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FRIDAY, MARCH 24, 2023


Marvel Comics has provided The Continuum its solicitations for June.

To download the listings, CLICK HERE.

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Starting in May, familiar symbiote characters as well as exciting new symbiotes will have their day in the sun. Dubbed the Summer of Symbiotes, this celebration of Venom's 35th anniversary will include several ongoing series, limited series, and crossovers spotlighting Venom, Carnage, Red Goblin and others.

Today, consumers can vibe to the chaotic energy of this symbiote showcase in a new promotional image by Phillip Tan and Scott Williams. A venomous postcard of what;s in store, this outrageous image pays homage to the Marvel swimsuit pinups of the 1990s, specifically Jim Lee, Scott Williams, and Joe Rosas' iconic poolside pinup from 1991's X-Men #1.

Here's a rundown of the titles that will be hosting this upcoming era, including news about titles yet to be fully announced:

VENOM: Crafted by Al Ewing and Cafu and others, Venom's current ongoing series will continue to explore the transformative journeys of both Eddie Brock and Dylan Brock. A saga spanning time and space, Eddie has come face to face with the worst parts of himself in the form of new villain Bedlam while Dylan has followed in his father's footsteps, embracing his own symbiote and becoming a new Marvel hero. And this summer, their symbiote family is about to grow even larger

CARNAGE: The most terrifying villain in the Marvel Universe has returned. Cletus Kasady is back in Alex Paknadel and Francesco Manna's Carnage ongoing series. With a renewed purpose, Venom's psychotic offspring is ready to unleash his vengeance on an unsuspecting Marvel Universe and ascend to a glorious new role. After he takes care of Miles Morales, of course.

EXTREME VENOMVERSE: In the same spirit of Edge of Spider-Verse, this new series will take readers to uncharted corners of the symbiote hive with new stories by all-star creators! Witness jaw-dropping turning points for symbiote icons and see never-before-seen Venoms bear their fangs for the very first time including the debuts of a symbiote-hosting Felicia Hardy, a Venom samurai, a Venom spaceknight, and more.

RED GOBLIN: Spinning out of Venom, a deadly new Goblin takes to the night sky in this ongoing series by writer Alex Pakandel and Marvel Stormbreaker Jan Bazaldua. The thrilling saga stars Normie Osborn, who;s received his own symbiote and embraces his grandfather Norman's legacy by becoming the Red Goblin! But will Normie fulfill his dark destiny as an Osborn - or will he and his symbiote strive to make a difference for the better?

CARNAGE REIGNS: A brutal crossover between Miles Morales: Spider-Man, Carnage and Red Boblin pits Miles Morales against Carnage in what promises to be Miles' darkest battle yet. With his soul trapped within the Extrembiote Armor created by Tony Stark during King in Black, Cletus has the means to level an untold amount of chaos on New York City. But like any good Tony Stark invention, the Extremis coursing through Cletus' symbiotic veins needs piwers, and that means Cletus is hungry. Good thing Brooklyn's very own Spider-Man is there to stand in his way!

CULT OF CARNAGE: MISERY: The mother of all symbiote stories from writer Sabir Pirzada and artist Francesco Mortarino, starring Liz Allen as the new Misery. The limited series kicks off when the Life Foundation symbiotes, Toxin and the others, are mysteriously stolen! But by whom? And WHY?! Regardless, it's up to Liz to save the symbiotes before they can fall into the wrong hands -- and unleash untold havoc across the Marvel Universe!

EDGE OF VENOMVERSE INFINITY COMIC:Even Marvel Unlimited isn't safe from the Summer of Symbiotes! Comic: an upcoming symbiote series coming to Marvel Unlimited at the Marvel Comics: Spider-Man & the Venomverse Panel at C2E2 2023!

DEATH OF THE VENOMVERSE; It's all leading to the epic adventures above spiraling towards an explosive destination, and not all your favorite symbiotes will survive the journey. The Carnage symbiote is more bloodthirsty than ever and heads to the multiverse for its greatest killing spree yet. But what is it after? Find out more when this upcoming limited series is announced.


Archie Comics has scheduled a June 21 release date for Chilling Adventures Presents...Camp Pickens, a new one-shot from the Archie Horror imprint.

"Stories set at summer camp are synonymous with Archie," said Jamie L. Rotante, Archie Comics Senior Director of Editorial. "Many fans will agree that some of their fondest memories were reading Archie digests while at camp. So, naturally, we had to do a camp-based horror one-shot."

Here's how Archie describes the book:

Camp Pickens kicks off with "Bug Juice," a frame story by writer Jordan Morris and artist Diana Camero, in which Jughead Jones leads a group of campers on a quest to find a mysterious drink that counselors think will ward off evil and misfortune . . . which Camp Pickens requires because it is ridiculously haunted. As they go deeper into the woods and use all their camp skills to make it through the night, they learn more about the camp's monstrous past.

That past is revealed in "The Curse of Camp Pickens," a tale of ghostly menace through the ages by writer Blake Howard and artist Carola Borelli, and the slasher send-up "Down and Out and Death Cursed" by writer Tim Seeley and artist Mike Norton..

Morris said, "I'm a huge fan of Blake's and Tim's writing, so being able to work on an issue with them was a total thrill! The vibe was very collaborative. They -- along with the great Archie editors -- gave me awesome pitches that ended up in my script. I think readers will have a blast going back into the issue and finding the easter eggs that tie all the stories together."

Archie Comics readers will recognize the name Pickens from throughout Riverdale's history -- and a major plot point in the graphic novel Jughead's Time Police by Sina Grace and Derek Charm -- but this marks the first appearance of the cursed camp bearing the historical figure's name.

Rotante said, "Following the lead of movies like Sleepaway Camp, TV series like American Horror Story: 1984, and video games like The Quarry, Camp Pickens explores the horrific things that can happen when teens are left to their own devices over the summer. We've got an all-star lineup on this title, too, introducing writer Blake Howard to the sinister world of Archie Horror, bringing back Jordan Morris from this month's Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe Of Horrors, as well as returning artists Carola Borelli and Diana Camero, from Betty: The Final Girl and Fear the Funhouse, respectively, and reuniting the team behind the mega-hit comic series Revival, writer Tim Seeley and Mike Norton."

Camp Pickens features an open-to-order variant cover by Francesco Francavilla.


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Below are solicitations posted for June. Click on the publishers' names for the full listings and check back soon for additional solicitations.




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