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Thursday, June 30, 2005


The Continuum today begins a series of features on the Fantastic Four movie with a story on Michael Chiklis and how he transformed into The Thing.

To read the feature, CLICK HERE.

In other Fantastic Four movie news:

* To commemorate the film, Boomerang, Cartoon Network's exclusive 24-hour, commercial-free television home to classic cartoons, will present two primetime marathons of the original 1967 animated Fantastic Four series on Saturday and Sunday from 8 p.m. to midnight.

The tribute will spotlighting every episode from the original production without commercial interruption. Boomerang will showcase all 19 half-hour episodes that were produced for the ABC broadcast network by Hanna-Barbera in association with Marvel Comics.

* Julian McMahon, who plays Doctor Doom, is scheduled to be a guest on Live! with Regis and Kelly on Friday.

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For covers and four-page preview of DC Comics titles arriving in stores on July 7, CLICK HERE.

Titles include Uncanny X-Men #462, Incredible Hulk #83, Fantastic Four: House of M #1, Iron Man: House of M #1, Spider-Man Unlimited #10, Marvel Team-Up #10 and Amazing Fantasy #10.

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Harris Comics bringing back Vampirella with a special 25-cent issue, Vampirella: Revelations #0, in Septeber.

The issue serves jumping on point for a maxi-series that, according to Harris Comics, "redefines Vampirella for a new generation while paying tribute to her past."

"We wouldnąt make this sort of investment if we didnąt believe in the series," said Bon Alimagno, Harris' editorial director. "It's an event Vampi fans will be talking about for years and we wanted everyone to have the opportunity to be a part of it."

The series is uniquely formatted. Four writers will each write a different arc, with each arc flowing into the next. They can be read independently but together will form a multifaceted look at Vampi's character and universe.

The first arc tackles Vampirella's origin, which over the years has become confused and convoluted. Mike Carey untangles the threads, revealing forbidden secrets that force Vampirella to questions who she is. These questions follow her throughout the rest of the maxi-series, as she confronts forgotten enemies and reunites with old friends.

The art team is by Mike Lilly and Bob Almdond.

Here's how Harris describes the issue:

"Somewhere there's a bar where vampires gather to swap war stories and tall tales over pints of blood. One story however holds their attention more than any other: Vampirella. Is she just a twisted fantasy? Is she an urban legend demons tell to frighten one another? Or is she something more than any of them could possibly understand? Starting this night, all will be revealed."

The issue features a cover by Joe Jusko.


Top Cow Productions, together with co-creators Seth Green and writer Hugh Sterbakov and artist Leonard Kirk, will premiere its new title Freshmen at Comic-Con International in San Diego starting July 13.

"Of all the things I've done in my career, I feel like this is the project I've really been building up to. Hugh and I have been reading comics forever, and everything I've ever learned about art, about storytelling, about drama or about comedy, I've learned from them," said co-creator Seth Green. "This is my chance to give a little something of myself back into comics, which is a field I love so much".

"I'm excited beyond words to get this book in the hands of comic fans like Seth and myself," said co-creator and writer, Hugh Sterbakov. "We just hope that fans have as much fun reading Freshmen as we've had creating and writing these characters".

The creative team will stage a signing at Comic-Con, with a limit of two books.


* According to Variety, Spider-Man 3 will begin production on Jan. 2.

* Coming Friday: Animation news -- and much more!!!

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