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May solicitations, Ghost Rider -- and more news!!!


Marvel Comics has provided The Continuum its solicitations for May.

For a rundown, with cover images, CLICK HERE.

For a rundown of trade paperbacks, CLICK HERE.

For previously posted solicitations for May, click on the publishers' names belows.

* Aspen Comics.

* BlueWater Productions.

* Dark Horse Comics.

* DC Comics.

* Heroic Publishing.

* IDW Publishing.

* Moonstone Books.

* TwoMorrows Publishing.

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Lynda Carter, star of the Wonder Woman television series, is the latest actor from the world of DC Comics to guest-star on Smallville.

Carter will guest-star in the April 12 episode, a show representative confirmed for The Continuum on Monday.

Carter will play Moira Sullivan, Chloe Sullivan's mother, in "Progeny."

Now 56, Carter will always be linked as Wonder Woman, playing Diana for four seasons. Her recent credits include The Dukes of Hazzard and Sky High films, and, on television, NBC's Law & Order.

In other Smallville news, the Thursday, March 1 episode will be a repeat of "Fallout."

For complete coverage of the appearance of Smallville executive producers Miles Millar and Al Gough at the Los Angeles Comics Book and Science Fiction Convention on Sunday, CLICK HERE.

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Sci Fi announced on Tuesday morning that it has renewed Battlestar Galactica for a fourth season with a minimum of 13 hours.

Production will resume this summer with an eye toward a January premiere.

"Wešre thrilled to bring Battlestar back for another season. This series has delivered on every level -- from the writing to the acting to the production values," said Mark Stern, executive vice president of programming, Sci Fi. "Sci Fi is proud to be the home of the best show on television."

The announcement comes after the series' recent successful move to Sunday nights. Since moving to its Sunday night (10 p.m.) slot last month, Battlestar's audience has grown in Total Viewers (+8 percent), Female Viewers (+double digits across every female demo) and in the showšs target demos of Adults 18-49 (+19%) and Adults 25-54 (+14%), versus the season 3.0 averages. The Jan. 28 episode, "Taking A Break From All Your Worries," delivered 2.5 million total viewers and 1.6 million Adults 18-49 -- the largest audience for any Battlestar episode since the Season 2 premiere on July 15, 2005.

"While we never had any doubt that Sci Fi would get behind a fourth season of Battlestar, it's thrilling to finally make it official, and for Ron (Moore) and I to continue using this great genre to investigate the darker corners of society, politics and humanity," said Battlestar executive producer David Eick.

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Hasbro has announced plans for its upcoming toy line based on Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

Highlights include:

* Action Figures: Available in June. The line will include Fire Blast Human Torch, Battle Stretch Mr. Fantastic, Raging Thing and Silver Surfer. Approximate retail price: $7.99.

* Fantasticar: Available in June. The Fantasticar is one vehicle that separates into three mini-vehicles, tripling the action. The Fantasticar also features pop-open wings and launching missiles when battling against Doctor Doom. And the Fantasticar comes with an exclusive Super Stretch Mr. Fantastic figure. Approximate retail price: $19.99.

* Bump-N-Go: Available in June. Includes The Thing Clobberin' Cycle and The Human Torch Hot Shot Cycle. Approximate retail price: $9.99.

* Human Torch's Blazing Stunt Bike: Available in August. Fans can rev the throttle to hear the engine roar to life before releasing the clutch to unleash the stunt bike. There is also a wheelie mode for stunts and extra action. Approximate retail price: $19.99.


IDW Publishing has announced upcoming plans, including a meeting with Shi, for Peter David's Fallen Angel, its only ongoing series.

Artist J.K. Woodward will step aside on the book after March's issue #14, "The Predecessor, Part 1." Kristian Donaldson will complete the art chores on parts two and three of the tale.

In Woodward's final issue, readers will meet Lin, a character in an asylum who will look very familiar to long-time fans of the series in both its iterations. Readers will also revisit familiar faces like Shadow Boxer in the issue. Donaldson tells the final two parts of the story, paying homage to past comic book covers with his images for issues 15 and 16.

David then lets Fallen Angel -- whoever it is still wearing the cloak beyond #16 -- meet up with someone even more intimidating -- Shi. Billy Tucci, creator of Shi, draws Fallen Angel #17-18.

Fallen Angel #17 will be presented as a special flip-book, featuring two 11-page stories telling essentially the same tale, but from two different points of view. Tucci will be handling Shi's version of this Rashomon-like tale. Angels chapter will be drawn by Joe Corroney, who last paired with David on Spike vs. Dracula. Both artists will be supplying special covers for this flip-book presentation.

Woodward will be returning to Fallen Angel thereafter.

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For covers and five-page previews of Dynamite Entertainment titles arriving in stores on Wednesday, CLICK HERE.

Titles include Darkman vs. The Army of Darkness #3 and Battlestar Galactica: Zarek #3.

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NBC has released six images from "Company Man," the Monday, Feb. 26 episode of Heroes.

Here's how NBC describes the episode:

"H.R.G.'s past catches up to him as Matt and Ted Sprague come to Texas looking for answers, and take him, his wife, son and Claire hostage -- leading to a tragic, explosive showdown. Secrets are revealed and new threats to the 'heroes' are introduced."

Eric Roberts guest-stars in the episode.

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DC Comics on Tuesday announced that Action Comics #848, previously scheduled to feature fourth part of the story "Last Son" in 3-D, will have new contents when it arrives in stores in March. It has also canceled the 3-D edition of the story.

Action Comics #848 now will feature part 1 of the 2-part story "Redemption," written by Fabian Nicieza with art by Allan Goldman and Ron Randall and a cover by Brad Walker and Robin Riggs. In this issue, due in stores on April 25, Superman must travel the world from the wilds of Colorado to the plains of Africa to battle an uncontrollable power with an unbelievable source!

"Redemption" concludes in Action Comics #849, written by Nicieza with art by Goldman and Randall and a cover by Walker and Riggs, scheduled to arrive in stores in May. In this issue, mankind's savior is about to become mankind's doom. The real control behind the power has been revealed, and Superman will need help from an unexpected place in order to stop a being who only gets stronger and more violent.

Also in May, Action Comics #850 will be a special 48-page issue written by Kurt Busiek, Geoff Johns and Fabian Nicieza and illustrated by Renato Guedes. Supergirl's looking for a way back from the future - and the real reason Superman doesn't want her to wear the "S" shield. But both Superman and Supergirl are in for a big surprise when they see what the past has in store! This issue also includes time-viewing sneak peaks at the upcoming year's events in both Action Comics and Superman.

Part 4 of "Last Son" has been rescheduled to appear in Action Comics #851 in June.

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* Dabel Brothers Productions and publisher Marvel Comics have announced a new, limited edition convention special of Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter in Guilty Pleasures for the New York Comic Con on Feb. 23-25.

The new edition will feature an exclusive sketch cover drawn by series artist Brett Booth featuring Anita Blake in the midst of a voodoo ritual, as well as the entire first issue of the series.

* Ghost Rider star Nicolas Cage will be a guest on the syndicated Live! with Regis and Kelly on Wednesday.

* Moonstone Books has announced that The Phantom Annual #1: Five Days of the Dragon has sold out at Diamond Comics Distributors.

"It's really exciting to see this sort of response for the book," said Moonstone editor-in-chief Joe Gentile. "So far, it's the hottest selling Phantom book wešve ever published."


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