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DC Comics has announced a Dec. 1 launch for Batwoman/Catwoman, a 12-issue series from Tom King, Clay Mann, Tomeu Morey and Clayton Cowles, edited by Jamie S. Rich and Brittany Holzherr.

The first issue will ship with a main cover by Mann and Morey and variant covers by Travis Charest and by Jim Lee, Scott Williams and Alex Sinclair.

New issues will ship monthly with a skip month planned for a Batman/Catwoman Special in June, and the series will carry DC's Black Label content descriptor, indicating content appropriate for readers ages 17-plus.

Here's how DC describes the book:

"Gotham City. Today. Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle have rekindled their long-running, on-again, off-again relationship. Believing all obstacles are removed from their path, they once again begin operating as a duo in their secret lives: Batman and Catwoman working together to fight crime. In Batman/Catwoman, a crime story told across three separate timelines, Tom King, Clay Mann and Tomeu Morey return to the romantic saga of Batman and Catwoman, continuing the story they began in the pages of Batman.

"There's the past, when The Bat and The Cat first fell in love. Did they meet on the street? Or was it on a boat? Rooftops, ramparts and gargoyles, and over 80 years of fans that have read their comics, are their only witnesses.

"There's the distant future, where after a long and happy marriage Bruce Wayne has passed away. Selina Kyle decides to settle an old score without having to worry about the Batman objecting. Catwoman is serving a very cold dish: Revenge.

"And in the present, Bruce and Selina's union is threatened by the arrival of one of Batman's past flings, Andrea Beaumont, a.k.a. Phantasm. Beaumont's return calls into question how each character chooses to operate in their costumed, and personal, lives, and any move by Phantasm could change the fate of Bruce and Selina's future.

"The only other person besides Bruce and Selina to have been along for the whole ride has been the Joker, and what he did in the past is going to have direct consequences on today and tomorrow. Batman's greatest foe will intervene any time Batman and Catwoman try to take steps towards peace -- he already robbed fans of a Bat/Cat wedding celebration! Any change in the Caped Crusader's life will be matched with the chaos of the Clown Prince of Crime..."

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Marvel Comics has released a teaser image for Wolverine #6, which introduces the villain Solem.

Here's how Marvel describes the issue:

"Thor has Loki. Spider-Man has the Green Goblin. And now, Wolverine has Solem. Don't miss the first appearance of Wolverine's new arch-nemesis in X of Swords, Chapter 3: Wolverine #6."

Wolverine #6 goes on sale on Oct. 7.


IDW Publishing has revealed artwork and details from The Mueller Report Graphic Novel, available on Wednesday, Sept. 13.

Here's how IDW describes the book, from Shannon Wheeler and Steve Duin:

"Cartoonist Shannon Wheeler and veteran Oregonian journalist Steve Duin reach for truth against a torrent of political spin to lay bare the findings of Mueller's investigative team. Wheeler and Duin capture history in ink, providing a clear, concise, and entertaining way for readers to truly understand the conclusions that Mueller recorded during his exhaustive investigation.

"Encouraging readers to ignore the interpretations of political parties and cable news pundits, this comprehensive graphic novel brings to life a range of key scenes, beginning with Trump's campaign and continuing over three years of his administration. The staggering laundry list of Trump's inner circle's controversial contacts, statements, and perhaps even coordination -- enough to overwhelm any student of the U.S. Constitution -- provides a roadmap to understanding events of the past four years."

"Wheeler and Duin have done a massive public service, distilling the report to key revelations and conclusions that unlock this important document in a way that can be processed by so many more readers," said Justin Eisinger, Editorial Director, Graphic Novels & Collections for IDW. "There are only so many ways to state the obvious: this is an important book. It's the best way for anyone to understand The Mueller Report."


Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has announced a Nov. 3 release for DC's V for Vendetta, 2005's action thriller from the creators of The Matrix trilogy, on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Combo Pack and Digital HD.

V for Vendetta was written and produced by the Wachowskis and stars Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaving. The film was directed by James McTeigue and produced by Joel Silver.

Here's how Warner Bros. describes the movie:

"Set against the futuristic landscape of totalitarian Britain, V for Vendetta tells the story of a mild-mannered young woman named Evey (Portman) who is rescued from a dire situation by a masked vigilante (Weaving) known only as 'V.' Incomparably charismatic and ferociously skilled in the art of combat and deception, V ignites a revolution when he detonates two London landmarks and takes over the government-controlled airwaves, urging his fellow citizens to rise up against tyranny and oppression. As Evey uncovers the truth about V's mysterious background, she also discovers the truth about herself -- and emerges as his unlikely ally in the culmination of his plot to bring freedom and justice back to a society fraught with fear, cruelty and corruption."

The 4K UHD release of V for Vendetta is from a new scan of the original camera negative. 4K Ultra HD showcases 4K resolution with High Dynamic Range (HDR) and a wider color spectrum, offering consumers brighter, deeper, and more lifelike colors.

New special features on 4K UHD Disc include:

* V for Vendetta Unmasked.

* Natalie Portman's Audition: Explore the depth of Evey's character with Natalie Portman's never-before-seen audition.

* James McTeigue & Lana Wachowski in Conversation.

Previously released Special Features on Blu-ray Disc include:

* Freedom! Forever!: Making V for Vendetta: The cast and crew of V for Vendetta reveal the intense filmmaking process.

* Designing the Near Future" A look at the artistic process of creating the frightening future world of V.

* Remember, Remember: Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot: The history behind the story of Guy Fawkes.

* England Prevails: V for Vendetta and the New Wave in Comics: The origins of the original V story is illuminated

Cat Power Montage: Cat Power song played under images of the film

* Theatrical Trailer

* Easter Egg: Hidden Bonus: Saturday Night Live Digital Short


IDW APPOINTS STAFF: IDW Publishing has announced that Blake Kobashigawa has been named vice president of sales. Joseph Hughes has been named director of creative affairs and Marisa Stotter has been elevated to nanager of creative affairs.

"Blake and Joe, both of whom enjoyed tremendous success at one of the comic industry's most storied operations, DC Comics, are the perfect choices to fill their respective crucial roles at IDW," said Nachie Marsham, publisher, IDWP. "Blake is an innovative team-builder with a history of seeking out new business and strengthening existing relationships. Joe has impeccable taste, strong industry relationships, and a passion for both creators and the creative. We're privileged to have them on board."

As the new vice president of sales, Kobashigawa will be responsible for developing the company's sales strategy, initiatives, campaigns and overall business objectives across all markets. Kobashigawa previously spent more than seven years at DC Comics, working in multiple capacities including sales, marketing, business development and product development for the book trade, mass, digital and direct-to-consumer markets.

Hughes moves up from an editorial role with IDWP to IDWE's director of creative affairs. He will be responsible for working across the business to develop strategy and hone creative for IDW's translation of its extensive IP library into TV, film, podcasts and digital media. He will manage creator talent for all IDWE projects, identify and recruit creators to pitch new comics for publishing consideration, and work with creative affairs and development to identify and curate titles to pitch to external talent.

Stotter moves from senior coordinator to manager of creative affairs, IDWE, where she will support the translation of library titles with media rights into their optimal ancillary format including tv, film, podcasts and other digital media.

DARK HORSE FIRST LOOKS: For covers and two-page preview of You Look Like Death: Tales from the Umbrella Academy #1, available on Wednesday, Sept. 16 from Dark Horse Comics, CLICK HERE.


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