel through the timestream, which immediately led to the creation of The Argus, the temporal law enforcement organization that polices the time/space continuum. After an accident renders one of the members of The Argus insane, he begins killing off the others – except they are all versions of Randall Patton from various points in his own life! Who can stop Randall but himself?

32 pages, $3.99.


Writer: Rami Al-ashqar

Artists: Jethro Morales (Pencils, Inks), Bryan Magnaye (Colors), Lucas Gattoni (Letterer) Cover Artist(s): Jethro Morales (Pencils, Inks), Bryan Magnaye (Colors), Lucas Gattoni (Letterer)

Vin Kayla's right hand woman, Zara, trains the twin children Rea and Rakkan in sword-fighting. Kayla expresses concerns to Zara that her children have no future in Drakkara given they would be rejected by the people if the secret of their existence is exposed, and asks Zara to take the children away to a place where there is hope of a future for them when the time comes. In the meantime, an assault is launched against the Drakkaran capital by the Portal-men who use the native Zilas, armed with modern Earth weaponry, as their ground forces.

32 pages, $3.99.


Writer: Jason Martin

Artists: Marco Maccagni

Cover Artists: Marco Maccagni, Joke Pekar, Celor.

Now that Vampblade has recruited all her allies, even the all-new Zombie Tramp, she must reach out to the rest of the Danger Doll Squad. Starting with everyone's favorite 17th century witch hunting ball-jointed doll, DollFace, as the buildup to Vampblade's 50th issue continues!!

24 pages, $4.99.


Writer: Vince Hernandez

Artists: Marco Maccagni

Cover Artists: Marco Maccagni, Joe Pekar, Claudio Avella.

In this special 69th issue Angel discovers that some parts of the Necronomicon are naughtier than others -- and that a certain spell will turn her world upside down and spiral her into a dreamscape world where anything goes -- including her life!

24 pages, $4.99.


Writer: Vince Hernandez

Artists: Marco Maccagni

Cover Artist: Marco Maccagni

Angel Lynch finds herself in Rome, Italy, and smack dab at the center of a necromancer conspiracy that will change everything she thought she knew about religion! Also, she discovers that her powers are beginning to manifest in strange and exciting ways. And not only is her power set growing—so are her companions as a new cast of characters also emerge in this thrilling new story arc! Collects issues 65-68 of the ongoing series!

96 pages, $14.99.


Writer: Gordon Mclean

Artists: Caio Oliveira (Pencils and inks), Fahriza Kamaputra (Colors), Frank Cvetkovic (letters).

Cover Artists: Caio Oliveira (Pencils and inks), Fahriza Kamaputra (Colors)

In a world where superpowers are passed on through genetics the question of "Who will the kid take after: the mother or the father?" takes on a whole new level of importance when mom's a superhero and dad's a supervillain. Unfortunately for the pregnant Voltra it looks like the baby might be taking after daddy...

To make matters worse, the despicable Devil's Duo are on a mission to burn the whole city down. And as scary as they are, the DD pale in comparison to Voltra's most terrifying challenge yet: finally having to reveal to her mother who the baby's father is.

24 pages, $3.99.

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