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Fox has released titles and descriptions of Family Guy episodes in November, including a live-action variety spin-off special.

For a rundown, CLICK HERE.

Above are five images from the "Hannah Banana" epsiode on Sunday, Nov. 8.

Click on the thumbnails for larger images.

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Radical Publishing has provided The Continuum its solicitations for January.

For a rundown, with images, CLICK HERE.


Spike TV has provided The Continuum with five clips from its SCREAM 2009 awards. The ceremony, held last Saturday at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles, will premiere on Spike TV on Tuesday, Oct. 27 at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT.

* For a clip of Jessica Alba, who kicked off the event, CLICK HERE.

* For a clip of Stan Lee receiving the Comic-Con Icon Award from Spider-Man star Tobey Maguire, CLICK HERE.

* For a clip of Megan Fox accepting the Best Science Fiction Actress Award, CLICK HERE.

* For a clip of the cast of The Big Bang Theory, CLICK HERE.

* For a clip of Taylor Lautner accepting the Best Fantasy Movie Award and introducing the world premiere of The Twilight Saga: New Moon, CLICK HERE.

Look for more from the event, including red carpet interviews, soon here in The Continuum.

The best superheroes are at


Nickelodeon -- part of MTV Networks, a division of Viacom Inc. -- has acquired the global rights to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from The Mirage Group and 4Kids Entertainment, Inc.

The aggregate purchase price for the transactions is approximately $60 million.

Nickelodeon also announced plans to develop a new CG-animated television series based on the franchise, anticipated to premiere in 2012. Additionally, in partnership with Viacom's Paramount Pictures, a new release of a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles feature film is also planned for 2012.

Nickelodeon has also acquired all merchandising rights to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and will continue to work with its original and long-standing toy partner, Playmates Toys.

"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shares a comedic sensibility with the Nickelodeon DNA, with added layers of action and fantasy that have kept this property an evergreen favorite with multiple generations of audiences," said Cyma Zarghami, President, Nickelodeon/MTVN Kids and Family Group. "We are extremely happy to have the opportunity to be able to focus on this property and creatively re-introduce it to a new generation of kids."

"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a property that maintains a very passionate global fan base, is rich with opportunity for a tentpole movie, and is exactly the right property for us to work together with Nickelodeon," said Adam Goodman, President, Paramount Pictures.

"Mirage has been the proud keeper of the Turtlesą brand since 1984, and in 2009 we celebrated their 25th anniversary with our legions of fans," said Gary Richardson, CEO, Mirage Studios. "Nickelodeon is a powerhouse global brand, and we are confident that the company will be a wonderful steward for Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, Donatello and all the other TMNT characters and take them in all kinds of exciting and new creative directions."

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated television series -- jointly produced by 4Kids Entertainment and Mirage Studios -- will continue to air on The CW 4Kids Saturday morning programming block through August 31, 2010.

Michael Jackson's This Is It


For covers and three- to six-page previews of Dark Horse Comics titles arriving in stores on Oct. 28, CLICK HERE.

Titles include Abe Sapien, Groo: The Hogs of Horder #1, Predator #3 and Star Wars: Legacy #41.



For covers and five- to seven-page previews of Archie Comics titles arriving in stores on Oct. 28, CLICK HERE.

Titles include Betty & Veronica #244 and Archie's Double Digest #203.

Witch costumes & more!


For cover and seven-page preview of Dead Duck, arriving in stores on Nov. 25 from Ape Entertainment, CLICK HERE.

Look for more First Looks soon here in The Continuum.

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For cover and seven-page preview of Black Widow: Deadly Origins #1, arriving in stores on Nov. 4 from Marvel Comics, CLICK HERE.

For previews of Marvel Comics titles arriving in stores on Oct. 21, CLICK HERE.

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Top Cow Productions' Pilot Season continues in January with Pilot Season: Stealth #1, written by Robert Kirkman, with art by Sheldon Mitchell.

Here's how the book is described:

"Todd Carey is recovering from a nasty divorce, his daughter is flunking out of college and he's just learned that his father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Unable to really take care of himself, Todd has allowed his father to move in with him. What Todd doesn't know, is that his father is the masked vigilante Stealth -- and has been his entire life. Stealth has many enemies and his erratic behavior could easily get him killed -- and all his trouble falls squarely in Todd's lap."

Marc Silverstri created the concept with Kirkman and provides the cover.

In other Image news:

* Look for an ongoing ShadowHawk series to begin in May.

* The publisher has announced a February release for Chase Variant One Shot (Is All I Need) by Rich Johnston, Saverio Tenuta and Bagwell.

"Chase variant has two distinct sides to it, "Johnston said. "One is a balls-to-the-wall blockbuster with babes, bombs, and bazookas, an extraordinary body count and a beautiful body to boot, in the shape of the star genetically altered assassin of the series.

"The other is a metafictional treatise on the nature of reality, of fiction, of the stores we tell and the ornaments we collect. It's a meaningful piece of comic book philosophy that's constantly being shot at by a nearly-naked four armed tattooed walking weapon."

In the book, an assassin attempts to fulfill her missions while stopping rival governments from trying to collect her for themselves. Her every action is predicted by a very familiar card game being played by unknown assailants, challenging Chase's belief in self-determination.

* Image has announced that Cowboy Ninja Viking -- by AJ Lieberman and Riley Rossmo -- will now be an ongoing series instead of a mini-series.

"Even before its release, Cowboy Ninja Viking has seen a reception much like Chew's explosive launch, making it evident writer AJ Lieberman and artist Riley Rossmo shouldn't be contained to a mere four issues," Image Comics vice president Jim Valentino said. "In a time where it's very hard to launch an all-new title, the pre-release buzz for this book has been massive. We're extremely excited to keep it going for a long time coming. Considering we've had to already double our print run to meet demand, we think the fans will highly enjoy the now ongoing series."

To ensure a timely schedule, the series will ship in monthly arcs with two-month gaps in between each storyline.


For previously posted January solicitations, click on the publishers' names below:

* Archie Comics.

* Bluewater Productions.

* Dark Horse Comics.

* DC Comics.

* Marvel Comics.

* Moonstone Books.


* BOOM! Studios has announced a second printing for the sold-out The Anchor #1. The new printing will feature a negative variant of Rafael Albuquerque's "B" cover.

Haven Distributors will have the new printing available to ship to retailers next week; Diamond orders will hit retailers at the end of November.

* Marvel Comics has announced a second printing for the sold-out Deadpool #16. The new printing will be in stores on Nov. 25 and will feature Paco Medina's interior art on the cover.

* The art team for DC Comics' World's Finest #2 will now be Ramon Bachs and Rodney Ramos.

For a video interview with Jamal Igle, the artist for World's Finest #3, CLICK HERE.


If you missed The Continuum's coverage over the past month, following are links. Click on the date to get the day's full report.

* Friday, October 16: Moonstone Books for February, Marvel Comics First Looks, BOOM! Studios First Looks and The Super Hero Squad Show.

* Thursday, October 15: David Wohl talks Executive Assistant: Iris, Brian Michael Bendis talks Power, Dollhouse episodes, Heroes, Smallville, Archie Comics' Victor Gorelick and Red 5 Comics First Looks.

* Wednesday, October 14: Star Wars: The Clone Wars, X-Men: A Girl Named Hope, Top Cow's Pilot Season: Murderer, Dollhouse, Smallville, Matt Fraction, Jason Howard, Khoi Pham, Dark Tower: The Gunslinger, Archie Comics First Looks and AC Comics for February. - More Product. More Exclusives.

* Tuesday, October 13: Jamal Igle talks Supergirl and World's Finest, Michael Alan Nelson talks 28 Days Later, Jonah Hex OGN, DC Comics roundup, Bluewater Productions First Looks, DC Comics First Looks and Image Comics First Looks.

* Monday, October 12: Kill Audio creators, Steve Niles talks 30 Days of Night sequel, Frank Mastromauro talks Aspen movies, IDW Publishing First Looks and Dynamite Entertainment First Looks.

* Sunday, October 11: Frank Mastromauro talks Fathom movie, Georges Jeanty talks Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Family Guy, The Simpsons and Smallville.

* Saturday, October 10: The Spectacular Spider-Man and Dark Horse Comics First Looks.

* Friday, October 9: Iron Man: Armored Adventures, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, The Super Hero Squad Show, The Simpsons, Sean McKeever, Marvel Comics First Looks, BOOM! Studios First Looks and DC Comics First Looks.

* Thursday, October 8: Heroes, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Dollhouse, Moonstone Books First Looks and Sean McKeever talks Ravager.

* Wednesday, October 7: Bluewater Productions for January, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Sean McKeever's Web of Spider-Man story, The Spectacular Spider-Man, DC Comics roundup, Marvel Comics First Looks, Archie Comics First Looks and Heroes.

* Tuesday, October 6: Dark Horse Comics for December, Sean McKeever talks Nomad, DC Comics First Looks, IDW Publishing First Looks, Dark Horse Comics First Looks, Heroes, BOOM! Studios roundup and Electronic Arts teams with IDW.

* Monday, October 5: Ron Frenz at Mid-Ohio-Con, Long Beach Comic Con: Mondo Marvel, Long Beach Comic Con: DC Nation, DC Comics First Looks and Marvel Comics First Looks.

* Sunday, October 4: Joe Jusko at Mid-Ohio-Con, Image Comics First Looks and Dollhouse.

* Saturday, October 3: Family Guy and Image Comics First Looks.

* Friday, October 2: Marvel Comics First Looks, BOOM! Studios First Looks, Archaia Comics First Looks and The Super Hero Squad Show.

* Thursday, October 1: The Dark Knight, Marvel Comics First Looks, DC Comics First Looks, Desperadoes for December, Marvel Comics roundup and Bluewater Productions' Roopster Roux.

* Wednesday, September 30: BOOM! Studios for December, Devil's Due Publishing for December, Family Guy, IDW Publishing's Wire Hangers, DC Comics roundup, Top Cow Productions First Looks and Archie Comics First Looks.

* Tuesday, September 29: Superman/Batman: Public Enemies' Tim Daly, Vampirella: The Second Coming, Avatar Press for December, The Simpsons, Tom Root writes Jughead, BOOM! Studios First Looks, Marvel Comics First Looks and DC Comics First Looks.

* Monday, September 28: IDW Publishing for Deccember, Red 5 Comics for December, Arcana Studio for December, Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Ape Entertainment's young readers imprint and Heroes.

* Sunday, September 27: Bongo Comics for December, Oni Press for December, Mirage Studios for December, Ape Entertainment for December and The Simpsons.

* Saturday, September 26: Top Cow Productions for December, Smallville, Family Guy, Superman/Batman: Public Enemies and Kickstart's Splatterman.

* Friday, September 25: Aspen Comics for December, Image Comics for December, Family Guy, Dollhouse, The Super Hero Squad Show and DC Comics First Looks.

* Thursday, September 24: Heroes, Surrogates, Image Comics First Looks, Top Cow Productions First Looks, DC Comcis First Looks and Viper Comics for December.

* Wednesday, September 23: Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, Heroes, Surrogates, Dollhouse, Dark Horse Comics First Looks, Archie Comics First Looks and Marvel Comics First Looks.

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